It's Not Over Yet


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What an awesome song from the quiet introduction to the emphatic rhythmic start up of the music. David Wayne Moore has continued in his vein of fabulous Country Pop merged with Country Rock. Fantastic lyrics and the tight vocal harmonies are outstanding. This song deserves to make the giddy heights of the Country Music charts in Billboard and every other Country Music magazine - I cannot praise this artist enough. Keep 'em coming buddy - I will be listening and enjoying all your songs whenever I hear them. regards - Johnny Ramone of Angel International Management UK.

United Kingdom, EXETER

Refreshingly different!

I've never been a fan of too much country, only certain contemporary artists with some edge or great songs and production value. I always enjoyed Alabama,Restless Heart, Travis Tritt, Gary Morris and even Shania Twain. This reminds me of several current groups, although I can't recall their names now, and this song fits right in with those bands and artists. Great production with the vocals upfront and good balance on the instruments and s great arrangement. A perfect balance of country, pop, and rock! Great work and all the best, Michael

United States, North Carolina, Raleigh, Cary,

Sun won't set on this number

Wow one of the best I've heard on number one, and here's why. First it has a gentle beginning that slowly brings the listener into the song instruments join in followed by the vocals. You start thinking this is a nice sound and it gets better as an organ kicks in. Then the verse steps up into a break that emotionally takes the listener higher. Just as you think you've reached the peak the chorus starts and the song explodes. As the chorus bands the listener is gently brought down and it starts over again fuller and richer then the first go round. Clearly a lot of thought and time went into this mix and arrangement. And I haven't even mentioned the quality of the singer's great sounding voice or the wonderful job all the musicians have done. Great job everyone

United States, Illinois, Aurora


Hey man, nice song. You mentioned you had worked with a producer on this song. Ya know, this is such a strong song. In my opinion, its over produced. The guy didnt help very much. To much going on musically. Your voice sounds really good, back-ups are a little lost in the mix. Band is tight, unfortunately they over played . Probably at producers inst. Anyway man, good song, best of liuck to you !!

United States, Texas, Ft Worth


I really like and enjoy your music keep on making great music and never stop creating Growing up as a little kid I use to listen to all types of music and keep in touch be blessed.havr a great evening.

United States, California, Every Where

It's Not Over Yet

Yeah... what can i say! It's really a great song, I do not doubt that. The beginning sounds wonderful, nice intro. The smal things whit the voice in the background sounds beautiful and gives it an extra dimension to the song. Only at the end whit the whispering voice "over" I mean to hear! I would leave that out. Like i said, it's a great song, but it doesn't bring something new. Something i'll never hear before, what makes it unique. It's a bit common.

Netherlands, Breda

inspirational song and great vocals.

I love the feel its like Country Rock and yet a little Bob Seger as well, I like the production good back up voacls as well sounds like a little slide guitar work going on off the guitar very cool.

United States, California, Arroyyo Grande

Good production

This is a great upbeat song. I love the rythem and the lyrics. The production really nakes a difference on any song and this is a very strong production. I will keep listening and sharing your music!

United States, Missouri, Poplar Bluff

A bit overdone

I don't know the earlier version, but this one's overdone. Too many gimmicks, too many ideas, too many technical tricks. I think the back bone of the song is just a straight and clear piece of country pop for an acoustic guitar and a powerful voice like yours, so why puttin' that much of unnecessary add-ons to it? Less would have been more in this case, 'cause the basics are good!

Germany, Schweinfurt

"It's not over yet" only the beginning

David Wayne really seems to have hit pay dirt with this song. It tells a story that is oh so familiar to me and almost everyone trudging on the treadmill of life. It delivers such a universally positive message of hope, perseverance, and victory that it's hard not to get caught up in the positive upbeat groove and shiny instrumentation. The B-3 in the background adding textural swells along with the arpeggiating guitar riff floating on top of the catchy melody line exude such a positive mood throughout the entire piece. On top of that is David Wayne's enthusiastic, but sincere vocal performance which brings it all together. This song is truly a joyful listening experience. Lyrically it's in the pocket. However, there are a couple of lines, which are blatantly obvious, that should definitely be revisited for a rewrite. Yea, but those are details for the finishing touches department. This IS a good song! Implement those rewrites and this will be a great song. With the proper lyrical rewrite and production could be an anthem ;)

United States, Texas, Austin

These upbeat lyrics will cheer you up and the song will make you want to dance.

Pretty song, David sounds like a cross between the Eagles and Blake Shelton. Nice guitar parts, good beat, nice rocking country song, upbeat lyrics. Great arrangement, very well produced and recorded.

United States, California, Los Angeles

It's Not Over Yet...

Beautiful guitar instrumental to highlight the intensity of emotions in these song lyrics of the journey of a heart and soul. It is hardest to lose your greatest happiness once you have found it. The music reminds me of the talents of The Lumineers Band, a Celtic band from Scotland. The background composition is just right for this song. I loved the vocal talents. Reminds me that we are able to re-invent ourselves at the same time as getting back to who we were created to BE. We are multi-faceted beings and have yet to come to revelations of all we are and why we were sent. Also calls to mind the voice talent of Joe Cocker. I look forward to hearing more. Thank you!

United Kingdom

...from the beginning to the end...

David Wayne Moore brings us It's Not Over Yet, a power ballad in journey form.. It has a certain traveler component with its active pace and back beat. From a listener's standpoint it's a really big song with full intensity. From a producer's standpoint I found a few flaws in the mixing that were momentary in each instance... the guitar crossing over the vocal at one point and then the sudden and almost total drop in energy after the refrain. It might have been just a case of two automation points adversely affecting each other at intermittent points in the song.

United States, Texas, Houston

great tune

sounds great I love the harmonies! its well recorded very professional sounding. It kinda reminded me of a Gordon Lightfoot or Neil diamond tune at first! But as I listened on it sounded more unique. A well written song! I enjoyed listening to it! Keep up the great work.

Canada, Ontario, Acton

It's Not Over Yet

Now that's what I'm looking for in this song. The arrangement is exactly right and brought out something in the vocals that put David Wayne in a place where he hasn't been in the prior renditions of this song. I really don't have much more to say. It is a truly commercial offering and if you can get it on the air it will go and go big. I am glad you decided to do this again and props to the producer and arranger. Way to go.

Turkey, Texas, Allen

strong song

i wasnt sure if that was a banjo or not playing but the sound is very much like waylon jennings music. i think the background singers date the song a bit. i would like to hear the backgrounds being done a little different. overall great melody! and song

United States, California, Burbank

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