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Very cool tune!

You Only Get What You Create by Philadelphia's David Wayne Moore is a fun and very thoughtful tune. It's reminiscent of The Allman Brothers with its hard-grooving drums and piano. The baritone sax adds a great touch to the song as well! Congratulations to the writer(s) and performers.

United States, Washington, Seattle

David moore

It is a different song. Like the lyrics. They are good and funny. Music makes me want to dance. Yes it sounds ok. Your voice needs improving, but it is very good song. I do wish you all the best with your music.. xx

United Kingdom, London


loved it. Lyrics were awesome and the song is funky upbeat! 'only get what you create' is a great catch phrase as well. Very memorable and catchy tune. Keep up the great work! Namaste and love.

United States, Florida, palatka

Cheerful Country Southern Rock beat with great upbeat lyrics

Kenny Chesney meets the Allman Bros in this fun rockin country tune. Features a great arrangement which includes a honky tonk piano, baritone saxaphone, guitars, drums and outstanding vocals. They will be line dancing to this song for years! Uplifting positive lyrics with a great message. A winner!

United States, California, Los Angeles

I look for ward to hearing more from you

Enjoying listening to this song -You only Get What You Create ...It has a great message and its tucked right there in a grove! ..Well done David Wayne Moore .I look for ward to hearing more from you..

Canada, Quebec, Canton Stanstead

Fun Tune

A fun tune to listen to with a well-arranged instrumentation, providing a perfect sound blanket for David's voice. There is so much going on musically that you want to play it again to catch it all. At the same time, the music completely mirrors the lyrics and the craziness a perfectly normal day can take on... Good job!

United States, Tennessee, Nashville

Great country-rock number

Really enjoying this - a terrific little country-rock number, that keeps moving with a strong rhythm and light poppy riff, and a memorable and potent refrain of You oNly Get What You Create that sticks in the mind. Nice.

United Kingdom, Brighton

Old School

I really enjoyed listening to this song it was a breath of fresh old school. It could more bass line and Exploding Harmonies. Classic old school new school!! I myself would record this it has a really good groove just a liitle more bass in the mix and the vocals were really good as well.

United States, Tennessee, Nashville

Love it

This man has done it again - recorded a really hot Country song with a well thought out theme! David Wayne Moore with a real Hal Ketchum sounding song proving this man's versatility and talents. I loved the introduction slowly building to a real thumping start and from on my feet never stopped tapping with the exciting rhythm this song generates as it drives along.

United Kingdom, EXETER

creation is the reality within your mind


David Wayne Moore brings us You only get what you create. A lively blues based yarn of life as viewed with hindsight in a very Allman Brothers meet Bruce Hornsby style of music. The key work combined with the subtle hammond b3 in the background is a very reminiscent homage to classic rock tones of the 70's. Except for the acoustic in the beginning there is very little guitar but the counterpoint rhythm is maintained well with the piano. From the producer's standpoint, there isn't much to critique here. About the only concern I have is that the song seems to be mastered to a very loud level and it leaves very little dynamic range on the meters even during the breaks which are a bit of a concern. But to be honest I, although I do hear a great deal of saturation, it doesn't sound like the quality of the song was crushed out of existence like one would experience or anticipate with that much compression. That is a bit of a surprise to be honest.

United States, Texas, Houston

I Like It

David, first of all, this reminds me of listening to Toto and Greg Alman Brothers Band, The thing about those bands is they were always a fan favorite. The melodic structure of the song and lyric both fit like a glove. I like this song a lot it tells a story. The music and words flow like water over a beautiful waterfall. I don't want to seem to be poetic but, this is a nice song David. Songedge

You Only Get What You Create

Hi David, I like your intro. Music is sounding very nice, it's well mixed. and your voice is awesome. The lyrics are great, something very original, a few female background singers would be a nice added feature. Guy

Canada, Ontario, Deep River

Great Song

I really liked this song I could totally relate to the lyrics of this song. This is how I feel everyday and yes you have take responsibility for the path you take take in life. Loved the feeling from this song and it was very clear and the tempo of the music was great. Bit of country and country pop to just pop really. A easy listening song for me Thank You :)

New Zealand, Hastings

Really Good Song you Created!


Intro was reminiscent of early Allman Bros.Project That's a good thing. I really have nothing bad to say as you will see in the rating system I CREATED. No pun intended The vocal is strong and clear. The lyric relates to us all. The hook is really memorable. The music is great & matches the feel of the song. I take reviewing other artists pretty serious. So let's get on with it. "It's time to crash the gate" AWZ'z N1M HAMMER SYSTEM or "ANHS" for short "AWZ" is me "HAMMER" Is an acronym for the 6 catagories of the song being reviewed Your song scored 5☆'s On my ANHS Review This is a Really GOOD Song! It Has everything This Song is a HAMMER Song The HAMMER system is pretty self explanitory. HOOK☆☆☆☆☆ ARRANGEMENT☆☆☆☆☆ MUSIC☆☆☆☆☆ MUSICIANSHIP☆☆☆☆☆ ENTERTAINMENT☆☆☆☆☆ RADIO READY☆☆☆☆☆ If you had gotten anything less than 5 stars in any catagory i would take the time to explain why. Well Done AWZ

United States, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh

Moore Just Created a Great Song

From the moment the drums dropped in behind the guitar I felt this song was going to make me smile. The mix of sounds integrates well with a very positive upbeat almost clever lyric. We do only get what we create, and I think this time David Wayne Moore has created a little bit of magic for all of us.

United States, Tennessee, Nashville

Love the Pianos!

Love the pianos! Nice break from fiddles, steels and telecasters. I think this song would be accepted on either pop stations or country and would even appeal to classic rock fans like myself. Thanks for a good listen!

United States, Alabama, Huntsville


Got my attention right from the start. Love the instrumentation. The keyboard is great and the drummer is spot on. I think you should use some backing singers in spots to help the vocalist. This is a cool happy tune and i think if there were a bit more work and effort put in to the mixing of this tune you guys could easily do very well with it. Keep on Rocking and best of Luck.

Australia, lockhart

Great sound!

I like the smooth Intro with a *poppish* feel to it. Add the melodious vibe reminding me of 'Hootie and the Blowfish', which I'm a fan of as well. Excellent job! Keep up the great work, David! 5 stars

United States, Oklahoma, Broken Arrow

You Only Get Whay You Create


David Wayne Moore has been at it again creating a song called appropriately enough "You Only Get What You Create". Having laid that as the challenge let us look into this creation to see what we find. First the song: I really couldn't hear the lyrics clearly enough to get the entire drift of the direction of the message. For me the vocal was a little too much hidden behind the music to understand it clearly. Of course maybe my hearing isn't what it used to be. I would have mixed the vocal in a little higher and brighter but that is a minor thing. The instrumental tracks are extremely good and really make you listen to the arrangement. Major kudos there. His tracks are always a strong feature to his compositions. The melody was a good sound for the mood of the song and the vocals were executed well notwithstanding my personal mix preference. All in all this ia a good product and one I could listen to a lot. My hat is off to you sir and I hope this one goes a long way dow the road for you. It's a winner all around. Keep turning them out. I hope everyone has a chance to give it a spin.

Turkey, Texas, Allen

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