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Beautiful Piece

The first few seconds of this piece, and I was immediately taken on a journey. The ambience was perfect. Once again, Dr. Fred Cole has satisfied my musical thirst. And in all actuality, it's what I've come to expect from Dr. Fred Cole . "AWESOME my Spiritual musical comrade!"


A simple but effective introduction that gets the listener's attention. It is like a slow flowing stream, a trickle and then like a poem in notes that flows like a small eddy through a current of many waters. Your tones resonate a universality of the mood of reflective silence in thought. I found solace in the notes for what reason I do not know. But you leave a resonance of unity and hope in this composition. Reflections of aspiring to reach a destiny. Keep the sounds coming, you are bringing these to the earthly plane out of time for man to reconnect with original being.


Guys please support my homie his good on his music u will never regret so please support him and u shall be also supported thank you for your time and I will be giving away gifts to people who will take to buy his music a lot of things


This is a nice change of pace and I can feel the best way can I pick it up at the same time as well as a nice change of pace thanx ddbsdbd f f f. F d d g. G h j. J h. G g j j j. H g f g. Hh d. Hh j h g g. H j j. F d. J. J f. Gg g g. G g gf g h. H

Something different

A beautiful, haunting piece that flows like a stream with many bends. Allow yourself five minutes to be lost in a valley filled with cool water, depth, beauty and grace. I let the sound enter at it's own pace and was over come with it's honesty. Beautiful !

nice song ;)

nice song that makes the listener dreaming and wanting to hear more , keep it up the good work and i am looking forward for the next invitation , hope its soon !! i like the style of your music and the kind you create your songs . If you want to connect in other social medias please feel free to write me anyway and/or invite me as follower/friendship , kind regards, Peter Lang - der Sampleschlosser


thank you so much for allowing me to listen to you unique music I really like to try very creative and well put together thank you so much for sharing your music with me. And keep on sharing your music throughout the world specially this dent this day and time and spider was going on that stay more creative. Hope you have a wonderful weekend us far please continue to share your gifts and talents with the world and never stop being creative. Once again thank you so much for sharing I want to go one weekend and may God bless you in all your endeavors


The music is nice, and I like it. I think it does have that down to earth vibe to it. I like this one a lot, and you're on your way to getting an award somewhere . Keep producing beat work like this I love the lead guitar, and keep your touch on it. This is unique and original. I think this is a hit for sure. Nice one! By the music you can tell that you are passionate about your work as every artist should be. Never give up and dreams and bigger things will follow! Maybe we can collab one day! PEACE!


It is Very Hard to review a music for a Theater Play.. or Video without supporting materials..so all will come to Like It or Not..because as It is now I do Not Think It will stay Alone as a Instrumental Music..I do not hear anything Special ( of cost Is Possible I will change My Mind if I be able to see The Play )..but again I will tell You that this is not Your Best Composition ( like some others I hear before)..but hey..is Not Important what I Think..It is a Part of The Theater Play..Congratulation..Good Job..

Waking u up softly

Could be more various but still good to wake up and dream until the end. Allows to keep calm and make the baby in a nice seashell. Good music to deal with pictures on a screen or after a drama

A beautiful piano.

Fantastic beautiful piano, which really impresses my soul, and grabs the emotions. Everything dances around in my soul, a beautiful little angel with its veils wonderfully wandering around the soul. A very beautiful piano piece, a little "Satie" feeling about phrasing in the piano. Love this piano piece.


Is not easy to review a Theater Music without at list Script or Video..because of that is come to ..Like or not and actually mean anything ..after all it is something already under contract so is not important what I other think Congratulation.for me..as It is now is ok..I do not hear anything Spectacular..I do not know is possible that Fit Perfectly This Theater Play..I hope It will have a lot of Plays and who know a Film later...Good Luck..
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