Ed Bean and Roadhouse
United States, Mississippi, Shannon
Ed Bean and Roadhouse
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Ed Bean and Roadhouse

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About Ed Bean and Roadhouse

The band ROADHOUSE is really just me and who or whatever line up I assemble, man I've been through countless drummers and bass players. While I was on the road I was lucky enough to keep the same guys 4 years in a row. As far as writing a bio I really don't know where to start I mean like My name is Ed Bean I was born in 1961 the 4th son of 17 to a poor one armed sharecropper and his 3 multi cultural 2 armed wives in a black tar pit in the back woods of the hills in rural Wisconsin. LOL, Just Kidding. To be real I was born Febuary 24 1961 in Racine Wisconsin to a father from Peacefull valley Mississippi and a mother from Germany. I was introduced to music at an early age by my father with his Blues and R&B records and my brother 5 years and one day older than myself playing Rock & Roll on his Gibson (expired link) was very interested in playing I was always getting my ass kicked by my brother for sneaking around and banging on his guitar. "DAD EDDIE'S GOT MY GUITAR AGAIN" So when I was 10 my parents decided to buy me my own guitar. Man I was excited it still feels like yesterday when I think about it, so we go to the music store and it didn’t take me long to find the one I wanted man it was bright red with a bunch of knobs and switches I figured it would do anything, it had to with all thoses knobs and switches, I really did. But in stepped the voice or reason my brother Wayne "MOM THAT THING IS A PEICE OF SHIT GET HIM SOMETHING GOOD A GIBSON OR A FENDER" So the salesman says wait a minuet and goes to the back, man I was PISSED here he comes with a 1971 blond Woodgrain Telecaster He said it was brand new except the soapbar pickup had been replaced with a humbucker, he told my mom 200 dollars and Wayne said "GET IT MOM GET IT" so she did I was still PISSED I wanted the one with all the flashy stuff litle was I to know how right my brother was I played that TELE till I was in my mid 20's. The next week I went back to the music store for my first official lesson man I didn't need lessons hell I had been playing Waynes forever. Well I go in and set down in this rock hard chair in this little room with bright white walls and bright lights man I thought this is just like TV what the $#@!% am I doing here. In walks this old dude with a suit on, glasses and no hair OH NO and to top that off he talked really funny (German Accent).Well after a few weeks I started to get the hang of what he was trying to teach me, but my attention span was still pretty short so he would have to bring me back to reality from my dream of being a ROCK STAR by popping me on the hand with his ruler and saying Eddie play it again. I really didn't care for the teacher dude until one day I went to the community center to play basketball, well when my friends and I got there it was all roped off and we thought what the %$#@.We went in and there was a stage filled with musical equipment so we sat down and waited to see what was going to happen. Well low and behold in walked the old teacher dude OH MY GOD the first thing he done was look at me and smile, he gets up there with his classical guitar and his bass, drums, and violin dudes and burned man I had no idea that he could play this well Hell I thought he was just the old teacher dude that stayed on my ass cause he had nothing better to do, man was I wrong. From that day forward I had great respect for him and learned whatever he taught me. THANKS OLD TEACHER DUDE. In the early to mid seventy’s my mother Helen Mini Bean passed away and her last words to my father were get Eddie Lee out of here and take him to Mississippi, really I was there in the hospital room only because Oye lee my father had caught me smoking in my basement and made me go to the hospital. As I look back on that thank goodness I was having a party in my basement smoking a cig and Oye came in and caught me, otherwise I wouldn't have been there with my mom in her last few hours with us. Well Oye did what she wanted starting a week later ,he left everything in our 1 bedroom apartment (yeah me and my brother slept on a bed in the dining room our whole lives) to my brother except our clothes all the Blues and R&B records, my TELECASTER and a 1959 Gibson Amp that Wayne gave me on the day we left for Mississippi (I still have it) well I had been to Mississippi a few times and enjoyed it when I was younger but now that I was grown or so I thought at age 13 I knew I wouldn't. All I need my whole life was concrete and steel I didn’t know anything about the country I was a bad kid up north my mother worked at night and my father worked during the day so I didn’t have much supervision .I ran the streets of Racine with my friends all hours of the night drinking beer and pilfering into everything.

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