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United States, Louisiana, St. Francisville
Dennis Ledbetter
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Dennis Ledbetter

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Bio: Dennis Ledbetter

“Saint and Sinner Records,” is proud to announce the digital release of Dennis Ledbetter’s new album Opposite Walls on September 2nd 2019. Fans will hear a good deal about both sides of life and love in the twelve songs on his new recording, Opposite Walls. Ledbetter tells his stories in a whiskey-drenched, stone cold country singing voice that just about anyone can relate to. The songs remind you of things your own friends have said and done. If you’re honest, you’ll admit that some of them could have been written about you. Ledbetter’s album is kind of like a 40 minute therapy session/ sermon set in a vintage Honky Tonk, or at times on the back porch at the lake house.
For those who have been missing authentic country music, it’s here in spades—complete with wailing steel guitars, Honky Tonk piano, screaming fiddles, hard-edged electric guitars with a slightly distorted edge, and all the other musical fixings necessary for this country diner menu of love stories that range from rock bottom loneliness and cheating songs to the thrill of new love and the satisfaction of the lasting kind. If you miss the heart and soul of real country music in voices like George Jones, Merle Haggard, Johnny Paycheck, and Hank, Jr., you’re going to love Dennis Ledbetter.

A Louisiana native and a lifelong student of country music (the real stuff), Dennis Ledbetter brings a fresh, but achingly familiar voice to the stage and radio airways. His classic instrumental arrangements and vocal style harken back to country music of the 1970s and ‘80s—when the genre still had its trademark twang and was damn proud of it, thank you very much. He’s spent years onstage at Honky Tonks and clubs in the South, honing his craft and earning the tears and smiles that are reflected in his authentic voice.

Country radio has fallen in love with Dennis Ledbetter’s music. The debut album, “If You Drive Me to Drinking (I’ll Buy the Gas),”generated five #1 singles on the New Music Weekly Charts. His sophomore CD, “My Life Is a Country Song,” garnered three #1 singles on the same charts.
The EP “It Might Be the Whiskey” has produced one #1 already and another is racing to the top of the chart.

Good songs and stories—the ones that leap through the lines of music to touch your heart with characters that seem as real as the friends and family you interact with every day—aren’t portrayed effectively in shallow, bro-country ditties with a five-note vocal range.

The kind of country songs that Ledbetter writes and sings are the ones that can be a little tough to get through without tearing up because they’re so incredibly sad and true-to-life. As a country singer and also a songwriter, Dennis opens a vein, and let’s true life stories and emotions flow.
The simple, yet poignant lyrics, the singer’s unapologetically, stone cold country vocals, and the steely glint of blue eyes that peer out from beneath the wide brim of a real cowboy hat…. These things consistently and completely grab listeners by the heart and pull them into a song.

Friends and fans will be pleased to hear Ledbetter’s new Album, which will be available on September 2, 2019 to radio and available for sale in all digital formats including CD Baby, Amazon, ITunes, & Google Play. The tunes will be available on the streaming sites Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, and Napster.

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