Wow what a strong entrance I did not expect that at all! Ohhhh I am loving that Guitar and Saxophone together and then the drums come in wow it is just really really amazing and your voice I have no words!


thank you for allowing me to review and listen to your song very unique very creative I love unique music I love different sounds of Music Opera classic rock gospel gospel hip-hop just to name a few keep me posted on any new music that you may have coming out I would love to take a listen and hear it again don't be afraid to share with the world continue to be unique and different don't be afraid to come out the box and stay out the box and go to the next level thank you for sharing it again and may God bless you and all your endeavors you have a wonderful day peace

good stuff

Never have I ever heard anything like that before so if you keep on doing what your doing you'll definitely end up some where really nice. Maybe on a beach relaxing shopping and sipping margaritas wouldn't that be something huh.. but definitely good stuff here so keep on keep n on and see where it gets you

Casey and the Bunny Land Band

Casey and the Bunny Land Band want to tell you that "Your Number One". and they have a great great song to prove it! You think you are number two, or even three? Nope! The bunnies are here to tell you that "Your Number One"

Hay this Is Good Sounds!

Hay! This is good sounds. Love the feel and sentiment. Keep practicing your craft as I think you really have what it takes to be a top music artist. The vocals are smooth and soothing and very nice to listen to. The instrumentation is well arranged and spot on. The arrangement is also even with the melody line. I am wishing well in your endeavors. Stay safe and Rock On!


I like the smoothness of the rhythmic flow and the haunting harmonies that carry the melody!! It’s the kind of song that makes you feel good no matter what is going on!! I would buy this song in a heartbeat ????

Beautiful and Haunting

The guitar immediately sets the tone for this beautifully written piece. I love the melody and the subtleness of the horn and how the drums gently support the structure. well done! good job!

nice chill-out song

Nice chill-out song. The song starts well with some really nice guitar-playing. The beats come in quite heavily, but after a while you realize they match the kinky lyrics quite well. This song has a nice groove and is nice to listen to after a heavy night at a bar. It proclaims somekind of holiday-feeling, which is a very important quality of songwriting, certainly through the nice and easy, minimalistic instrumentation: Adore the sax, and there are fantastic touches of organ/synth in it. Do you know the band Royksopp ? Well. I think your music is quite comparable. Although the composition is very basic: it's a two-chord song, it ends greatly by the saxophone touch. You got me really curious for more of your music. Cheers


Yes, this is a review of Cary and the Bunny Land Band’s track. Cary and the Bunny Land Band Is an unusual name for a an artist or a band, or any group of musicians really. But they really do it up.

My review of the song...

Hi everyone. First of all thank you for putting your song for everyone's consideration. In general the song starts with the guitars in a way that invites you to listen to the entire song. The moment the bass sounds enter you feel a very special atmosphere of depth. The instrumental execution of the guitars and the Sax are fantastic. The voice sounds too processed and becomes a bit excessive. the final touch with the sax solo is surprising and pleasant. I congratulate you on a very good job.

the truth

this under the vocals is so smooth and relaxing , but the vocal could be mixed allot better . maybe less echo . sounds like ellmo but good topic . or maybe its karioki .. keep practicing and you will be much better as time passes


DAmn this is good love this som this is the best think ever everyone keep watching this its the best hting ever and i will always love this community thanks for posting such ood content.


So great. Cool sounds, melody is fun. Words are very meaningful. I can relate. Smooth sounding like a groovy tune. Man there are the horns. You can't go wrong with horns. Bow it us really Groovy man. I totally like it. Great Song!!!

Impressive Song

This song impressed me deeply much. The unusual introduction begins with a brilliant sounding acoustic part on guitar. Then additionell instruments like saxophone and chellos starts off creating a great space in the backing. Powerful beat and professionell orchestrated key tunes carry the recording. In this arrangement exists also a genuinely well-played fender rodes piano. This extra factor brings additionally beauty into the music. The voice of the singer has a lovely vocal projection. The lyrics come from the heart and touching the soul. Well mixed and mastered in appropriation of different music styles. The creative passion makes the meaning of this song engaging for me. The recording unleashes the imagination by using midi instrumentation and effects. I´m sure you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.


So initially I was taken away on a breeze, like a leaf floating, absolutely calming. The music then became more anxious.Almost like we were waiting for the leaf to disappear down a drain. I absoloutely love the music. As for the vocals I envisaged a female singing, just to give it that soft mother nature type of feel. Overall great song, just would have put a female vocal in instead. Cheers, well done.
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