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Phil and Debi Jones

Phil and Debi Jones are gifted and versatile singer-songwriters who love the Lord and each other with all their hearts, and offer a joyful and genuine ministry of Music, Adult Education, and Comedy that ministers to heart, mind, and soul. Phil's life has been radically changed by the healing power of the living God, and he now provides a powerful testimony to God's grace and love. Debi is a friendly, funny, outgoing breath of fresh air whose excellent comic skills and timing make her a great partner for Phil. Together, this experienced, dedicated, and dynamic couple present God's goodness in a way that is both profound and enjoyable.

Phil and Debi Jones

Phil and Debi Jones are gifted and versatile singer-songwriters who love the Lord and each other with all their hearts, and offer a joyful and genuine ministry of Music, Adult Education, and Comedy th...

Phoenix Jordan

For more than 20 years, Phoenix Jordan has been writing, singing, and recording songs in praise of the God who saved him from an incurable, life-threatening illness. Now he has released his first album of love songs, "Love is Heaven, Love is Hell," which he calls "an autobiography in 14 songs." Some of the songs have deeper spiritual meanings, but some are just straight-up love songs about relationships, including some that worked out, and others that didn't, so it spans the whole range of emotions love can bring out in a man, both the good and the bad.

Phoenix Jordan

For more than 20 years, Phoenix Jordan has been writing, singing, and recording songs in praise of the God who saved him from an incurable, life-threatening illness. Now he has released his first alb...


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Fearfully and wonderfully made

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful. I know that full well.
-- King David of Israel (Psalms 139:13-14)

"Begin right now to be thankful for who you are and LOVE yourself and the ONE who made you this way. Next time you look in a mirror, take an extra minute to really examine each amazing characteristic that you possess -- what makes you uniquely you. . . you are one of a kind . . . and dearly loved."
-- Michael S. Tyrell

This is a difficult lesson for me. I have spent most of my life regretting a stupid mistake I made when I was 5 years old -- a mistake I knew I was making when I made it. It has been a lifelong struggle just learning to accept myself, let alone love myself. But if God loves me in Jesus Christ, who am I to despise myself? Ultimately, I am who I am because God made me this way, flaws and all.
-- Phil Jones

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Our prayer

Oh Lord, we pray
- For the people of Ukraine, that they may find courage and strength to resist evil and oppression, even to their last breath
- For the people of our own weak and divided country, to find the same courage and strength
- For repentance, and a change of heart and mind, for all those in this country who are so foolish as to praise the mass murderer Vladimir Putin
- For the loving people of the world, to band together to put an end to unaccountable power, for until we do, there can never be peace on earth, which is the innermost desire of all our hearts.
In Jesus name,

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Christianity and the Big Lie

Christianity is about a new, more loving and effective way to live in the world, that creates more heaven and less hell. Politics is also about how we live, so religion and politics are unavoidably intertwined. I have something to say about Christianity, but first I must acknowledge the political realities of our time. So please bear with me while I recite a few facts, and then make my point as a Christian.

About 250 years ago, white Europeans living in America rediscovered an ancient form of government, called democracy. Through Revolutionary struggle and sacrifice, they threw off the yoke of monarchy and established a system of self-government through majority rule.

It was a huge leap forward in human affairs, a brilliant liberation of the human mind and spirit, striking a new and healthier balance between the government and the governed. White Americans are justifiably proud of this innovation.

Ever since, the descendants of those white Europeans -- people like me – have enjoyed complete hegemony over that system. But demographics change, and by the early 21st century, white Americans began to realize that by mid-century, they would no longer be the majority.

The prospect of being ruled over by brown and black Americans terrified many white Americans, perhaps fearful of retribution for past injustices. How could they retain power in a democracy, when they were no longer the majority?

The answer is as simple and obvious as it is diabolical: destroy democracy.

A large contingent of white Americans are destroying democracy to preserve their power. The former President, their leader, laid his axe squarely to the root of our way of life in 2016, when he claimed that election was "rigged."

Free and fair elections are the bedrock of the American way of life. To destroy democracy, you need not destroy free and fair elections. You need only destroy the people's confidence in those elections.

The former President has fashioned a crude but effective weapon for that purpose. It is the false, self-serving, thoroughly disproven Big Lie that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen by the Democrats (while somehow, the down-ballot races were unaffected).

We live in a constitutional system. If an election has been stolen, there is a remedy: the court system. And the former President availed himself of the court system, filing no fewer than 65 lawsuits in courts around the country, including courts presided over by judges he himself appointed.

He lost every one of those lawsuits. They were baseless, nothing but a politically-motivated, self-serving lie.

The former President used that lie as a weapon to inflame anger, hatred, and division, culminating in violence, in an effort to overturn the election and maintain himself in power. It has failed, so far.

But the Big Lie is alive and thriving. In fact, it has become the price of admission to the Republican Party. Those who do not sign on (such as Liz Cheney) are ostracized, reviled, harassed, and threatened, and will be primaried. Those are the facts.

Now according to the Bible, God is the supreme ruler of all creation. Satan, a fallen angel, has dominion over Earth, in the same way an organized crime boss might control a small region of a larger and more just country. The Bible tells us Satan's agenda is to turn us away from God. His chief tool for this purpose is suffering. One of the most effective ways of creating that suffering is violence, because it creates generational scars between large groups of people. The suffering lasts for centuries. The longer suffering lasts, the more people are tempted to turn away from God, and live solely for money and power, and the pleasures money and power bring.

When somebody tells you the truth, and it scares you, and arouses you to action, that truth is called a warning. It’s an act of love. But when somebody tells you a lie, and it scares you, and inflames you to anger, hatred, and violence, that is Satanic fear-mongering.

Self-professed Christians who back the Big Lie are driving Christianity off the rails, by signing on to a Satanic agenda. Jesus would be appalled that such things are done in His name.

We must come home to Jesus Christ, and humbly submit ourselves to live in harmony with our fellow man, renewing in the process a just and equitable form of government. The kind of government we thought we had created, and were so proud of.

The alternative is massive and widespread suffering, and a new Dark Age of fascist tyranny in human affairs. That would not please God. God is shalom, total well-being in mind, body, and spirit, and God calls us to more heaven on earth, and less hell.

We stand at the crossroads. Which path will you choose?

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