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It is rare to find a guitarist that has the capability to make that guitar sing. There was minimal mistakes and that speaks volumes. I'm not sure if this was a complete band but to me this was a track over, if I'm wrong, it speaks even more to the talent and skill set. I love this recording, it's mellow and soothing with a uptempo groove. The lead guitar hit all the right runs and licks, this was a job well done, keep up with the music and I believe that your opportunity will come if it hasn't already.

United States, Florida, Miami

Relaxing, simple and basic

Music as art comes from the soul, but it may not be Soul music. Music from the soul means the artist/composer/musician is communicating something important that comes from within them; telling a story or expressing a feeling. Michel F Condracq's "My Blood" is a good example. Michel is not showing off, but expressing feelings that I interpret as relaxing, simple and basic. As I listened to "My Blood" I didn’t want to break it down, I didn’t want to try to understand what Michel was feeling, I just wanted to let the music take me somewhere and it did. It brought out feelings in me, feelings of days gone by. I believe Michel could shred the scale if he wanted to, and his confidence helped me let go, and enjoy his art; music. Thanks for the therapy Michel, I feel much better now.

United States, Washington, Lakebay

"My blood" song review

This song is quite enjoyable. A bit nostalgic, but still quite apathic and pleasure to listen. From my part, I recommend listening to this tune in the evening hours for a nice relaxation. Well done Michel!

Serbia and Montenegro, Kikinda

Great Music

Give a Listen and e noy this talented artist and please give a listen to my music. Music in all Genres is Great Music. Music sooths the Soul. What would the World Be like if there was no music.Many thanks to all Jay Bush

United States, Georgia, Winston

faith music

dont use facebook or dont understand this bincoin thing at all..but aint complainin. i aint no reviewer..but this is good pro music. very well produced..laid back..jazz's good. if ye dont have faith in sumthin ye not nothin. the guitarin is first class..the dude is obviously a very accomplished musician. this can earn cash..and we all need cash. to buy food and essentails etc..good music to put on in the background when yer entertainin yer ladyfriend..maybe ye were bad an have to make it up to her..that typa thing. not my usual taste in music..but this is as pro as ye will get..and there's always a market for this. no annoyin vocals..this is good. no question about it. well done man. can have my bincoins now please?


A very good morning to you Michel and thank you very much for the invite to review your track "MY BLOOD" which i found in my own music opinion to be a very relaxing Instrumental composition that has been well produced and recorded to a good standard,i enjoyed listening to your performance as i was having breakfast and found it to be very calming and it is one of those tracks that i would call radio friendly and sure would go down well on ClassicFM Radio.

United Kingdom, Belfast

My blood

..........Instrumental wow it sounds really great...........all the instruments are in sync the sounds the way it flows .........I can be driving I can be relaxing and kero listening surely has it's own drive and unique i really enjoyed this one lp e to hear more from this artist other thing the musicianship is really interesting and well done..............I want to thank tbis artist for allowing to review this song.........thank you ..... This is Steve from voodoo dancer thsnk you again...............

United States, New York, Middle village

A lovely Instrumental Piece!

I really liked this nostalgic combination of a lovely guitar, strings and a gentle beat. Its very atmospheric and coasts along in its own way with great simplicity. A good track to lie down and chill to!

United Kingdom, Oxford, England


I like the production sound and originality. Good job!! I can feel the heart in this showing you put in some dedicated work.I like the guitar and the track is just smooth all together, I can dig it!!! Sounds like the studio vibe was chill!!!!! More artist should study the roots of their culture of art more to be better at their own art. Keep up the good work and stay in the lab creating new material to stay fresh and on your toes. If you're ever looking for a hip hop collaboration hit me up I'm versatile. Peace!

United States, South Carolina, Rock Hill

Song Review

So I like this song alot of top it gives me a smooth type island breeze vibe where your at your time share in Orlando and your walking down the breeze way to the pools and jacuzzis and you hear it over the speakers and your walking slow enjoying the breeze and talking in all your hard work and efforts in and get that seeming moment of peace. Thats what I feel from this and the closer to peace the closer to hit for real. Really enjoyed listen I would definitely recommend this song.

United States, Florida, Tampa

Chitarra che parla

Chitarra che parla di una canzone che entra nell anima e tocca i tasti del sentimento e ti rilassa nell ascolto e piano piano ti lusinga di essere partecipe nella melodia bravo complimenti veramente bellla

Italy, dalmine bg

Perfect for the Beach

I could see myself relaxing on a beach and listening to this song. It's got a great vibe to it which is simultaneously upbeat and calming. One of the great challenges of writing instrumental music is to make it interesting without drowning out the beauty of it with a display of technical skill that doesn't actually please the ear. This song pleases on both fronts. Your guitar skill and melody work is fantastic, and the song is beautiful. When those two things coincide, you've got gold. Excellent work, and keep it up!

United States, Mississippi, Jackson

????You rock...☠☠☠☠

You rock... Great sound and tone that really caught my ear and now i'm seeing you, excellent music Cheers... BERDOO #1 American Hardrock & Roll Heavy Metal Biker Band from San Bernardino Ca USA Supporting 8 self produced albums and over 5000 shows since 1985 everywhere and never been signed, endorsed or sponsored still touring kicking ass so tune in turn it up and stand back and that's a fact BERDOO com ☠☠☠☠

United States, California, SAN BERNARDINO

Express. Job

Nice. Great work here. I like it a lot! I saw alot of myself in this song you wrote. I can tell either you or someone you know I can see you use all of your talents, efforts, and skills to expess yourself.

United States, SEATTLE

Faith Music

so much taste and so much soul........great flow....for me hints of Floyd....Steve Ray..Santana...of course a slow Latin feel with that in the desert movie vibe. mellow mellow chill and burn vibe....lights off volume up.

United States, Michigan, Detroit

Great Sound!

This has a oasis feel to it. Like a Caribbean Gospel Melody I Love It. You playing the mess out that guitar. If I had the gift to play, write, produce, and sing I would be a quadruple threat. Nice.

United States, Texas, Dallas

My blood

My blood is an amazing song. I love the melody that is leading. It soothes ma soul relaxes ma mind and I wouldn't want any other song to calm me down. I love the creativity. So much I can say. But thank you

South Africa, Cape Town


Very nice composition - very well performed - For a instrumental composition the music style is kind of special - sophisticated but popular - Solo Guitar is very well suited with arrangement which is very rich with lot of very sophisticate well played instruments - In my opinion this composition have all attributes to be international radio hit - So go for it - This is great work - Keep on and do more of this fantastic music - Thank you I enjoy...

Spain, Las Americas - Tenerifa

Awesome ????

thank you so much for allowing me to review the music I really like the song the very awesome and present song well put together. Continue to make angry music continue to share your gifts with the world and never stop going to the next level and never stand side of a box cuz you have an awesome gift that needs to be shared with the world. Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and a blessed New year in 2020 keep on grinding and make an awesome music. Once again thank you for sharing the song with me I really like it it's a good song food for my soul I grew up listening to all genres of music. Thank you again have a wonderful day and enjoy your weekend and may God continue to bless you and all that you go doing create

United States, California, Every Where

My Opinion

My good friend, this is beautiful. I'm really actually pleased to listen, I don't believe this can be critiqued just enjoyed. Felt as if I was visiting Elpaso Texas, Carlos Santana watch your crown because MICHEL.F is on your heels. Great work, closes anyone I've viewed has gotten too 5 stars.

United States, New York, Hempstead

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