Space Buggy #1

"What Is Chicken"?

Song Reviews

In the zone

nice rock out beat. something id listen to while workout out. I could definitely see this being played in a action movie.Keep doing your things guys! look forward to hearing more from you.

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

space buggy

in this track very cool distortion sound and fx on vocals that blends well with the distortion sound of the guitars all together with a simple and steady cool groove creates a very unique psychedelic spacey buggy vibe :)

Israel, Tel aviv


Very Nice for Life Performance but in order to Pitch It to Music Publishers and Radio Stations has to be a little shorter ( more compact ) The Best length is around 3 min but again..You are able to play Longer version at Life Performance..hey and add some Space Video on The Screen..I'm sure People will Like That..I do not know haw Music Publishers will react..but Try to send It to Them and let's see what will happen..I wish You good Luck with submissions.. good Job..

United States, California, Los Angeles


A little dynamic music, somo touch of electronic and futuristic. Where you like as if were in the space city. A bit of humor and of imagination will be necesario. The sound is good and interesting nuances


SPACE BUGGY is a Mash-Up of Electro-Tech, Psychedelic Rock, and Deep Space Signals. Much of their work is beyond the reach of most music fans. The main issue I have with the BUGGY is ....How Many People Truly still love Psych Rock? They obviously put in a lot of work on these numbers. You simply do not just fall into such Organized Disorganization by accident. I aplaud their faitful approach to their "art". My day of Pshy Rock ened back in the 70s. For the unwashed , such music includes lots of repetition and LOTS of interspersed bits of ...stuff! They do it well, but it is not for me! If you still like such music, or if you are stuck in the 60s and lost in a Purple Haze..this may just be what you seek!

United States, Florida, Cape Coral


Can pick up the energetic vibes right from the begining, superb background betas and tempo, good use of guitar and sound effects, excellent filling and interesting finish, A lovely dance floor number to make the feet mad ...

United Kingdom, Birmingham


All I can say is that this song to me has Rock , funk and psychedelic swing to it. I would definitely rock over this song and Digitally Stomp over this track ,OKayyy. These guys are from Detroit, but would think there from over seas. Listen I definitely like the track and would recommend it to everyone. Peace Love, no hair grease. okayyyyy

United States, New York, St albans

Space, very space

En français cela veut dire spécial, très spécial ! Rock psychédélique, j'approuve tout à fait. Pour une musique de film peut-être. Un poulet sur la lune ? Chicken on the moon ! J'ai du mal à adhérer car ce n'est pas trop mon type de musique préféré. Bonne continuation à vous et rendez-vous dans l'espace avec mon buggy ! In French it means special, very special! Psychedelic rock, I totally agree. For a movie music maybe. A chicken on the moon? Chicken on the moon! I find it difficult to join because it's not my favorite type of music. Good luck to you and go into space with my buggy!

France, Vic

Good job

Not a masterpiece, but the work is well done. Good balance, good effect. It could also be suitable for some scene in a movie. One single note: I would have made the words of the text more understandable

Love slow rock.

So far I like the intro. Very smooth and different. I was hoping for a vocal to be added but I understand the pace. I actually like it. Maybe one day you can do something similar but with vocals. Got my attention tho. Nice ending.

United States, Connecticut, Meriden

Good one!

Sounds a proper film music. Good use of distorted sounds and heavy bass. Reminds the classic 'Apollo 440 - Lost in Space track', salute for that! Definitely will fit in a fictional action movie.

Israel, Haifa

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