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happy feel

Interesting song. Fun vibe the bass is very cool, I like the drum beat as well as the chorus change and the interesting change on the bridge. Nice sound effects. Clean recording and fun story.

United States, California, Arroyyo Grande

I think this could be in a movie.


I was really surprised when the lyrics came in. The vocals were very raw and, in my opinion, added to the authenticity of the song. Sounds like you're pretty new to this but i could be mistaken. I loved the guitar solo midway through. Maybe if you put a little more passion into the expression of the lyrics. Overall, the record is pretty good. Im a big fan of the electric guitar sound. Keep moving forward fam!

United States, Michigan, Detroit


rechercher toujours d'aller de l'avant, avec votre projet, il faut jamais se décourager jamais se baisser les bras. Dans chaque chose faut mettre la foi, toujours est à celui qui croît, courage

France, MEUDON

Very nice stuff U got there myy Guy

Hai K3EF, I really like what's going on as the song progresses I think its a cool nice mix! nice vocal and mastering too but just my problem is the length if it could be shorter but very good music you have out there keep rocking, keep believing keep Singing!

Uganda, Kampala

cool song

Really good composition. Its a Song with a deep message behind, that touches something by the listener. Keep on doing you' re Kind of music, expression you want to. I wish you really all the best for the new beginning year - 2022- Stay healthy and happy as well! Hope you'll get in a creative process to create more songs, music can heal and gives us hope all over the planet! That is what I think about it. Hope you'll understand the mean conetent ?! Greets, Judith M, Germany

Germany, Schwerin

Lou Reed Style Rock

From the very moment that humans have walked this earth to the moment you are reading this, man has made so many great contributions to society. K3EF gave us the allen wrench and hex key screw. K3EFi gave us the blender. But to trump it all, K3EF gave us Cool Destination. Let's begin with the melody. Oh, it flows so nicely. And the way the instruments trade off is so fluid, it basically flows brilliantly. What else can I talk about that flows? Oh yes! The cutting guitar solo! It cuts like a knifel! When I close my eyes and hear this amazing piece, I am taken far away, to a land, a Cool Destination, where taxes are non-existent, and the government doesn't siphon money out of the general public to fund their greasy institutions. A land that floweth over with milk and honey. Notto forget to mention the vocal style like Lou Reed.

Austria, Vienna

Tip Tops

Following me on Tik Tok: @mrqrock #mrqrock Facebook: Q.Rock Foundation Enjoy your life to the fullest share subscriber and enjoy our song. Good day It's been sometime since the last single release by C.O.P the success from their single Jive in Africa open doors for the group on a tourist platform the attention they put in their video promoting arts and crafts was their winning formulare. Giving locals that shine exposing their craft to bring back tourist to South Africa. C.O.P came out perfect Hip Hop group from Cape Town South Africa 3 Track Ep: .Top of The World .Make money Rain money .Hey Dj Enjoy our sound will drop you some Khio-HipHop soon Summer Time by C.O.P came out perfect AD HUFKIE and Q.Rock

South Africa, Cape Town

Loved this song

The music had great sounds and tones that really grabbed my attention. Songwriting and vocals were on point and brought as much to the song as the music did. Very well made and I really did enjoy it a lot. Just wanted to give you a little feedback didn’t have anything negative to say about it at all. Thanks for your time

United States, Arkansas, Mountain Home


Good evening I just got through reviewing your song I really like your style I listen to all genre music whether it's gospel Rock jazz Christian rap r&b hard Rock soft rock just the name of you. I hope you enjoyed your week so far keep on being creative keep on sharing your gifts with the world and never be afraid to go to the next level or never be afraid to take chances in your gifts. I have a wonderful day enjoy your weekend and labor day have a blessed day God bless

United States, California, Every Where

rock pesante

rock pesante originale con voce buona e anche il pezzo non e' male ritmo incalzante buon arrangiamento inciso aggressivo qualche bel effetto con chiara distorta secondo me posso dare di piu'

Italy, dalmine bg

Cool destination

wow what a beautiful song love the sounds and muscianship............this song has a really good melody lines I can hear this song over and over............they the song was put together is very unique..........just love the way its sung the vocals are spot on the guitars, drums and. Both guitars were played perfectly...............can't say enough about this song ............I want to thank you for letting me review your amazing song thsnk you.......... This is steve from voodoo dancer and thank you again.....................

