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At the age of seven I fell in love with Hip Hop.
I grew up listening to all genres of music but Hip Hop was my passion.
I began as a B Boy (Breaker Boy), learning the art of break dancing. then moved over to production with various sounds on turn tables (DeeJaying).
I starting writing lyrics to music from producers in Europe and America at the age of twenty-one.
I acquired a sense of understanding as to how creating music changes lives as well as myself.
I am self educated in the music arts and formally a tutor of voice to students who attended the Duke Ellington School of Music. I live and breathe music. I am music.
On stage is where I shine the best, but I’m not a stranger to backstage. I'm not saying that I'm done with the stage, but I'm well rounded when it comes to preparations and marks in that area.
My range of vocals can't really be described because it precedes my own expectations sometimes.
Instruments are just that, but with a little emotion and a lot of air it's no different than vocals. Keys of the piano are fickle and sometimes misleading with all of the chords and flats. But when put in order (with emotion), they become vibrant and alive. This also applies to every performance.
I make music for everyday people. The artist songs you listen too on this page are picked especially for their lyrical abilities combined with their delivery of punchlines. At Koolbeetz Music Group, the art of Hip Hop is forever sacred.

"...deep concentration cause I’m no comedian.”

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