Fitzgerald Mystique
Japan, Fukuoka

Hello to all of my fabulous people out there !!

IT has been a crazy year , but do not despair,
I will soon post more grooves for you all to hear,
so you can jam all day and night or just anywhere.
If you are feeling fantastic , vibastic, or sometimes funnily
a bit spastic,
Loosen up feel the vibe, let your backbone slip like rubber
I used to play classic yes, but had to pay the bills,
so I played house music out in the hills,
made great money while the office thought it was funny,
I took my vacations where ever it was sunny.

I want to thank you all for your emails and the things you say,
I am proud to know each of you everyday.
So feel free to write me and even recommend ,
They say a photo is worth a million Yen.

You all keep me inspired, this keeps my crew hired,
and oh so ready to rock with you again.
My friends !

Talk 2 you soon,
Fitzgerald Mystique

So..are you ready ?

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Hello Everyone !!
I am Fitzgerald Mystique.
I am an artist,musician,producer writer residing in Japan

Great to have you listening to our music !
Today I would like to take the time to answer a fan mail from France.
It was sent by Sam.

Hi there, is there somewhere where i can listen to the b side by any chance ?


Fitzgerald Mystique - Playing With Your Mind / Manipulate This Groove
Label: Fitzgerald Mystique Records - CHAVAR01 • Format: Vinyl 12

Thanks in advance ! Sam
Sun 7:15 PM
Fitzgerald Mystique

That is a very good question,Sam. You must be a very big fan ?
I made that groove while fresh back from a Funkadelic party with the other Clinton. Ha hA. I will check my groove archive and get right back to you my friend.

Sun 11:53 PM
Fitzgerald Mystique
It is on the Rave for True Believers CD link second one came out just after the vinyl sold out.
Manipulate Vinyl CD_EP link

Aha nice story, had the chance to see Clinton and his funkadelic team once !
Can’t find anything about the cd but I kind like this b side, will give a try on the vinyl
Do you know how long is duration on this track ?

Just found about your productions and loved some of them !
Tuesday 9:41pm
3:17 PM

Fitzgerald Mystique

Here are two links to the new one. Amazon offers a CD version as well as mp3 singles and streaming. Apple I-music has mp3 and link, the preview samples sound better on Apples site link said the bass blew up their Android phone yesterday so turn your volume down if you buy the real deal. Ha link had to reduce the bass on the sample I gave you significantly.
We were developing and experimenting with a Rastafarian sub-bass system when that vinyl was released.
The loudspeaker was almost barely on the 1 setting and people came running from half a mile away in Ocho Rios Jamaica.

Listen to the new ones and let us know which tracks were your favorite's. The EP version of Playing With Your mind is Different and longer on the vinyl because it is the concert version.

Fitzgerald Mystique



HouseATonic by Fitzgerald Mystique
Album · 2020 · 17 Songs

IF you purchase something let me know and I will personally see that you get something a little special as a thank you gift. Thanks for being a great fan Sam and all of you !!
A very special thanks to those of you who stream my music or purchased a download or CD.
I send you the warm thanks and blessings as I eat this delicious Matcha ice-cream on this hot night
that your purchase has gifted me with ! Really, Ha ha.
I love my fans and will try to answer your emails whenever possible.
Until next time stay safe.
And watch out for those in power and position that are Playing With Your Mind !

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Hi everyone, great to have you as a listener and supporter of my music !
I wish you all happiness and prosperity as well as great health.

Music has the power and effect that can take you into a whole different world.
One far away from your day to day struggles brought forth by this crazy year.
So..in that spirit of uplifting otherworldly perspective. I present to you
a piece of my own universe.
Please enjoy my new 17 song album that I distributed on May 7th of this month.
The first one in quite a while. I remastered some of your fave tracks in addition
to all the new ones ,putting this record at almost one hour and 10 minutes of dance
You all have the power to request your fav cuts to be added to you local and college radio Playlist ,as well as you own streaming radio.
Lets make this another hit album together!
Thanks for all of your comments on the new tracks and recommending my album !
A special thanks to club and radio DJs everywhere!! I will give some of you a shout out
in my next newsletter and fan book next month.

Spotify Links:


Apple iTunes


YouTube * feel free to share these links or individual track urls !


Over 100 different music outlets around the world so do feel free to Oogle that Google !!

Special thanks to my subscribers *you know who you are !

Also a special thanks to my college radio fans !
*Thanks for playing my other cds on your station Cambridge University!

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New Fitzgerald Mystique album drops today at about 2 o'clock USA time today !! We are all very excited to bring it to you!! Tracks can be heard now and later downloaded on link . The full CD is also available for you to purchase as a regular CD. We will keep you updated as more stores are link everyone, and thank you for all of your support. Your purchases and radio app play really help me to keep the music coming and to focus on creating. I really appreciate all of your recommendations and encouraging emails as well. Please have a blessed day and dance all week long to my grooves ! Love yall Fitzgerald Mystique

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Hello out there to my wonderful fans * that is you !!

YEs, I included both Playing With Your Mind and House A Tonic by popular request.
I put all of the groove songs on this record to help boost everyone's fighting
spirit and give you a bit of an escape from the day to day crazy things happening in the world today .
So download this album please as it becomes available at your favorite digital download store sites,
and take a virtual audio trip with me and my band,guest vocalists,circus acrobats,models,moonlighting pop idols,
actresses,etc,. Yes, the piano ,synth and sax is me myself playing the parts live as I only use MIDI to connect the
various pianos together and keep time. Another special thank you to you all out there and to my special guests.

The album art cover is of course one of my animation characters, both digital design
and rendering.
Thank you so much for waiting on me as I took nearly a year off to teach music and vocals to elementary
school children here in Japan. The soundscape of Japan will be forever changed hereafter very likely ..Ha Ha Ha.
It was sort of like James Brown suddenly appearing at your ,wedding ,family picnic or perhaps seeing Elvis at a McDonalds drive Thru one late night and going ,..nahh can't be. Well you get the idea. Hey there he is ! He has left the building folks.

PS" Please let me know which online retailer you find my album after the release date, I would greatly appreciate .

Thank you for all of your wonderful emails and suggestions.

Hope to hear from some of you very soon as I promise you will be very surprised and happy with this release.
My Jazz songs will be on a separate chill album a bit later as the tempo and mood is quite different than the funny ,groove based dance,techno or EDM I am known for...
Hope to hear from you soon Bye for now !!

Fitzgerald Mystique -HouseATonic-

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