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I am totally empressed!


Love the soft intro, strong, yet intimate quality in your voice. As I listen I can imagine your are singing directly to me-a beautiful love song. I can also imagine you are meditating and conversing with our Heavenly Father. This song could certainly be sang as either genre-Christian or secular. I didn't expect the ending, with your high notes cringing it to an end. Beautiful song, remarkable voice. I look forward to hearing more in the future.

United States, California, Vacaville

Song: I Want You


Travis, Sounds good Man !!! I love the tune....your voice is so smooth... and you didn't miss a note !! Great job my friend, and keep up the good work ! I look forward to hearing more from you on here. God Bless !!! Jody

United States, Alabama, Daphne



Gives me a motion picture feel! I LOVE IT!! great baritone voice!! The strings pull me in and the words are those of David. Just lovely and the true outpour of theheart. He IS life's meaning! Yes

United States, California, Fontana

Thoughts on "I Want You"...


To begin with the simple title: "I Want You" is powerful and carries a clear and succinct message before the music even starts. Great! The slow and moving strings/orchestration give the intro a very grand and majestic entrance. It reminds me of a musical or opera in some ways... The vocals are incredible and are sung with passion and tender emotion that rises and descends with great effect. The vocal/music mix is excellent, hats off to the engineer/producer! This is a song of pure devotion and intimacy which works well the accompanying music behind the voice. The words "For you are life to meaning" is a nice way to take the song up and is also thought provoking. The ending is grand, and shows the vocal prowess you possess. Bravo!! I love this song, and your voice is amazing. This is a well crafted song, and there is nothing for me to criticize. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful song with us. In Jesus Name/Michael D'Aigle

United States, Michigan, Flushing

gorgeous baritone anthem


Stunning baritone voice. The message of pleading you deliver with absolute conviction. The relatively simple yet driving chord progression is a perfectly suitable match for the melody. This is wonderful as an anthem. If on the other hand the intention is for the congregation to join in, there will be some struggle, as the melody spans almost two octaves, and would take singers as capable as yourself, and there aren't many of those around. Beautiful piece of work.

Canada, British Columbia, Delta

I want you


Oh my gosh. You have a tremendous voice. Truly if we could humble ourselves and just allow the Lord to pour himself out. I want you Lord. Thank You for blessing me with this song truly poweeful

United Kingdom, Luton

I was not expecting that.

You sound was really rich. Sounded like a movie score. You bottom register is great and you have a great range. I only fill like you could submit thus song to a movie company. Would like to hear a little more. You need more. By way if verses, however, it doesn't take away from the tone or quality of the music. You could go in to music for film or Broadway. You surprised me.

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

I want all

What a voice and what an awesome song. Inspiring presentation to inspire the masses. The words reach out and touch the heart and can change a life forever if they take the words to heart. I love music that will inspire us to change completely. Keep up the great work of spreading the gospel to the world. That is our job in these last days. Thank you again for your song. DE

United States, Montana, Missoula

Ethereal Music and Beautiful Message

I was mesmerized by the music. The strings arrangement and placement of percussion is special. I also attached to the lyrics. I’d like to hear a more contemporary, perhaps even jazzy vocal style with this arrangement. The vocals are beautiful, but just sound more classical than contemporary. Thanks for sharing!

United States, Maryland, Ellicott City

I Want You

Hi Travis. From looking at your pic, and then hearing the first of your song, my mind had to take a double take. lol What an awesome voice; huge range and nice gentle vibrato. You have me envious. :) The musical intro immediately made me think that I was listening to a trailer to an epic movie that was coming up. I don't why, but I thought I was going to be treated to a country love song. Oh well. When I heard your voice, I thought that you would be great competition to Randy Travis or Josh Turner. I think it would be a natural fit to country genre. ;) Give it a try. All said, this is a very good song that would fit, according to stereotypes, into a broadway play type of an atmosphere. Keep on singing my friend. :) Blessings, Trev

Canada, Alberta, Edmonton

Little bit of the Seventies

Listening to Travis Nay brought back memories of listening to Neil Diamond. The musical style has that 70's flavour to it and Travis handles the vocals very well with a solid message that we could all take to heart.

Canada, British Columbia, Vernon

Nice and Mello

You have a Nice and Mello sounds of the days from the past, to relax and be free and totally into the feelings of love. A song that was created to last but never pass! Blessings be unto you! Always

United States, Alabama, Montgomery Al.

review on this song

Hello Teavis . i love this song beautiful work. Beautiful voice. to me this song could only be better if it were remixed and mastered. it would sound much better if it wasn't overly compressed. To me, think of a live performance where theres dynamics going on between the musicians and the vocalist. i'm not sure if it lost the dynamics during the mix or the mastering stage. Its so beautiful I would spend the money and have it remixed and mastered. I would also sit in on the sessions to achieve a feel of a live performance. Great work its beautiful.

United States, Texas, Beaumont


Very unique. Has touches of classical and opera in style. Love the orchestra style backing music as well as the strong vocal. Very original sound and song. Great voice. Feel I heard something special. Tugs at the emotions. Strong from beginning to end.

United States, Alabama, Birmingham

I want you

You have a good voice and I enjoyed listening to your song, music wise, sounds good and I would recommend your music anytime, keep on singing and lifting up your voice to praise God and you will be blessed as you bless others.

United States, Pennsylvania, Red Lion

Travis Nay - I Want You


This is a lovely offering from you heart to Father. It clearly has a musical-theatrical element to it, which I would assume you are aiming for. Lovely voice (just watch those bass notes don't crack up at times). Be sure to stay within your [current] limits. Overall, a nice, heartfelt piece of composition and song with real potential as a musical number of epic proportions. If you were to be able to work with someone who is able to contribute to the piece's fuller potential, who is able to point out those areas that could do with a tweak in dynamics and change of scenery for example, this would be beneficial, as I did feel there were times I was expecting the song to go to another level, with greater heights of orchestral sounds, melody and tangents, but this didn't happen. All the best with reaching your goal! Andrew-Lloyd Webber, here we come... ;)

United Kingdom, Cheshire

I want you review


I enjoyed this song and listen to it quite a few times, Firstly Nice Singing and Words of the one who is the only one who can satisfy, on this track.. I liked the musical intro i wondered how long before the vocals came in. Nailing the first note is so important especially if it's low end, really impressed with the way you held the high note at the end all very well put together very film track worthy.

United Kingdom, Southampton



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United States, Michigan, Detroit

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