n0w Or NeVeR ( feat. Rell Eazy)

Manolo Shavier’

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Good work

Good shit bro. Keep pushing and keep working. The grind is real stay real to your craft. I will be listening for more heat. When you get a chance check out a couple of my joints. I think you will like them✌

United States, Washington D.C., District Of Columbia


I like how clear the vocals are and the song is hard, keep dropping that fire 2021 you got to turn all the way up. Ready to hear what you go drop next, just keep the same drive going like you got

United States, South Carolina, Charleston

My review

The intro music is nice. The rap style is urs original. The hook is nice. Now or never true dat. The theme is real life. Te topic is urs. The beat is a storytelling beat. U arranged the track great. But not grammy material. Im jus sayin.

United States, New York, New York


heat homie nice n smooth you got a video to this one if not u should shoot one homie mos def feeling this 1 fwm beats collabs etc lets work You on spotify etc if so send melink i follow you etc salute keep mashing respect Lets work homie respect

United States, Texas, HOUSTON


The beat is fire first and foremost and your style is so wavey. I can sense the passion in your music and you seem to speak truthfully unlike this new age fabrication of lyricism. Keep grinding bro

United Kingdom, London


nice music ....totally could vibe to this ...yah flow is on point . im going to be watching out for more music from u .i usually do t like new york music but love m.a. and this sounds dope good luck on ur grind fam.

United States, Michigan, detroit

Time is now

I think the message to the song is on point. The overall sound quality could use a little bit of work. Which is the reason I gave you three stars so you know this is real no hating. Hopefully you take it into consideration to elevate and go harder and harder. Never give up keep pushing to the wheels fall off. I am Reezie Fettachini, salute G

United States, Texas, Dallas

Now or never

I like the song . And I also like the message. The beat is nice. You need to put it on Apple Music. The mix is nice too. Keep going. I’m looking forward to hearing the new music you working on. Hope you post it soon

United States, Flint



United States, Massachusetts, Boston

Good music

He went in on this song. He stuck with the title of the song. That's all that matters about music as long as they give u a message in their music is a good n positive side of them through they're music is a good thing.

United States, Tennessee, Memphis

nOw Or NeVeR

I like how you put this together, this is dope!! I can ride with this one!!! Rell came through on the second verse, this song reminds me of some real hip hop music, it makes sense, because to many artist don't write to uplift!!

United States, Washington, Seattle


Hard you got that heat let’s support each other you support me I’ll support you check me out on IG: Zelmontana2tg on Youtube: Zel Montana or Apple Music: Zel Montana Keep pushing when times get hard

United States, Tennessee, Memphis


Hear to give my feedback on this song which I think the song had a real meaning keep grinding and making good music all love from Detroit the beat was nice and the flow was on point overall good music

United States, Michigan, Detroit



United States, California, San Bernardino

buen tema amigo

tiene buen estilo,siga haciendo musica que buen sonido, espero puedas lograr todos tus objetivos porque tienes buen talento , saludos que te encuentres bien , por ahora solo hablo español

Ecuador, Manta

now or never is real talk

Now and Never is the message and i can hear it loud and clear on this joint. I know these lyrics mean something to this artist and i will always respect an artist who attempts to deliver a message and try to up lift others with their music. You can tell the artist relates to the message he is trying to give. The music is very melodic and accompanies the seriousness of the track.


Great song for the culture right now! This lyrics are strong and easy on the ears. The music production is professionally mastered for the artists. A radio edit could put this up front on playlists. The message don't change. Keep going.

United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia


I digs the track..... I also like hook.... I like the vibe of the song.... the flow of the song is right with the track.....add another mix to it tighten up the vocals with main track..... the second verse could use a mix.... all and all I fucks with it... dope....

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

0w Or NeVeR ( feat. Rell Eazy)

This track is nice. Nice intro and outro. Nice hard smooth background hip hop beat. Vocals, lyrics and transition were on point. Vocals and lyrics remained in sync and on tempo throughout the beat. Nothing negative to add. Good work!

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

I like

I like it’s now or never that’s facts life has been easy road been up in down since birth nothing never been perfect but we found ways to make it feel worth it we are the bless to not have falling to the streets an here to tell our stories that help people acknowledge that they are not alone I call this Creative Music for the people we don’t always get to chose the hands that was dealt STAY WOKE STAY BLESS

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

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