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Excelente Melodia

Excelente orquestación, música relajante, para escuchar en momentos de descanso, o en el auto mientras se desplaza a algún lugar mientras se observan los paisajes, es lo que veo al escuchar este tema

Colombia, Bogotá

Bright and uplifting.


This has a really bright summer smooth uplifting feel.Really excellent musical ability.It builds and builds and keeps you engaged. It's not something I would generally listen to but I really enjoyed it. Excellent.

United Kingdom, Hull

Very Cinematic!


Immediately engaging! :-) I couldn't tell if this was a virtual mockup or live instruments-which makes it even more amazing! The balance is perfect and timing is spot on, but if played live or perhaps multi-tracked, it's SO together that it takes one's breath away! Regarding the piece it's a very cinematic little ditty with a modern production sound that could be as easily performed for a silent film, or a concert performance! It features solo flute, oboe, piano, cello, clarinet, bass, violin, with each instrument taking little solo phrases and overlapping polyphonically to create a burbling ensemble texture. The feel is quite magical and animated and one can see the little wood elves and sprites dancing in and out of the forests trees along with fireflies popping in and out of view! Bravissimo-five stars! Must add this to your playlists! Masterful composition, performance and production!! It's just perfect!

United States, New York, New York

La Puerta del Sol


Let the sunshine in! I recommend this happy piece to classical music fans for its lively theme and fresh treatment. The production isn't technically perfect, but it's very listenable. Door of the Sun is an apt name for this one.

United States, Florida, Orlando


Música bonita. Belo arranjo e produção. Me traz um bom sentimento. Parabéns pelo trabalho! Agradeço por ter oportunidade de conhecer nova música, continue movimentado sua música para o mundo. Sucesso para você!

Brazil, Mogi das Cruzes

Lovely track

Nice composition joyful to listen ! Build nice good arrangement combining the different sound of instruments. The rythm is very lively. Also good recording nice balance of instruments in the mix. Pleasure to listen too.

Netherlands, Amsterdam

Elegant and Sensible

Soft, allegro and sensitive: this very well elaborated composition brings the true tradition of Classical italian Music. A touch of Vivaldi with a modern accent reveal the magnitude of the Grand Masters in composition

Brazil, São Paulo

the door of the sun (?)


This is probably the best "classical" music I've had the pleasure of listening to for many, many years. The overall Orchestration is actually superb and it is quite evident that the composer(s) not only have a "good ear" and the players of each instrument are of the highest caliber. This piece is a joy to the listener as it takes our minds and thoughts to a wonderland of images and thoughts. Well done! Thank You to all involved.

United States, California, Lompoc


What begins deceptively as a tango quickly shifts to an inventive reinterpretation of a Baroque/Classical gigue/scherzo, with some gingerly-played strings, reeds and harpsichord continuo. Excellently performed.

United States, New York, Corona

where are the words ?

Hi, I'm listening to your song and there are no words? Evidently I can only suggest you write some to go with your music. The instruments all sound great. I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into each of them.

United States, New York, Long Island



Wow. No tengo palabras. This is super professional. The Arrangement is perfection in my opinion. Production is amazing as well. La puerta del Sol is a great title too. I didn’t see the genre at first so I expected a tropical piece but I was pleasantly surprised to hear classical. Many dramatic changes makes for an interesting composition all the way through. My hat is off to you. Felicidades!!

Canada, Ontario, Toronto

Happy Sounds


Enjoyed this happy melody and instrumental. There is a spiritual feeling to this song and uppity liveliness to this. I like the piano and strings and flute sounds. This is a great masterpiece and I can tell took a great deal of time to compose and build. I think the middle of the song is very intense and pleasing to the ears. It has me in deep thought through out the intensity parts and leaves my mind in peace.

United States, Indiana, Indianapolis

Gibar Gianluca throws down the gauntlet

Music based in traditional Spanish melodies and rhythms with whimsy and a sense of humor. Electronic music tracks are layered with keyboard, flute and melodica. Technical mastery is present with a charming musicality.

United States, New York, New York

Too much flute

The movement and the arrangement itself is beautiful. My problem is with the flute in the beginning it's so overwhelming to a point it becomes annoying. I would run it thru a tube compressor to give it warmth. And some reverb for ambience. I don't think the mix is to far off. I think this song is movie worthy myself...good job overall

United States, Pennsylvania, Harrisburg

A merry composition

This is an enjoyable work with a lot of diversion. It is announced as contemporary; but Inwould rather say it is in a traditional style. But variety of changes in colour keep the piece entertaining. But I have some doubts whether this is a tecording of perfoming artists , because by the sound and balance I thend to think that this i a computer recording with execellent samples. But funny all the way

Netherlands, Amsterdam


Gioiosa musica e grande insieme di note che si intrecciano tra loro creando questa splendida melodia e armonia. Gioiosa musica e grande insieme di note che si intrecciano tra loro creando questa splendida melodia e armonia. Gioiosa musica e grande insieme di note che si intrecciano tra loro creando questa splendida melodia e armonia.

Música en tiempos de hoy


Realmente muy buenas armoniías que combinadas con melodías de reminisencias clásicas hacen descubrir paisajes a través de la obra. Las obras así interpretadas generan climas extraordinarios.

Argentina, Buenos Aires



A very unique composition to me.. embedded with lovely flute. and enriched strings, the piano is a great compliment.. the tempo is fantastic and the varying pitch makes it even more beautiful. A lovely track for soft soulful dancing acts...

United Kingdom, Birmingham

Classical Outlook

Very beautifully arranged. I lived in Italy for years and really got into Opera and classical music alot. Im really enjoying your music and look forward to hearing more. Take care and god bless.

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

Intersting work


When I was learning about the development of music in the 20 century I learned that all the composers went to take a sight to the popular music for inspiration ideas etc. When I listened this composition remembre that time. It is an interestin composition. Congratulations!!

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