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Hi, my name is Beau Silver. I'm a Berlin based singer/songwriter, winner of The Akademia Executive Award 2019 and the 2018 Akademia Music Award for my song "Mistery" and I've been writing, performing and producing music for more than 25 years.
My backround in sound therapy and how sound effects the human body and mind was the inspiration for my album: Beau Silver "Transit" in 2017.

Beau Silver's style ranges from Jazz and Neo Soul to Singer/Songwriter and Trip Hop. But the connecting sound of her voice is the constant in all her music.

Beau Silver
Professionelle Sängerin und Songwriter, hat in Frankreich, Italien, Portugal, Griechenland und Deutschland als Studiomusikerin und Live Performer gearbeitet.
Nach mehrjähriger klassischer Gesangsausbildung absolvierte sie ein dreijähriges Studium für Berufsmusik im Bereich Jazz und Popularmusik an der FMW in Frankfurt/Main.
Ihre Zuneigung zum Jazz und freier Improvisation brachte sie in den 90er Jahen link. mit Albert Mangelsdorf zusammen, mit dem sie bei dem traditionellen „Lieder im Park-Festival“ improvisierte. 1992 gewann sie die Goldmedaille im Singer/Songwriter-Wettbewerb von Rapallo / Italien.
Live performte sie zudem in den unterschiedlichsten Formationen im Bereich
Soul, Pop, Rock und Punk Rock. So sang sie 2009 im Rahmen des World Peace Festivals in Berlin link. mit Nina Hagen. Im Mai 2017 veröffentlichte sie ihr erstes Solo Album "Transit".

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BEAU SILVER has no Merchandise yet.
6 months ago

Welcome and thanks for joining my subscriber list!
You will receive my newsletter once or twice a month. I’ll keep you posted on all new stuff that’s coming out, new occasions, concert and tour dates, fun things and merchandise.
You can leave a private message at any time and I’ll do my best to personally answer them all.
I hope you enjoy ????
Yours sincerely, Beau Silver

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Dear subscriber, dear supporter, dear friend,

I'm coming in with a special CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS OFFER for you today.
Many of you have sent me beautiful feedback on my music and have told me that you would love to hear more new stuff.
Your support is so much appreciated, it is what makes us artists go on.
Specially in these days your support is needed more than anytime.
In my last newsletter I talked about my new album and that I already produced the first song in the studio.
But as an independent artist you cover the costs alone. There's no label support behind you.
And because you're my valued followers on n1m I have this SPECIAL HOLIDAYS OFFER for you!

Here is the deal:
Visit my crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo:

Choose a perk (with the smallest perk of just $5 you can already help ma a lot on the way to realize the album production!) and write behind your name the abbreviation of this website: n1m. And here is the good thing: as a member of my n1m-list you will always be receiving the next higher perk. For example you choose the Digital Download for $5, then add n1m after your name and you will automatically be rewarded with the Deluxe Digital Download which is the Digital Download + PDF with lyrics, fotos and handwritten notes.
I put lots of real nice donations together for you and you can already preorder my CD or the album as Vinyl :-)
If you're looking for a nice Christmas gift or a nice gift for yourself I'm sure you'll find something you like. And the same time you're supporting one of your favored artists and together we create a Win-Win Situation. That's great!
So check out my campaign here:
Choose your perk and don't forget to add the n1m after your name.

I'm counting on you.
Happy Holidays,
Beau Silver

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Hello lovely people,

I hope you're all healthy and doing fine.
This year has been difficult for many of us. Artists lost the base of their income completely and all my gigs had been canceled, all engagements rescinded and for sure there wont be no concerts here till next spring.
Nevertheless I asked myself: how do I want to deal with this?
And so while smiling in the face of disaster I sat down and wrote the songs for my next album. Songs that talk about never to give in and not allowing the circumstances to determine who you are.. And it talks about stepping out for the thing that your soul really wants to accomplish in this world.
And now I need your HELP!
The upcoming weekend I'm starting a crowdfunding campaign to finance and realize the production of this album. Please support this campaign by sharing and donating - if you can. We are many and just a little donation done by each of us can realize this production. So please do some noise about my campaign. I will share the crowdfunding link on this side under "events".
Follow me on facebook and instagram for updates, clips from the studio and more.
I went to the studio and produced the first song of the album. You find it attached to this mail. I hope you like it.
We can achieve fulfillment and happiness and bring some joy to the world despite the circumstances! Thank you!
With love Beau Silver ????????❤️???????? #allisone #unityindiversity #nevergiveup

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Hey there, this is Beau :-)

I hope my mail finds you all healthy and well in these
crazy times.
I just want to let you know, that I uploaded a new song.
It's an acoustic version of the song "Wandering Stars".
I personally think it's one of my best songs so far and
I wonder if I should invest in this song and redo it in a full
studio version. What do you think? Is it a great tune?
Or are there other songs you like more? Send me a
quick feedback as a pm here on n1m or also on my fb or
ig account. Looking forward to the feedbacks of y'all.

I also found some old acoustic tunes again, which I recorded
some years ago. I will give you a special insight into my old stuff :-)

I'm also planing to do some live streaming on ig and fb as soon
as I'm in the know of all that technique stuff. So, stay tuned and
check me out on fb and ig as I'm going to announce the live stream
there in time.

That's it for today, enjoy life anyway, and stay healthy!

Love, Beau Silver

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Hello dear friend!

I was awake last night, sleep wouldn't come.
I didn't turn the TV on, I was just sitting in my room, listening to the noises of the night and thinking about life.
And while I was awake, thinking about life and what it is all about, I realized that all we really have is our self. No spouse, no friend, no money, no job, car, house or what ever you name will ever be that close to me as I do when I do my last breath.
So what the hell am I doing here? So I thought.
And then I heard the first early bird calling.
But there wasn't any light yet.
And I kept thinking. I thought: If there is just me and that's all I really have, then: isn't this "me" exactly what it is all about? And then I asked myself: How much of the "me" do I involve in my daily actions? When I talk: do I talk from the inner position of the "me"? And all the things I do over the day: how much is the "me" integrated in the things I'm doing?
And I promised myself to pay attention to the "me" and that this should be the point where all my actions and words should come from. "I won't go without you."
And then the light came and the new day was born.

And here comes the song:

Check it out on facebook, give it a LIKE and win one of three hand signed CDs!

Have a great day!

PS.: In case you missed #1 or #2, don't worry, you find them all on my fb page:

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