2nd Chances

Great Intro to this song, beautiful music! Love the vocal and the way she bends her voice. There is a moodiness to this song, and it is very pleasing to the ear. The lyric matches nicely to the song because it creates the movement needed for this message in this song. Really like the idea of 2nd chances because we ll need them at some time in life. I liked this one a lot.

Happy Curmudgeons .... 2nd Chances

A wonderful recording of a song that seems so familiar, real pleasant to listen to and the layers of instrumentation and superb vocals have been thought out for a holistic sound i.e. every thing compliments the whole effort nothing is shouting out look at me, this has such a nice feel to it has a timeless quality from the seventies to the present, a lot of work has gone in to this track and I can only say add to your play list and press play to bathe in a rich sound from the Happy Curmudgeons. all the Best Stephen

Smooth and Chill!!!!

I like the production sound and the vibe of the track along with the originality. I can feel the heart in this showing you put in some dedicated work on the art. I like the chorus and that 70's hippy feel I get! I can dig it!!! . More artist should study the roots of their culture of art more to be better at their own art. Keep up the good work and stay in the lab creating new material to stay fresh and on your toes. If you're ever looking for a hip hop collaboration hit me up I'm versatile. Peace!

I really enjoy your voice

I enjoyed your vocal composition of this time and your vocals really nice the production well I've heard this song so many times I've heard so many different Productions of it so it's okay but I really enjoy your voice

great song!

Hi Happy Curmudgeons:) this song i like a lot, very good feeling and relaxed. well played. i like the lyrics and the little melancoly feeling. i can hear the "plan" in the arrangment, very nice with all instuments and background singing. i love the lead singing! really good! keep up this good work! Regards Roger Borg/Borgsongs :)

Happy Curcumdgeon.

Very good song, good female voice, excellent interpretation, good instrumental support, which is worth noting, good lyrics, good melody, good equipment, it maintains the roots without losing the current sound.


I like the sleepyness. And I really like her voice with the cello sound. I bet they are cool live and get chicks to do the hippie dance thing. Electric violin would sound good on this! Peace


Good riding in the passenger seat kind of song with tasteful blending of instruments. Reminds me of a speech at a home buyer convention & elevator music while waiting for the speaker to start.

Well Done

Really enjoyed this song. Very pleasing to the ear. Your arrangement of the instruments are placed nice in the mix, and are not overwhelming. They accent each other. Your vocals are spot on, and has a nice smooth feel, that flows well with the song. Well done. I would definitely recommend music.

Its ok

Vocals are in tune but don't really hit any high notes and stay on the same pattern throughout the song.pleasant to the ears with a toe tapping beat. I liked the guitar solo the best. I would have put more reverb on the guitar myself.

First thoughts on Second Chances

Second Chances by the Happy Curmudgeons. First, I love the name of the band. Second Chances track has a very cool Americana guitar groove and the vocalist has a very honest and unique vocal style. I thought the intro was a bit long but the string section brought a welcome new dimension to the overall sound of the track . Well done folks.

Bop review

Hey people,I’m back ready to review another great number one track,this is a very nice soft song and I really like the way it’s done.the drums and bass are very tight and the guitars and keyboards nicely help out the track.i hear a lot of Lenard skinner and slow soft bands such as hoodie and the blow fish and James Taylor very nice vocal and arrangements delivers a nice statement. Very nicely done.

Decent country tune

Well produced tune with a very country sounding female voice and some excellent harmonies. A step above the average. It's a slow song and has a decent guitar solo. Personally, I would be more excited if it were a bit more raunchy sound. But good acoustic sounds on the whole. Like the organ!

To succeed

Nice smooth vocals, good feel to the rythem, band sounds good, the song in my opinion could use some more character, drawing on some unique qualities of the band.It doesn't strike me as a new song.

take some chances

I'm not gonna sugar coat, the music is solid,! the mix of strings, guitar, keys, all great. I feel that you have some top notch players reference to the drummer for being spot on in a slow tempo ballad , thats not easy to do, hats off to you! The lead vocalist is good ,nice voice, back up vocals feel tentative. the Lyrics need some work, when the listener hears the first line, you don't want them to be able to guess what the next line is gonna be before you sing it! and it happens line after line, the high point is when the female vocalist uses her upper range just a little on the second half of the first verse, I was looking forward to more of that but it never resurfaced! the lyrics are safe and I'm sad to say , uninspiring. the melody is safe also and predictable as well. take some chances, show your emotions here, make the listener believe that you mean what you are saying. Anyone can string together some words and tell a story. it takes an out pouring of emotion to elicit the response of your listeners emotions. As a songwriter you want to study the greats within, and even outside of your genre, listen to not just what they are saying but how they are saying it. I am writing from Portland and in this town there is a singer songwriter named Michael D. Damron. He has captured audiences all over america and in Europe as well with his songs. take a listen to him. he is in the americana genre. now here's the thing, he is raw! his voice is gravely even a little pitchy at times (dont tell him I said that) but he oozes emotion, he bleeds his lyrics out onto the stage. he feels everything he is singing to you because he is opening up his soul on that stage and showing all the pain and all the happiness he feels. and as a human, thats dangerous. you fillet hour heart open and what if the reaction you hear back isn't favorable ? thats a hard pill to swallow ! A jagged little pill even? listen to Allanis Morrisette, her lyrics are very personal, exposing alot of pain and hurt and anger . so many people listened because they could identify with those feelings. She exposed her emotions and then she made you believe that those were HER experiences and how much it hurt or in some of her later songs how good it felt and how happy she was! I too am a songwriter, I know that its scary. you will stand in front of an audience and pour your heart out and may get no response! Keep trying keep pushing yourself to be better. Challenge yourself to reveal a little bit of your soul and then sing about it with conviction. the safe and easy road usually gets you nowhere great. the rocky and risky path may take you to the top of the mountain. keep climbing. sincerely, M. Elmer
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