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"Music has always been the leading thread running through my life."

Often described as a mixture of Rock, Fast Fusion & Blues, Wim Roelants' incredible playing-style inspires a lot of guitarists. His work as a session-player, clinician and teacher has given him a well-earned place among the leading guitarists today. Wim's music style is a mixture of superb technique and a melodic approach combining different musical genres such as Rock, Metal, Blues, Fast Fusion,...
Curriculum :
The Belgium born guitarist / singer songwriter, Wim Roelants, started playing music at the age of 8. For 5 years he studied classical guitar and thereafter continues on his own. Wim, born in Antwerp 27-08-1974, is mainly a self-taught musician. At the age of 13 his parents bought him his first electric guitar. He started practising on his own and learned a lot by jamming on records of bands such as AC/DC, Deep Purple and Iron Maiden. Later he started to listen to more complicated, sophisticated music such as Ozric Tentacles,Dreamtheater, Meshuggah,... and was engaged in several bands.

Some time of hard practice and dedication went by before he began touring the clubs of the Benelux and the north of France. This gave him international attention and some time later, he was asked to do guitarwork for numerous artists. During this period he became acquainted with the music of people like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie, ... only to name a few, realizing that he had to practice a whole lot in order to achieve his dream of becoming a real guitarist who can keep up with only the best. This dream resulted in a daily study of 10 to 14 hours and learning about discipline and dedication. At the age of 20 he moved to Spain and played in the local clubs. This period he was playing 6 concerts a week. Returning back to his homeland, Belgium, he played in bands like In-Quest (which he left in June 2000) and Askari, still writing his own music and developing his solo-project, (expired link). In that same period he was asked by Yamaha Guitars to become their Benelux-guitar-demonstrator and this was a turning point in his musical career. The word was spread and other companies started to show interest in his musical skills. This resulted in cooperation with the many companies. Now he works exclusively for Laney Amplification, Lag Guitars and Elixir strings. For these companies he's the official International Endorser. ( In the past he's been working with Yamaha, Line6, Rocktron, ... )
Endorsed by the companies above he played at every big guitar-event ( Frankfurt Music Messe, London Guitar show, Birmingham Guitar show, Salon de Paris, Music Produktive Ibbenburen, Mexico Music Fair, ... ) and he has done masterclasses and clinics the world over. He is now an officially recognized composer and professor in music.

He's been seen on TV all over Europe. At all these concerts, fairs and events he's played with several greats of the earth.
To name a few : Phill Cambell (Motorhead), Chris Frazier ( Whitesnake ), Jame Huntings ( David Lee Roth ), Matt Smith, Richie Kotzen (Mr. Big), Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan, Lez Warner ( The Cult ), Felipe Souza, Uriah Heep,Virgil Donati, Dario Lorina (Warrant), Stuart Bull, ... End 2006 his second solo-album Burn was (expired link) Meeus (drums) and Roman Korolik (bass) are now completing his Band.

In 2006 Wim was appraoched by Laney to do a Presentation Tour in Mexico. The year after he was contacted by Casa Veerkamp to perform at the Mexico Music Fair in Mexico City. Fashion and Catwalks have always been a part of Wim's life and so he was asked by HardRockCafe to perform at the Rock Angel Fashion Show in Germany, which made him Ambassador of HRC. At the Caftan 2008 fashion event in Marrakech he was the main event playing through the whole show as well as modelling on the catwalk. 2008 also sees Wim playing with Badhoven. This Austrian Band had asked Wim to join them. This resulted in gigs in Austria with Graham Bonnett and several others. They are working on a new album at the moment. Check at (expired link). Wim's been working together with Licklibrary on the making of his tuition DVD. Fact is a fact and the Wim Roelants`Guitar Experience Volume 1 is out now.

He's now contributor of Licklibrary. More info on this at (expired link). Currently Wim is writing his new instrumental album and will also rerelease Burn. This could happen in conjuction with Andi Deris ( Helloween ). November 2008 Paul Epic ( Canada ) and Wim met up with eachother. They've been to Estonia together to work out details and came back with a solid pact that will involve Lez Warner from the Cult on drums. Early 2009 Wim was playing with Jay Bolan, Jamie Huntings (David Lee Roth) and Chris Frazier (Whitesnake). This resulted in a temporay project called : the Vegas City Rockers.

A new project is born in 2010. Acoustic Knights, that fuses flamenco with blues and jazz, is one of the main occupations and recordings are scheduled.
2011 brought Wim back to Tenerife for composing new music and work out new projects. This is the time that Acoustic Knights changed in line up. A new knight was found and little time later Acoustic Knights gets a residency for 7 days a week. CD Acoustic Knights `Live` is on and selling aswell as DVD ´Live Harmony´.
2012 is the year that Triple Trouble is born. This trio ( Wim Roelants, Wim Maertens and Jozz Verheijen ) fuses original music with covers that are played in a style that can only be called Triple Trouble. Also this project sees the residency gig and have played over 360 gigs in 2012. DVD `Triple Trouble Live´ is out for sale aswell.

Begin 2013 disaster struck when Wim needed to have a severe surgery after waking up paralized. He was flown back to Belgium and had parts of his neckdiscs replaced by titanium blocks ( extreme hernia ). A period of rehabilitation forced him to lay down the guitar for a while. 2 months later he picks up the axe again, following a daily routine of exercices to adapt to his “new” sensibility. The feeling in right thumb and right bisceps are almost gone and after going through a psychological process of acceptance he slowly gets to play a few concerts.

Lack of ambition is not in his diary and so he starts writing a new album that is being recorded ( pre-production ) in UK with Pete Rowe and several sessionplayers such as Virgil Howe, Mike Rowe to get the songs their final touch.
This album can be seen as a crossover between PowerRock and BluesPop. A new sound is born with this guitarplayer, composer and singer in one person.
He also sees his former band (expired link) & the Blue Power reunite with loads of stuff coming up !!!
A collaboration with Stuart Bull is in the make for a few songs and a possible 2nd DVD with Licklibrary.
He is now official endorser for Blackstar Amps and still working with Lag Guitars and Elixir strings.

Breaking news 2015 !!
Wim has signed a deal with Z-records for 3 albums over a 5 year period !!
2 fullband vocal ones under new bandname Rebel Reno and one solo instrumental album.
Meaning Thin Ice will see its release this year.
Rocktail is the band that will perform in duo all unplugged versions.
D&C Steelguitars are in the picture with the first Renocaster ( signature Wim Roelants ) to be played in a few months powered by 4 seasonpicks ( Sign Fat Ladies ).

More on this very soon !!!!!

Wim's musical interests were, and still are, profoundly rooted in instrumental music & the rock of the 70's. As a solo artist he's pushing his way up in the "Rock-industry". His instrumental compositions are a reflection of his song writing abilities that are highly appreciated by its listeners.

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