What You Can Be [Ft. Sweet P] [2012] (Prod. Sinima Beats)

Bless The Mastermind

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Great sound!!! I really like the arrangement and implementation of sound, it's not agressive , it's easily listened song good for radio stations. You could improve rhyming technique - to much "yeah" "heh" between punch lines you could make it much more interesting by improve lyrics ;) One Love

Poland, Lodz


GREAT intro! Very good song overall. To break it down and very kool, the lyrics are great, the hook is great love the flow. Love the song and can listen to it over and over. You can always improve the mix is ok. I would listen to this song in my car. A happy sound, Good job!

United States, Georgia, LaGrange


Good intro! Very good song overall. To break it down the lyrics are great, the hook is great the flow is about a 7 out of 10. If anything work on the flow more. Practice the song and listen to it over and over. We can always improve. I would listen to this song in my car. Good job!

United States, Florida, Tallahassee

Bless the mastermind

Your flow pisses me off....because you are so damn good! But whats pissing me off is I can hear the potential you aint even tapped into yet. You got your own style but its in its infancy yet,, I don't know what you gotta do but what God has for you is waiting... you got to press in and take it by force. perhaps practice it over and over and over/ your talent my be holding you back.... when things come easy to us we tend to stop at good instead pressing on to great Michael Jackson taught us talent is a good thing and worked ethic is the way to greatness

United States, Alabama, Birmingham


you got a real cool vibe and sound your music not to much going on with the track makes it easy to enjoy makes you want to sit back smoke a blunt and groove to the vibe of the music keep up the hard/good work and i'll see you at the top... FOLLOW me on INSTAGRAM & TWITTER and like me on FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mizzle-Bean-Records/177686148915005 http://instagram.com/pinhead_gotti https://twitter.com/pinhead_gotti OR on vine/iampinhead_gotti

United States, California, woodland hills

good as usual

You always pop out the hottest vocals. i'm still trying to get used to making these type of songs lol. so I give you mad props for this one. keep doing your thing homie

United States, Maryland, Baltimore

nice Music

Good Music.

United States, California, Los Angeles

nice Music

Good Music.

United States, California, Los Angeles

Review Artists Bless the mastermind song What you can be

Ok this one is to hot , its the real thang, very good music clear and percise nice beat, great foundation for your rap, which is just as good, everything is awesome word, message, and deliverey. keep making good music like this and no doubt you will be sitting on top of the world in no time, I'm fan of this style for sure, perfect review I give it my highest rating! nice work guys :)

United States, Florida, Orlando

Bless The Mastermind

Some real talent here. Nice rhythm, harmonies and vocals. A good backing track. Nice balance. These boys know what they're at. Good luck with future productions.

Ireland, Clonmore County Armagh

What you can be

Catchy lyrics and tune. I can see this catching on to the right audience. Good job keeping the lyrics mainstream, much larger market. Overall I really enjoyed it. Cheers

Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver

Good music

Nice music. keep it up!

United States, California, Los Angeles


Awful pop/.rap. Silly and unimaginative. Very 3rd grade mentality in it's presentation.

United States, Michigan, Detroit

Review of what you can be

Nice! Good lyrics, Good voices. Needs no repair! Good luck and God Bless! Super harmony. Good story too! How nice. Two blessings in one day! Clean lyrics! Too good to be true!

Sri Lanka, Colombo


This is for Radio Play!!!! make your head bounce up and Down,lyrics tight!!!!! keep putting out the hits.positive vibe.

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