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I grew up listening to old rock and roll on the radio. I liked the beat and the harmonies. I taught myself to play the guitar and enjoyed trying to learn my favorite songs. I liked some country and western music and even some pop music from the 50’s and early 60’s. I even enjoy of listening to some classical selections. Of course old rhythm and blues always catch my attention as well. Big band music and Dixieland are also enjoyable to me, depending on my mood. I guess I like anything I can pat my foot to or that catches my attention. I like ballads and love songs and even some gospel music and choral music.
It sounds like I will listen to any style of music but I prefer to be able to understand the words and feel the mood the composer is attempting to convey through his/her writing.
I write mainly songs which I believe will point the listeners to God. When He gives me a thought and a tune and encourages me to write down what I have experienced as I walk with Him, I look for ways to share it with others. I have been encouraged by many friends during my pilgrimage and am always ready to put my songs out here for new listeners to hear and give God an opportunity to touch their life as He has touched mine.
Thanks for taking time to allow me to introduce myself a little and my musical journey.
Bill Fuller.

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