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Hello, We saw your request to team up. When would you like to set up a meet.

For Life

Production Management
Hello, We saw your request to team up. When would you like to set up a meet.

Fel D

A Texas artist that have a style of his own and known to hold his own on many songs.

Fel D

A Texas artist that have a style of his own and known to hold his own on many songs.


She is the songstress on Need It Go Get it


She is the songstress on Need It Go Get it

Have you checked out For Life Entertainment web portal. Their music style and genre, when asked, is best described as Amalgamation Music.
Get your For Life Entertainment music purchase and listen on today!

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Hello to Our Number 1 Music listeners,

Happy New Year!
For some of us 2020 was very trying to our well being. If you are reading this, we made it to see another day. The true grace is in that alone.
Thank you all for all the motivation that kept musicians and artist like us, steady pushing.

The 36:36 Experience will be released on January 21, 2021 on download and streaming platforms. For those of you that downloaded it when it was introduced on N1M, thank you. We do know for those that has taken the 36:36 Experience and jammed it, have some favorites on the experience ride and would like to just play it over and over like we do. It really depends on the mood, to know which is my favorite for the day.

is the link to pre-save.
Instead of one track, we separated each freeflow.

We do have some shout outs.
What's Up to Gwendolyn, Randall, Tabitha, Hilda, Art and Erika! Along with everybody else that share their time and take us on their daily journey.

AbEbI have her new single that will be released soon. You know we will be given the Number 1 Music listeners the first to hear it and a Free download.
Fel D. new album 'I Been Here' will be release this year as well.

Don't want to make this News letter too long, though we enjoy informing ya'll on the latest For Life Entertainment updates.

For Life
link. Be on the watch and thank you again for jamming the Christmas Story.

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Hello and Happy Holidays,

Greetings to you all! We Have new song for all of you that have shared their time with us this year. Fel D. new song Christmas Story (produced by CigaRello of Martell Music is available for you to jam and download for 'Free' this holiday season!

We want to wish all of the people over seas a very Merry Christmas! And to the link. we want ya'll to have a Temptations style Silent Night while ya'll jam on our new release.

We want to shout to Vitto from Maryland, Meisha from New York, our new subscriber Bryan D. out the UK, Glaskow, Tabitha, Big Pookimaze thank you, Sferesta, and Michel. F Condraq. To everybody else that support us, we can not do this with out ya'll! Like QuE Solo 1 says "Y'all the fuel to our fire!" We Love Y'all a lot, this year was great because we are survivors. Those who are no longer with us will forever be with us.

You can download our new song today!

Thank you again,
Merry Christmas and
Have a very Happy New Year!

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Hello Number 1 Music Lovers,

We are sending a big hug to all who has been affected one way or another in this pandemic. We all have been brought to a new light. For those no longer with us, we will miss you dearly. The police department are human beings just as anyone of us and we as a nation have to thank our front line officers, medical workers, store clerks, restaurant owners, delivery drivers, our military members, these were and are the true heroes during this crisis of great proportions. Stand up where ever you are and give them a round of applause. Thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our heart. The American people thank you the World Thank You!

We have release another song on our N1M music channel called the "36:36 Experience"!
First let's discuss the elephant in the room. This is a FreeFlow done by Fel D. and there will be explicit and derogatory lyrics throughout. It is not for the faint of heart and not for children that are not use to hearing these type of free flowing lyrics.

The word Ni**A (not Ni**er) is expressed alot. Fel D. is an Ebony American and from his lineage in America, he has learned to take lemons and make lemon juice. The way we do that is make words like Ni**A into an acronym such as:
Naive In Getting God's Assistance or Now I Get Gods' Assistance. Tupac's acronym was Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished.
Not excusing our usage, but we as an Ebony American culture learn to adapt differently.
Sometimes we use it to describe a male and add adjectives to describe a certain type of male. Just as we may use other words to describe a female.
So when you hear it don't be alarmed it is stories, lessons and jewels within the 36:36 Experience.

With that being expressed, it will be available for a FREE download to our N1M subscribers for the next 2 weeks. Plus, for our subscribers only, If you purchase anything from For Life Entertainment and send the receipt, we will send you a personalized shout out attached to one of our exclusive songs that will be released in the coming months. You will have a priceless copy, because it will have your name on it! All you do is send the receipt to the newsletter and pick 1, 2 or 3 and that will randomly get a song with Fel D., AbEbI or Both sent with them saying your name and where you are from.

We thank each and every one of you for subscribing to the For Life Ent. Number 1 Music page and joining our network.
Here is our shout out time:
Tabatha for joining our Network, -Andrew H. from United Kingdom, London, -Ben B. from United States, California, Los Angeles, -Marc from United States, California, Alameda, -Natascha W. from Germany, Luneburg, -Rello Beats Houston, Texas,- Lydia

Much Love
For Life Ent.

PS Check out our link to see the new look and additions.

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