I See A Fire


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Kenny Cable.....I see a fire

first of all the recording is good quality and the musical talent is excellent with all the right ingredients of for a good song the track is good and you should ad it to your Christian folk play list is is full of hope and the message of a Pentecostal type of spirit is moving over people with a fire of love and compassion consuming hate and destruction, what a wonderful world we would live in should the message in the song come to pass Great work Kenny keep it up and all the best wishes to your musical ministry All the Best Stephen

United Kingdom, Gloucester

I See A Fire

I love it Kenny!!!!, Great lyrics, great music, and terrific mix. The message of your song is desperately needed in out nation today as there is a gross darkness overcoming so many its crazy.....Praise God, Thank you Jesus and through the power of the Holy Ghost we will bring the unity that your music speaks to.....God Bless and Amen my brother, Let your fire keep burning and Holy Spirit - Fan every flame!

United States, North Carolina, Stanfield

"I See A Fire" - "Let It Burn, Oh, Lord, Let It Burn..." As We Shout Your Name!

Wonderful song! Exciting, uplifting, music! Great beat! Awesome lyrics! Awesome music! Outstanding vocals & harmonies! Loving it! The only thing I was a bit concerned with was the time, 5 minutes is a long some, but you did keep me captivated! Excellent work, Kenny! I recommend this song & music wholeheartedly & without hesitation! God Bless your work! Debi Lynn Phillips, Singer Songwriter / Independent Artist

United States, Florida, Dunedin

Shout it out!

Starts out with a classy intro and a really smooth opening vocal, accompanied with a powerful message and the occasional harmony joining in. Excellent production quality offering a clear and punchy mix that isn't a bit overproduced but evidence of years of audio wisdom accumulated. Guitar licks are spot on with a less is more approach that compliments the lyric and melody. Nice little breakdown and I am a sucker for a swelling organ. Light a fire in Jesus name and shout it from the mountain. Overall a nicely crafted tune with a timeless message for all to hear. Great Job!

United States, Delaware, Wilmington

Let it burn!

Kenny sure has a hot hit on his hands. The first thing that you notice is how great the song sounds, great production value went into recording this song. This allows you to enjoy the lyrics and various instruments in the song. The strong vocals are not drowned out and you get a taste of each instruments moments in the spotlight. I see a fire, well worth a listen!

United States, Florida, Merritt Island

Kenny Cable My Review!

Kenny Cable first of all cool song what got my attention most of all was the lyrics the content of the song great stuff the music was nice easy on the ears and feel this is to be enjoyed by many all over the world keep up the good work I hope to hear more songs like this from you I do hope what I have said will be of some help from J.Milligan President CEO,New Experience Records/Rick Ross Music Group/UMG.

United States, Mississippi, Marks

My thoughts on "I See A Fire"

The beginning of this song is lively and full of energy! That has me anticipating what's around the corner. I have to say I wasn't disappointed. The skipping drums and melodious guitars took me right to the lyrics which are just a pure delight to the ears. The vocals are warm and inviting - the positive tone carries the theme of "seeing a fire" right to the chorus. This song just sails along smoothly, making it fun to listen to. If you're a musician you want to join the band, if you're anyone else you want to get up and clap and sway to the music. Great flow! The piano, and organ are adding soul to this song as it moves along - just right. The words are simple, but cut to the heart of what gospel music is to so many - uplifting and entertaining. This song is both. ... The songs a little long, but that being said, it's the kind of song that you would like to hear driving down the road in the sun or even on a rainy day. This song is good country music at it's best. When the song gets soft just before it breaks to the end is the frosting on the cake! A great arrangement makes this song much better than it would have been... hat's off to whoever arranged this gem. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful gospel song, it touched my heart and I'm sure it will touch many more as it fills the airwaves... In Christ/Michael D'Aigle

United States, Michigan, Flushing


I like the production sound and originality. Good job!! I can feel the heart in this showing you put in some dedicated work. I like the vibe and the rhythm sound, I can dig it!!! Sounds like the studio vibe was chill and relaxed!!!!! More artist should study the roots of their culture of art more to be better at their own art. Keep up the good work and stay in the lab creating new material to stay fresh and on your toes. Peace!

United States, South Carolina, Rock Hill

Good Job

Hi Kenny. The love for our Lord is always something I look upon fondly. Writing such music comes from deep within our hearts and this is prevalent in your track. It's got all the makings of a future church worship tune. I can see the worship team playing this on a Sunday before the sermon. The production is nice and lyrics flow well with songs intentions. I see the fire. Keep on rocking for God.

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas

Nice work

New music up on page from Sick O Supa(No Take Backs). New video to the song Party also, click the video link on the song. Thank you so much, we appreciate the great fan support and we ask that you spread the word and share our music and we will try our best to continue to give you the best music we have to offer, thank you again.

