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Mikey Natural
7 months ago

I hope that you all are keeping safe and doing things to keep in contact with family and friends alike. I set a target and I can say that I have exceeded beyond that point of expectation. There has been an increase of fans and subscribers to my songs on this site to which I am very happy. Thanks is too small a word to express my gratitude to you all for giving praises to my artistry through music. Recently I have ventured in the word of merchandising of products which was on the urging of fans on this page. I can declare that I will be forever be grateful that I have done so. My products have caught the eyes of many near and far, and I have been in dialogue with many fans with regards to me personally designing merchandise with the song of their choice on them. Please feel free to contact me to have your liking on any product with your personal touch on them. There are new music in the making and recently I added a song to the growing list of songs already there. presently I am on a journey to create ore tracks for the finishing of my album and things are coming on lovely. You all are my driving force and I take it with pleasure and hunger to create good music. I have you all to thank for allowing me the space in your ear and mind with my artistry and I am hopeful that soon I will be putting out an album to soothe your musical hunger. As I stated before, please keep yourselves safe during this time and i wish everyone peace, love and prosperity. Ises to the max..
Mikey Natural

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Its that time again. I am so elated to see the strength that each and everyone has given me with regards to my music and artistry. Happiness, Elation, joy are some of the few words among many that can describe the joy that i have, thanks to you all. Recently i have been in dialogue with managers and studios about my journey forward and from discussions, it has loads of exciting times ahead. I may not be able to disclose details just yet, but i can indicate to you my fans, family, subscribers, that performing will be a full part of my package in the future. I have had dialogue with interested parties who would like me to do performances in USA, Canada, Latin America and further Europe. As i stated before, exciting times are coming up and i will take the pleasure to grace stages across the world. I hope thart you all were keeping safe through this pandemic, and i join you all in prayer to see the end of this fiasco. I will forever be greatful to you all for giving me the urge in my music to push it forward. Keep safe, Jah love to you all...
Mikey Natural...

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I t is a great pleasure to write a few words to you all. I am honoured to see the response to my artistry by means of music. I am very much humbled by the messages, comments and different innuendos that you use from time to time to describe my music. You have given me a drive to create music with a soul soothing vibe filled with melody. My creations are coming from deep within. I try very hard to create with energy that has my fans in mind. I will endeavour to be diligent in my creations and hope they find favour within you all. During this time of a Pandemic, I urge you all to be safe and be proactive to protect yourselves and each other where you can. Love is what i sing about lots, so please exercise that word in all aspect. Strength lies in unity. Be blessed and my heart is filled with joy to write these few words to you.
Blessings To All,
Mikey Natural.

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It is a pleasure for me to send this newsletter to you all. Being a newcomer to this media outlet has given me lots of joy. To each and every one of you who find joy with my songs, have given me lots of happiness to know that songs with substance is loved by many. From my humble beginnings in Jamaica to transform to an artiste which has appeal to people across the globe, means loads. I will surely endeavour to produce songs of quality and enrichment to the soul and mind. Please feel free to send me messages and i will try my best to answer each and every one of you.
Respectfully Yours,
Mikey Natural.

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