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If There is such a thing as a Country Hip Hop Category this number would certainly fit the genre. That said I really liked the presentation. The start was probably a little heavy on the drum intro but the rest of the mix was good. The rap techniques that were laced in were clever and actually fit quite well. The song was written in a manner that had the hook delivered frequently and was the backbone of the entire track. The music track was solid and fit the mood of the song very well. The musicians were in a solid groove throughout the entire song. The vocal and backups were really right for this song and the hammered the hook all the way from the ear to the toe tapping. All in all this is a solid piece and one that is right for air time or concerts. Live performances of this number will always be met with an enthusiastic audience. Good job and best of luck with it. Regards Paul Springfield

Turkey, Texas, Allen

If you keep looking back

Industrial rock meets country. At first I was put off by the amount of reverb on the rhythm section but I admit the chant grew on me as the song went along. The title seems a bit of a misnomer. I would have thought the title would be "if you keep looking back" But yhats just my 2 cents. I enjoyed the vocals and guitars placement in the song and felt the industrial type of rhythm made for an original song. Good work!

United States, Illinois, Palatine

Good production

This song started with an interesting drum groove.Parts of The Lead Vocal could have been cut again for pitch correcting. Good arrangement. Not really getting the country element here, perhaps a Ganjo part might bring that out more.

Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver


This is a different style of country - and I like it, really up with modern trends of musical directions. Love the harmonies and the beat keeps listeners on their toes and wanting to dance along. I like the way David Wayne Moore brings variety and modernisation to his country music.

United Kingdom, EXETER

Nice Groove!

Nice production! Like the AM sound on the "If You Keep Looking Back... etc". The lead vocal I was not sure of but it grew on me. Kinda of a unique voice! I would put the tune in the Americana genre - you might Rock that chart. I really did like the drum groove too. Different and unique from most tunes you hear these days. Again the production is really nice. Did you do it yourself or in a studio? Overall I really liked it! I think you should pitch it for TV and film at places like Hitlicense and Broadjam

United States, Oklahoma, Moyers

Homespun Principia


David Wayne Moore brings us Gravity. A hardpan backbeat offering in the flavor of Johnny Cash meets Beck. I have to admit I wasn't fond of the drum sound at the very beginning as I felt it was a little harsh by itself, but when the song kicks in it clearly blends in well. A tweak or two in compression could fix that from a production standpoint. Dynamically the song is a little crushed as I am seeing the DR at about 4 and I prefer to be close to double digits if not over. Everything else with the song is strong and on point.

United States, Texas, Houston


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United States, Alabama, Ozark


David nice beat, and every sound is crystal clear. Not sure maybe the vocals could be a little louder to the drum beat. But again I'm listening on computer speakers. On the whole this song is very good in my opinion. Guy

Canada, Ontario, Deep River

David Wayne Moore Review

The song has a good structure, reminiscent of older 80 style light rock, with a mix of 80 scathing. Catchy tune good delivery, would like to hear more from Moore. If your eclectic like me give David Wayne Moore a listen.

United States, Mississippi, Purvis

Good Rhythm


This song has a good county theme. It is very rhythmic but lacks melody and is to same oh same oh. A good example of solid melody is found in Gravity by Josh tuner. With just a little tweeting this song has great potential. the vocals are good and the singer adds some pep to the tune. I am looking forward to hearing the final cut. I hope this review has been constructively helpful.

United States, North Carolina, Durham

Not sure.

The song starts off like its a real bad mix. Then you think to yourself , maybe this is the style they are trying to create.Having said that, I think the vocalist sounds like a professional and i like the harmonies.The drummer is keeping a good solid beat . The banjo adds to the flavour of the song. I like the song but i am not happy about the over all sound. I think you could make this song sound better. Please keep up the great work and i will keep an ear out for more of your material.

Australia, lockhart


Gravity is a pretty cool song Starts off a little slower than I personally think it should but that's just my personal opinion Gravity does hit a great chorus and some cool harmonies All in all I give this one a 5 out of 10 rating Nice work David

United States, Illinois, Mchenry

Good Creativity


An interesting intro. The drum sound was unexpected and piqued my interest. I wasn't sure if it was going to go up hill or down but then the guitars come in and give the lift I was hoping for. The song starts out engaging and when the harmonies come in it gives an added interest for me. The beat is engaging. The song is catchy. It's a good piece of work! The record scratch type things thrown in was different. I think the artist has something good going creatively. It's good and it has a positive message. The song is go go go. And that's fine. But I was thinking, as a listener, I need a mental break somewhere - some kind of bridge change-up to help reset for the end of the song - then the drums that went solo for a quick break later in the song and that helped. Another bar or two would have been even better, or a change back to the way the intro was even. I'm being nit picky here, but also honest. I wouldn't bother if I didn't think it was a good song. Well constructed and well put together. Anyone who knows me as a reviewer knows they are going to get honesty and not just butter. Good work, and the creativity here lends me to think I'd want to hear what else this artist has done or will do next and give a few extra bonus tenth points.

United States, Missouri, Marthasville

Good song

Liked the idea with the production in this at the start. Great harmonies. Great country rock sound with a bit of a modern feel to it as well. Well done.

Australia, Brisbane

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