United States, Indiana, Worldwide

about song i see a fire

brother it is fantastic music fantastic lyrics fantastic band fantastic singing fantastic spot on message the holy sprit fire and tongues as we pray now GOD will use this song to anoint people in need universal all about this song is fantastic love it i hope you promote this song big time people need a song like this that will lead them to GOD that he will lead them to his son holy creator of life they need the anointing well done brother is what the lord would say this deserves at least a 10 star rating

Australia, Warragul 3820

bel timbro di voce

con um bel tiro di voce si colpisce l'ascoltatore ma specialmente e' la canzone che fa la differenza infatti questa canzone e' ottima. e la bella canzone e' servita tutto funziona ottimamente tutto bello bravo

Italy, dalmine bg

Jah Rastafaray Bless Yuh Anyweh !!! Hold On The Faith & Stay Strong !!

Yaw mi breddah wah gwaan !! I Hope everything is good for yuh and yuh still safe during this stupid Covid-19 time !! Take care of your familly & friends by wearing a mask and keep social distance in any case fi nah catch this bomboclaat virus and protect the people you love !!! It's the most important thing nowadays and it's a common effort to everyone. Like this we all can block this shit around the world and save most people as we can ;) Thank you for ask me to quote your Music. In any case, amazing Music on your page ;) I put a "5 Stars" Straight ;) I wish you the best in life and in your musical project !!! Hope to see you around and post some new songs or anything can be interesting. You can be sure ima go listen and quote it again ;) May Jah rastafaray be with you anyweh fi send yuh some package of luck and prosperity :) BTW, A New Riddim Instrumental is Avaible on N1M and Soundcloud ;) Dj You$$Fx 78 Aka Fouad Youssef - Jah's Soldier Production Presenting : " African Dreams Riddim Instrumental 2020 " Listen & Share to the WORLD, To the UNIVERSE !!!! You can also put it on your own pages. Leave your comments and tell me if yuh love it or not ;) All impress are good to take for progress :) Jah bless yuh and yur familly anyweh my friend... Hold on the faith and stay strong ;) Respect From France ;) Dj You$$Fx 78 - Jah's Soldier Production Aka Fouad Youssef PS : You're an artist and seek for a beatmaker ? Please link me on Facebook Or Souncloud ;) JAH BLESS YUH AND YUR FAMILLY ANYWEH !!!

France, Paris

Bop review

Hi everyone,it's time for me to review another number one artist, so here I go. Well off the top this is a very nicely done Christian/contemporary soft rock song.this is a very nice story as I listen to the bass and drums sound Good and tight, very nicely done guitar track /rythm/lead.the vocal track is cool singing about a message from Jesus. There's a nice energy flowing throughout this track.i really enjoyed listening to this song

United States, Pennsylvania, Nazareth

"I SEE A FIRE" Great Song!

This is the best song I have heard from you! Kenny! I love it! So infectious! Well Done! It has a great beat that fits the lyric... and it has well written lyrics that fit the melody also! I am giving it a five for sure! I am also adding the song to my favorites!

United States, Tennessee, Nashville

such encouragement !

Uplifting Thanking JESUS for Beautiful original Music anyone can JOIN in and sing! absolutely Uplifting! encouragement at this very Dark Hour in the Transformation of what was america! fabulous Message! Confirming the Hope i carry Bravo!

United States, Florida, LaBelle

Great message!

What I like about this song is the message it has. It is focused on a positive approach that centers on Jesus. Nice harmonies and a good strong lead vocals. This is a good traditional Christian song with nice guitar fills and organ to fatten up the over all sound.

United States, Virginia, Virginia Beach

Great band, mediocre songwriting

I am a fan of Kenny Cable. His band and producer are real professionals with real talent and taste, and this recording of "I See a Fire" is no exception. However, this is not his best effort. I get where he is going with the purifying fire imagery, and I like what he wants the fire to burn. But as a Christian songwriter myself, I have misgivings about fire imagery, especially in these days of global warming, with massive wildfires destroying the homes and livelihoods of millions of innocent people. I doubt the folks in California, for example, would find this song evangelical. There is even a popular song on mainstream Christian radio about wanting to be a "soul on fire." Well, excuse me, but aren't the souls in hell on fire? Is that really what we want? Hate is like a fire, and we are seeing a lot of consuming hate destroying our Christian norms of civility in this country, and eroding our ability to live together in peace, so it is ironic (though comforting) to hear lyrics of a fire "consuming hate and destruction." But all that is just my personal taste, as I survey the sad landscape of Christianity in America. And I bring all this up, because this is what the song brought up inside me. The biggest weakness of this song, from a pure songwriting standpoint, is that Kenny has about 3:30 worth of stuff to say, but the song drags on for another 1:45, with nothing new to hear but that outstanding band just playing what it has been playing for the first 3:30. Kenny is the king of Christian music in Texas, and I love his work, but this one is mediocre.

United States, Texas, Kyle

I See A Fire

Kenny Cable has done a great job with I See a Fire. The music has a good beat and the lyrics seem to be very thought out and lend a great compliment to the musical arrangement. You need to definitely listen to this song. You won't be disappointed.

United States, Alabama

Exactly what I'd be Looking for in Ft Worth TX

Kenny Cable has put together a wonderful Country Rock track. The message is clear and the track is well written, well thought out and well recorded. He uses dynamic range well which is a rarity in 2018 production, yet stays well within the latest standards for compression and everything can be clearly heard. The only thing I'd add is a cowboy hat on the cover. Peace.

Canada, Ontario, Windsor

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