Zeus The Prophet
Australia, Melbourne

About Zeus The Prophet

Zaher Neket AKA Zeus The Prophet is the youngest of three brothers and was born on September the 18th 1980 in Beirut, Lebanon. After the passing of his Father Simaan in 1982, his mother moved him and his two older Brothers to Houston, Texas. In 1985 the family finally settled in Melbourne, Australia and Zaher Neket eventually found his calling through Poetry.

Around 2002 Zaher turned his Poetry into Lyrical form and after making the decision to enter the world of Hip Hop, Zaher Neket completely dedicated his life to the Art Form and miraculously Zeus The Prophet was born.

Facing hardships of Racism and Bigotry on a daily basis, life was never easy for The Prophet and after many years of working on his craft relentlessly day and night, writing lyrics constantly, attending shows, watching, learning and supporting an ever-growing Hip Hop community of real amazing Lyricists and Wordsmiths he finally found his way to contribute to society in a positive manner.

Zeus The Prophet built a reputation of Love and Loyalty, Fierce Lyricism, Activism and Philanthropy that would eventually help him find his true passion and catapult him to into the limelight as one of the most unique and lyrically versatile Hip Hop Artists in the genre.

​Today he is an experienced Emcee and Professional Rapper and continues to inspire people through his Hip Hop Music and is continually pushing the envelope to create a more potent sound that has seen him working with many well established Hip Hop Artists like Young Noble of the Outlawz, Miss Hood, Shorty Mic, Franky Lopez, Bear Flame and Trix William to name but a few. Over the years has become the voice of the nation and is very optimistic about the future of Hip Hop in Australia.

"Actions speak louder than words but the message behind the action is a Universal Language."

- Zeus The Prophet, 2002

Total Plays: 31,864

Profile Views: 88,058

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Past Events


Mar 10

4:00 PM

The Yorkshire Hotel

Australia, Melbourne, 48 Hoddle St, Abbotsford , 3067

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