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White Lines & Whiskey review

This is a pretty cool song you got here. It's got a good uptempo groove going and the vocals are very trop-country feeling. You created a south of the border feel also with the nice acoustic picking throughout the song. The song's theme may be considered by some industry people as too personal of a topic that won't be relatable to the bulk of the market, but, as a songwriter myself, you write a lot of what simply pops into your head along with also picking specific themes when needed. Just keep writing is my best input. You have good diversity in you style that will always beat 'the same ol sound' in writing. Good luck again and keep pushing.

White Lines & Whiskey: More than a good effort!

I hope I am able to get back to this song and do a proper critique. The production quality is much better than the average offering on this site. Song composition is very good....especially in the inclusion of a "c" section and how the writer navigated back to the B section....Lyrics are good but in some places a "little" of a stretch in the rhyming scheme of things. I would have liked to hear the harmonies done by the singer (s) rather than mechanically produced.... Overall...VERY good offering... Just as a final little peeve..A tad too Jimmy Buffet-like... But I really liked the song and would buy the album if all the selections were of this quality. NWR

White Lines and Whiskey

You really can't ask for more when you hear the fine music and performance of Zap and the Wires. It checks all the boxes for fine music. Particularly good is the vocal and the lyrics. The rhythm section is right on. One can only hope that they will receive continued success and continue to make that fine countrified music

Good times!

A very well produced and written song from Zap & The Wires. I enjoyed the good vibe and upbeat feel. The instrumentation was superbly performed. I would love to hear it live in a bar somewhere in the Florida Keys. Jimmy Buffet lives further on in these guys.

A Very Good Song

Good lyrics, great timing, all around a great song, that I like a lot. Also has a Caribbean feel to it kind of like Jimmy Buffet. You've done a very good job on this recording. I'd like to hear more from this artist.

Jimmy Buffett

Good job. production is good, song writing is good, reminds me of a Jimmy Buffet song.Good job. production is good, song writing is good, reminds me of a Jimmy Buffet song.Good job. production is good, song writing is good, reminds me of a Jimmy Buffet song.

Excellent song in my book

This song has 'everything' in it to make it on any country radio show. It has the ol' Spanish feel on top of the Country feel. The lyrics are 'great' and with the Spanish style guitar playing 'all' the way behind it complimenting the lyrics just makes it even better the way it's traditionally done. You guys really did a fantastic job on this song and I'm honored to let you know you did. You 'threw down' on this one, man! gizzmow, Bonham, Texas

Toe tappin', boot scootin' fun

The old feet were tapping frantically as I listened to this chipper road song from Zap & The Wires. Great production added to high quality playing and superb vocals make for a very enjoyable package, somewhat reminiscent of The Mavericks in feel. If you like your country jukin' style, then get your ears around this and spend 3:08 of your life enjoying some White Lines & Whiskey (although don't drink and drive!)
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