United States, New York, Middle village

Differ but Cool!!!

I like the production sound. I can feel the heart in this showing you put in some dedicated work. I like the originality and the lyrical and rhythmic originality as well!!! Sounds like the studio vibe was going into like a zone!!!!! More artist should study the roots of their culture of art more to be better at their own art. Keep up the good work and stay in the lab creating new material to stay fresh and on your toes. Peace!

United States, South Carolina, Rock Hill

N1M nos fuerza a opinar de otros músicos

Ante todo, pedir disculpas por estas palabras, nuestra intención no es molestar a nadie: La plataforma N1M nos obliga a hacer críticas al trabajo de otras personas, sin otra alternativa (como compartir canciones o eventos). Nosotros no somos los más capacitados para decir qué es lo que está bien o no, musicalmente, los gustos de la gente son muy diversos y, como es normal, no vamos a ser nosotros quienes juzguen las horas y horas de trabajo de otros músicos. Esta plataforma musical, sólo intenta sacar provecho de los músicos, no se aprecia en ningún momento que pretendan dar a conocer el trabajo que aquí exponemos a un público consumidor de música. Utilizan falsos usuarios, que periódicamente, insertan los mismos mensajes para captar contratos y suscripciones de pago, la promoción es falsa. Por supuesto, el trabajo que ha hecho K3EF, es un gran trabajo. Ha realizado una composición plena y ha transmitido sus conocimientos y su creatividad al oyente para despertar sentimientos diversos. Eso es la música. Es el oyente quien ha de decidir si está bien o no una composición, si transmite las sensaciones o no. La plataforma es la que ha de captar a esos oyentes, sin explotar a los músicos, pues de su música obtiene beneficios gracias a que los oyentes son destinatarios de otros productos. Salud!

Spain, Valencia

Psychodelic Punk New Age Alternative Rock, Rock, Rock.

Interesting progression of new Alt rock playing... Has that punk-rock vibe that comes through after listening for a while... Best with the light out and the volume up, but not too much, cause you'll piss off the neighbors!

United States, Idaho, BOISE

I appreciate the raw sound which you achieve!


Honestly, it is impossible to review anyone without naming off a few possible influences, or simply what your sound reminds me of, primarily. Having said that you remind me of ‘Guided by Voices.’ That is positive feed back from me. I really enjoy ‘GBV’ Trust me you a lot better than most of this dribble I have to pan thru in an effort to find something that isn’t created entirely on a keyboard/midi. Keep up the good work!

United States, Alabama, Cullman

Bop review


Cool destination k3ef- wow the intro really fools you with the strings in the beginning then it bangs into the song and it totally changes into this cool rocking/alternative style of song. This has the sound of early Beck and some popular eighties style groups. The singer has a neat vocal and the rest of the band is spot on. Good engineering mix and production.I really enjoy new wave and this song doesn’t disappoint great job

United States, Pennsylvania, Nazareth

Rayn's Review

I like it. i would overdub the vocal track so the voice is fuller and add a little more enthusiasm. Keep going I think you have a good concept just American rock and roll has a bit more screaming for lack of a better word.

United States, California, Elk Grove

Your Sound

initially I was not that impressed , I had to go and look at your page and was pleasantly surprised to hear all your songs are clearly composed by you , you have your sound , anyone anywhere ( that is familiar with you and your music ) will instantly know it's you , even with songs they have not heard before. This is such a hard thing to accomplish so I tip my hat , nod gently towards you and say " Well Done Sir " you have managed to achieve what so many others fail to do ( including myself ) I can't thank you enough for inviting me to do this review , I have learnt a great deal during this review and am now currently revising my recording techniques , work flow , strategies , ect . I wish you all the best with your career and am looking forward to hearing new songs from you Cheers ....................Squirty...................

Australia, Brisbane

Song with potential


Nice bend of genres. Solid beat. Vocals could use some help. Background singers (at least one really good female voice at least on choruses and accents through the song) would definitely elevate the song without having to change the lead vocals, which are off time and off key in spots (may be intentional?). Keep working at it!

United States

Pop Punk Psychedelic Twist

Proper do it yourself. D.I.Y. I liked this tune on first listen. Reminds me of proper UK pop punk with a psychedelic twist. Love the intro. Cool breakdowns and changes in the song. Have a listen and twist your ears!

United Kingdom, Bristol

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