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Kick Ass Rock & Roll

I like this type of jam where everybody improvs all the way thru and trying not to fall off the wagon as it speeds thru non stop. Jump in and 'hang' on is what I'd tell players. I saw that Tommy is on bass...when you see him again, tell him I'm Rene Martinez's cousin up here in Dallas. Keep On Rockin' ~ Kings of Texas! Da Le Shine!

United States, Texas, Bonham


I can't say enough great things about this song .... ROCKIN' , DRIVIN' , ENERGIZIN' .Love , love , love the Bass , wish I could play that well . The whole song is a hit in my book . I recommend this song to anyone who will listen . I could listen to this band all day .Best of luck in this crazy business from an old rocker / bluesman , Cliff

United States, Kentucky, Louisville

Can't go Wrong with this Lineup!

First of all, I grew up in Texas and I knew of Tommy Shannon before he was with Stevie Ray. Saw him perform with Van Wilks in a band called Fools. I use to enjoy seeing Austin bands play so this is a treat to feast my ears on. It has that bluesy Texas vibe that can't be ignored. Great Song! Now I'm hungry for a plate of Tex Mex food! Like I said in the Title, you can't go wrong with this line up! Not only is the Rhythm section great, but vocals and guitar are right there driving the beat of this Muscle Car. It's a must listen and add. Keep up the good work!

United States, Tennessee, Columbia

slamming !

WTG! slamming that rocky blues sound ! had me on my feet digging the beat. it has a SRV vibe to it , love rock and I love the blues and you have these two happening in this song , I'm really enjoying it thank you

Canada, Ontario, Ottawa

Old School Rock

This sounds like it came out in the 50s, which is not a bad thing. Bitchin' guitar solo and the sax ain't bad, either. There should be more music like this coming out these days! this song deserves to be played on the radio1

Australia, Melbourne

Hot Rods!

Very Kool, love the 50’s 60’s sounds! At the same time these guys bring something new to the groove with loads and energy, and great guitar licks! The phrasing’s and inversions of The chords are a bit different too! Combine that with edgy lead vocals and I say this group is top notch! No wonder they’re number 1! Keep on Rocking ! Love It!

United States, Texas, San Antonio

Old School Rockin'

Raw edged rock blues with all the right stuff. These guys are bashing it up the right way with some gut bucket, honking tenor saxophone and wailing guitar solos. Some well placed breaks at the ending take it out with a fade.

United States, New York, New York

Awesome song

From the beat of the song. To the drums an d flow of it all. It just works. Something other than my own music that makes me smiles also. It gives it you a new found energey to music and what it stands for!

United States, Virginia, Richmond

Super !

very nice song, I recommend everyone to listen, I think it's worth playing all night, because I would do it and recommend to everyone try it too, you will be pleasantly surprised just like me listening to this song all night long very nice song, I recommend everyone to listen, I think it's worth playing all night, because I would do it and recommend to everyone try it too, you will be pleasantly surprised just like me listening to this song all night long

Ireland, Dublin



This is a very up and running song. Guitar starts flying and horns scream, singer is on fire. Wow!!! Great song.. My question is why was it on the shelf? I'll now have to look up all you' have do before re riding. Thanks a lot, you have a new fan..

United States, California, San Francisco



Upon the first listen to "Honeydrip!" by Joe Miranda and The Kings of Tex, I can not help but notice their influences from the great blues/rock bands of the 6-'s and 70's. Not to say their sound is entirely derivative, Joe Miranda and The Kings of Tex undoubtedly have their own sound. Solid musical performance and production here - looking forward to hearing more from this fine band.

United States, Hawaii, Volcano

Good, Good, Good

O.K. Guys I'm listening here in NC. Wow, what a fun song and great older style of music. You really have your act together. Good old fashion Beer Drinking, stomp your feet music. Very Entertaining. Really love the Guitars, and Horns. The Rhythm section is on the money. Lots of energy in the vocals. This goes right back to the origins of Rock and Roll. How AWESOME is that. You guys ROCK! Sincerely Edward Westbrook (Atomic Energy Society)

United States, North Carolina, Raleigh

High Energy, Rockin' Blues 1,4,5 Tune


Nice uptempo rocking blues song. Good guitar work. Sax is blowing fire. The drummer is kicking it. Guitars rocking out. Vocals are good. Lyrics are ok. Could be better. I would have given a higher rating, but the lyrics, are about 'under the covers', which are kind of played out). Otherwise, I like the music. I would like to hear this song better recording and keeping that 'Live' feel. Also maybe a rewrite of the lyrics with a little more substance to them. I understand it's geared to the youth and 'sex' sells, but there are more subjects that can be written about that jive with this song.

United States, Florida, Tamarac


This song is very cool. It gives you a feel like grease lighting, the movie. You can dance to this song for hours and never get tired. If you want to have a good time, I would very much suggest this song!

United States, Mississippi


Rockin beginnings nice raunchy vocal band is rockin good lead and piano,House is coming down ,kinda space ending to lead,good rockin sax,yep great balls on fire haunting this tune,but good tech on that second lead,the house Be rockin and their all lock-in it out of the park. I don’t dance but I would To this. Learn to play lol

United States, Oregon, cannon beach

Review of Honey drip

Vocals a little raspy in the begining but guitar made me think of Stevie Ray, bass clicking right along and love the horn picking up the pieces and the vocals picked up in the end, a nice up beat tune drums working out to the max, drive on Houston and keep them coming, great sound even it ‘‘twas an older cut. Friends take the time to give this band the time of day your time you will not regret time taken to give this band a listen.

United States, Texas, Cushing

Wazzat you say?

These are an outstanding group of great musicians who would get any assembly of people or animals bopping away in a crazy frenzy. The guitarist and drummer are doing quite extraordinary bits and pieces. I would have liked to hear what the singer was saying but maybe its not really all that important. Nobody attending one of their gigs would go away disappointed. I wish them well.

United Kingdom, Twickenham

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