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bella voce

bella voce con un ritmo carino e mi piacerebbe che cantasse di più' perché' e' portato per il canto e ha un bel timbro peccato che il parlato rovini tutto ma va di moda cosi' poi si ripete sempre la solita solfa. peccato perché' qualcosina di buono c'era

Italy, dalmine bg

Nice Vibes

A very good afternoon to you and thank you very much for the invite to review your track "GOT YOU" which may i say that i found in my personal opinion to be a very strong that sure got to me,nice vibes,great vocals and harmonies mixed with rap that blended very well,the melody is catchy and lyrics are good,the track was produced and recorded to a very professional standard and i could see this song get a lot of radio airplay,i truly enjoyed listening to your song.

United Kingdom, Belfast

i get it

wow.... love this , can't help but give this FIVE STARS. I happen to be an R & B performer , and the balance between the sung chorus , and the rap verses it perfect back and forth . the track ids very well produced with the instruments spread out , and not stepping on each other . great job . oh yes the singer can actually sing.....the whole vibe is just fun R&B, and it's got a cool funk to the beat ...all this equls a real winner . as far as i 'm concerned ....

United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

I must say..

its one of the BEST productions i've heard one here for a while..WELL kinda has a commercial feel to it...good concept,one for the ladies,and i like how he mixes the singing and the rapping on the track,with this coming from jamaicai didnt expect to hear anything different.i would like to hear a few other tracks from this artist,too see if this one was just a ONE OFF..but I'm sure he has MORE musical gems to go with this one,GWAARN my have potential..bless

United Kingdom, Birmingham

Got You Review

Peace Fam, I am not on this site often but I got your request for a review. So I have listened to this song 3 times now. Its actually pretty catchy. I like the track. On top of that it has been mixed very well and sounds professional enough in my opinion. The vocals sound very clear and fit in the mix well. I also like the clever word play. I think its a solid song and listeners of this genre of music will enjoy it. I will say that the vocals for the hook seem a little louder than the vocals from the verses, almost a little too loud, however, I am listening through headphones it may sound differently in the car or home studio. Keep at it fam. Stay Safe -SixOneSix-

United States, Texas, HOUSTON

Got you

wow what a beautiful song love the muscianship...................this song has a really good melody lines I can hear this song over and over................they the song was put together is very unique................just love the way its sung the vocals are spot on the piano and drums were played perfectly.................. ......can't say enough about this song ......................I want to thank you for letting me review your amazing song thsnk you................. This is steve from voodoo dancer and thank you again....................

United States, New York, Middle village



United States, New York, Brooklyn

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