Zap & The Wires / Live On Location / Menthol Woman From Venus

Good Rock

Hi Zap, very beautiful your Rock song I remember Billy Idol slightly But still the arrangement of the guitars And well-defined, and the solo of guitar captured My attention. I would honestly take a little of Reverb from the Voice And make it dryer so it would improve Listening comprehension of the text. Even from the Low I would take off Reverb And make it fuller to listening. The battery would say it's okay I would slightly raise it by making it clearer. Great Interpretation. Compliments.

Very 1980's Garage Rock

Kind of like The Cramps or 1980's Iggy Pop. Cool guitar riff and rockabilly feel. Great instrumentation and guitar soloing. The lyrics are a little cheesy, but maybe that is the "tongue in cheek" intention of it. Sounds cool.

Basic Rock

Sure is nice to here some basic rock, with cord. Changes, and musical experience. A good driving beat and back beat. A type song you tap you feet to and get excited to the core of your soul. We need more songs like this and maybe the radio system would become a strong outlet for music once again. RDW MUSIC REVIEW S Nice


Like the song feel it's taking me on a journey into the land of greatness love the arrangements and the instruments use specially the drums listen to the tracknowledgement fantastic feeling is more love

very refreshing !

I love this song very fun one , and well played the production is good too but might be a bit largger ... anyway it deserve to be knowned for sure !.i wish you the best for your music and the rest . Jerome

nice song

Hi. Nice song. It rocks. You can clearly hear something feverish in it. Nice riff. Do you guys know the Cramps ? It's a bit their style. Straight, rocknrolly and edgy. The two guitar-solos together sounds really cool: Strenghtens the feverish feeling/mood and makes you go into a trance. The voice is great, Zap. It's a pity though you didn't put somekind of more elaborated story in it with a bridge in the middle. Concerning the lyrics: the title of the song may be repeated once too often. And the song also ends quite abruptly. But hey, it's your style and I'm certain the (famous) band The cramps would love it. Also check out my music: N1M search: spiceypete Greetings. Love. Pieter B. from Ghent, Belgium

Out Of This World :-)

This track? .... It's like High Energy meets Rock-a-Billy from Outer Space meets Secret Agent Man :-) I listened for the first time just after I woke up and went to my computer....Needless to say I didn't need my first cup of coffee to wake my ass up!!

I dug this

The start of this song reminds me of Jerry Lee Lewis. The vocals were just right for a jam like this. The lyrics were as crazy as you would expect from the title of this song and because the lyrics were what I expected I took my focus off of them and directed my attention more to the vocals and music finding them both to be very good. The mood of this song is fun and found myself smiling while listening to it. I believe club goers would dance to this. For what it's worth coming from me? Good job Sponge Bob~


That's a bad ass riff. Great intro. Hypes you up. Has an early Lou Reed kind of vibe or maybe Iggy Pop. I like the lyrics. Unique but retro feel. I'm impressed. Great guitar tones. Overall the production is really strong. A great energetic performance from the vocalist. Actually, from everyone. I dig this song a lot. I can't think of any criticisms. This band would be awesomely fun to see live. Might be my favorite track I've heard on this site.

back to the 80th

great tunes! it reminds me on a mixture of the 60th and 80th. it has it own dismal charme! go on! i am looking forward hearing more. i am happy that is there is other music in the us than lady gaga aso. - sorry, but just my opinion!


O.K. this song should be in a Quenton Tarentino movie...sounds very off base, which is so cool. Has a retro western/southern feel. Love the instrumentation. The lyrics and singing are very quirky, and that is what makes this song so great. I mean this sincerely when I say, this song is very catchy, and would do great in the right place. I wish you lots of success. Sincerely Edward Westbrook

Between us, Menthol Woman From Venus rocks

Nice guitar tones, wet mix, and lyrics. Some excellent guitar work. The vocalist has a wide range, but I prefer the energy of the upper end of his range except during the talking section. Overall, I'd say this is radio-ready hit from a talented group of conductors (get it?).

Great title!

Very inspired opening riff. The vocal is well done and quite original. Almost heard Billy Idol come out after the chorus. Well recorded, good musicians working hard. All you need is a smokin' live act and play this song at top volume. Scream it out as well.

Venus Rocks

A good guitar intro is always a fun way to start the song. The rock-a-billy vibe mixed with some Billy Idol just reeks of a good time. The vocals are a little Oingo Boingo or "Real Wild Child" like. It's fun. I'd like a little less... echo on the vocals though. The guitar totally rocks this song out and I love it. This is something you could expect to hear in a bar scene for a movie or television show.

Rockabilly meets Sci Fi

Rockabilly vocals meet Sci Fi lyrics driven by compelling bass riffs. I must confess that I really like this combination and I would encourage the band to produce more into that direction.
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