House Of Judah Music / Road To Damascus / Just Believe It feat. The Messenger

Tight Work !

Nice sound and message,cutting edge but yet very effective, great youth appeal, catching Hook and powerful message, musically moving and it builds up toward a great finale. Tight Work!


House Of Judah Music Just got the chance to review your music, and I enjoyed your beats and mad rap lyrics. Great hook/chorus from the older generation, but have son's & grands who love rap. I will recommend your page to my family and friends. Keep up the good work, it's encouraging, uplifting, inspirational & Anointed! Be Blessed & Never Forsake Your 1st Love GOD!! Mad Luv & Peace from your older sister in the Lord! Dee Today 2:13pm


Indeed we have to put our faith and trust in God. I pray that God will continue to use you to encourage His people. Thank for your obedience in using your gift to glorify God. I look forward to hearing more music from you.

Good stuff

Great message, the sound recording is impressive. The Lord’s hand is on you for this! Would love to hear much more music from you in the future decades to come. The hook “calling you” is it. Keep up the good work.

Just Believe It!...The Messenger

Hello House of Judah Music, I am not a fan of HipHop but I enjoy your message. I think you would also find some fans following in the Spoken Word Genre. So try posting it there too, just a suggestion. I find it refreshing and your words bring life and light to the soul. Excellent musicianship. Excellent Spirit in these lyrics. He is calling His Sons & Daughters home. Talented composers with a true beat and your backup singers are making this track fully fleshing out the word...the word made flesh in Christ.

House Of Judah...Just Believe it. The Messenger

Wonderful track really pulled me powerful message delivered with gusto You have a great ministry and the tools to deliver your message..the dynamics of the sound are put together really well the vocal work is so cool and the way the voices intertwined working together gives me goose bumps . Thank for sharing your work I really enjoy listening to this track and your performance. Feel the spirit in you music all the best Stephen

A few suggestions

Beginning intro "narration" needs a little more reverb. The vocals sound good, but I think that some of them need a little bit more panning (left/right) because it seems to me that sometimes the frequencies are overlapping each other and "fighting" to shine. Last "narration" (rap) needs more volume/pan, I can't really make out all the words. Overall pretty good. Has a lot of potential. Also, some "sonic coloration" or "glue" (tape saturation, or compression, or eq, etc...) in the mixbuss might help the overall mix. I think that it's about 97% there. Just a few tweaks here and there will make your mixes shine more. Hope this helps. God bless! Sincerely and Respectfully, José René


WOW , this is hittin hard, the message in the lyrics, the living word of GOD.. POWERFUL!!! "would you believe me now!" i love the aspect of WE ARE THE CHURCH! and thats exactly whats needing to be said. we have to be able to spread the Good news that the work isnt needed where there righteous already feel they right, we need to outreach and touch the very people who need it,, WHOS that? the ones that youve said ARE ON THE RUN! AMEN GOOD JOB link in bio... interested in collaberation.. in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST !


What's up family. You may stumble and you may fall. I love that because it's a true message in that line itself. I appreciate this song and I have listened to this four times today. Continue to encourage us. I also love your voice on this track. Very powerful message. Keep up the good work.

I love it

I love the message behind it. I don't really like the distorted auto tune lead vocal. The engineering is on point. Sounds like it's professional. The beat is very simple that's what gave it away . I'm really really feeling this song I actually love this track. God bless you for making this song because he is actually calling his chosen people to step out on faith and spread the gospel in the hedges and highways to compel men to him

My thoughts on JUST BELIEVE ME...

To begin with - the title/Just Believe Me - let's me know the message is going to be intense... it is! There's a lot going on with this arrangement - so you have to listen close to take it in. The chorus "He's calling you" - come out early, but the lead vocals announce this is song of deliverance - a song of encouragement to anyone who may stumble or fall - God is going to see you through. That has my full attention - those are words of life and worthy of respect. The vocal fx works well with this song, and the echo parts following the words: Just believe me make the song fun to follow and fill it up - so there's not a lot of dead space - this song is full of great sounds... The funky beat kicks it into high gear and carries it along with a nice groove - then the music comes down softly. The words"It's time to stop running - we've been running long enough - Lord we come to you right now." The prayer for every soul out there struggling is the heart of this song - my favorite part! That prayer is off the hook and dynamite. As the song moves along the harmonies and flowing music are just sweet to the ears, and the repetitive words - Just Believe Me Now - build up to a crescendo. Great! Now the song breaks into a kicking rap that includes the humorous line - "Every morning I wake up - he say - not him again!" Love it. This song has a good mixture of great music, witty lyrics and beautiful harmonies and chorus - some intense - clever rapping going home - and a positive message that stomps on the negativity that dominates the airwaves today. Just good to the bone! The ending - a prayer for the Lord to take away the "spiritual blindness" - and to give yourself over to God - is the "frosting on the cake" for an already great song. The lone voice declaring - "That's the only way you'll make it in these last days!" is the perfect ending for a well crafted song - that is at the top of the chart. I love this song - and know it's destined to touch millions of people who are blessed to hear it. I pray God take this song to the ends of the earth. Thanks for sharing such a great song with people - we are blessed by hearing it. In Jesus Name/Michael D'Aigle/fool4christ

Soul deep encouragement and genuine evangelism

House of Judah Music's recording of "Just Believe It featuring The Messenger" is genuine and real encouragement, and an earnest call to give control of your life over to God and let the Holy Spirit rule in your heart and mind. The thing that impresses me the most, from a purely musical standpoint, is the quality of the vocals -- both the male lead, the female backing vocal that makes a brief cameo, and the 3 part harmony that changes like water in a stream. The arrangement is sophisticated with an urban sound, and adds a variety of sound to this musical message, that is lengthy but that's because it has so much to say.

Awesome ????

thank you for allowing me to listen to your music and music is really awesome track is banging I love the lyrics well written and well put together thank you for sharing again I really appreciate your music don't forget to send me more of your music that way maybe one day we can work together. Continue to stay you're on your grind continue to stay creative and I always share your ministry with the world never stop letting your light shine that God may get the glory in all that we go to do I hope it's been helpful and wonderful day and once again thank you for sharing your music. God bless you and all your endeavors can you stay on your grind and creative haven't have a wonderful day enjoy the rest of your week peace God bless.


This is what the Gospel world needs, a fresh new word from, young minds and young Ministers of Music because, that's what you are. A call to the alter and a call to the word of God, to His will and His way. GREAT JOB!!!

T haddy of the Sip

I see u bro...u know u doing good not much to review here but i would like to take the time to encourage u. DONT FORGET WHO WE DO IT FOR...what we do is for the few not the many...truth music is for those who love truth...dont look for those who dont bear fruit to validate u wven your mom or wouldn't it be nice to get to heaven and some run up on u like we been banging your stuff up here for a while...Just believe me store up treasures...Brother AL at your service
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