Thank you. God bless :)

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Luke 1:28-35

We are 23 muzikgroup, We handle all of our artist material on this site. Your song is well written, vocals are good but not great, However the overall production needs to be better in order to take it to mainstream radio. That is simply the reason why you get a 4.5 rating from us. Hope this helps. Have a blessed muzik filled day! Love Everybody, Chae C. Label & Artist Development Director 23 Muzik Group

Luke 1:28=35

nice effort

thank you

Goodluck! God bless you and your music :) Youtube "Dream Pepsz" Pepsz

Great Job!!!!

This is awesome! Keep it up! Check my music out at I opened up for Rick Ross last year! Follow me on twitter too @NileRoss

Great Job!!!!

This is awesome! Keep it up! Check my music out at I opened up for Rick Ross last year! Follow me on twitter too @NileRoss

Review of luke

Loud intro but like the concept of the song, the recording needs a little balancing out but overall doesnt sound too bad, vocals are good and the message in general, green sleeves came to mind but flows along well keep up your great work and keep spreading the message.


Starts too loud and drowns the vocalist. A Tad choppy. Nice concept

Luke review

absolute noise as opposed to production. Vocals too low. Drums too loud. No peaks or valleys in the production. Guitar work is gratuitous based on the horrible play of the other instruments. Not well thought out at all.

Luke 1:28-35 Review .

The whole thing needs to be tightened up it all sounds to loose and disjointed , the idea you have could be good if you can put it together in a better way , listen to the intro from Once in a lifetime for instance by David Byrne as a point of reference , it may help to give you some idea of what you could make it sound like . . all the best for the future .

poor production value is distracting

It seems you are going for originality, but by using unoriginal music, words written by other authors, and not taking the time to get a higher production value, this sounds amateur and unoriginal. The idea is good, and the rock music compliments the scripture somehow. I suggest writing your own music to compliment the scripture and getting into a studio.


Good one

Christmas album intro

I love the concept perfect into to a Christmas album..their was only a couple thing I heard that I would reccomend in fixing.. For starters the music was too loud, made it hard to understand what you were saying.. Getting a professional Master of the track will help blend the vocals and beat together, ccreating a smooth listing experience for your fans. Honestly that was only problem I heard, after some minor tune ups, I believe intro will deffiently be more engaging for your listeners...


The bell I suggest got to go. It takes away from what you are doing. The music ia to loud, for your recital. Softing every thing will work for you. from 1 to 10 i gave you a 4. Good luck.
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