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LOVING YOU - The Novel by Van Dirk Fisher. Is a romance novel about a love triangle between Michael Cavaughan, a record mogul, Mariah Cossi, an advertising executive and Justin Holmes, a model.

LOVING YOU - Everybody wants a soul mate. The hard part is choosing between your heart and soul.

Buy the songs on the soundtrack at (expired link) or at (expired link) ... read more

About Toe Jam Beats

LOVING YOU - The Novel by Van Dirk Fisher. Is a romance novel about a love triangle between Michael Cavaughan, a record mogul, Mariah Cossi, an advertising executive and Justin Holmes, a model.

LOVING YOU - Everybody wants a soul mate. The hard part is choosing between your heart and soul.

Buy the songs on the soundtrack at (expired link) or at (expired link)

Buy the novel at (expired link)

IF I FOLLOW MY DREAMS (NO MORE GAMES) is sung by Joseff Goodwin and Bianca Gonzalez. Lyrics, Music & Vocal Arrangements by Van Dirk Fisher.

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Watch "Music for America" featuring 7 artists from the JOCUNDA MUSIC, FILM & THEATRE FESTIVAL

Watch "Music for America" featuring 7 artists from the JOCUNDA MUSIC, FILM & THEATRE FESTIVAL
(expired link)

Learn more about the JOCUNDA MUSIC, FILM & THEATRE FESTIVAL go to (expired link)

The JOCUNDA FESTIVAL will be presented at ARTEL Hotel in Brooklyn, NY from August through October 2020. To get a chance to perform at JOCUNDA email your bio, jpeg photo of yourself, a link to your social media page and a link to your music to JocundaFilmFestival@(expired link)

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See the Strawberry One-Act Theatre Festival On Demand

The 2015 Winter festival features 25 One-Act plays by talented playwrights from all over the world, who write unabashedly about incredibly deep topics we might not bring up over dinner. This year’s festival dares to ask questions such as “What is normal?”, “How much revenge is too far?”, and “What are the boundaries of human love?” Series A, which opens the Festival features plays with varying topics including death, getting old, adultery, and missed opportunities. You can see all the Series A through G On Demand on Vimeo by going to (expired link). Each Series features 3 to 4 One-Act Plays. The New York Daily News said, "The Strawberry One-Act Theatre Festival is like the American Idol for Playwrights."

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Thanks for following us! Check out 25 One-Act Plays On Demand in the Strawberry One-Act Festival

Thank you all for following us and listening to our music. The Riant Theatre had a very exciting Strawberry One-Act Festival in February, which featured 25 new one-act plays from around the world. You can now see them On Demand. Each Series A through G, features 3 to 4 short one-act plays. The New York Daily News said: "It's like the American Idol for Playwrights!"

This year’s festival dares to ask questions such as “What is normal?”, “How much revenge is too far?”, and “What are the boundaries of human love?” Series A, which opens the Festival on February 11th and 12th at 7 (expired link). features plays with varying topics including death, getting old, adultery, and missed opportunities.

In Series A: Swindled by Nikki Pope. This play asks the age old question: If you found out your partner was cheating what would you do? Would you tell your spouse you know? Would you try to come up with some kind of revenge? What if it was your best friend? It is very possible that you may handle this situation a bit differently than these character’s do in Pope’s emotional drama.

In Series B: THE WORLD’S BEST THERAPIST By Jack Spagnola. What happens if you and your spouse get set-up on a blind date? A new comedy that explores secrets getting pushed to their limits.

Series C: TO HOPE AGAIN By Joseph Lizardi A young run-away girl meets an older man in a park – a meeting that changes their lives forever.

Series D: FIXATION By Anthony Fusco. How well do you know your roommate? A psychological thriller.

Series E: PETRA by John Yarbrough A dark comedy about an elderly couple who debate whether they once went to Petra, until their mild disagreement takes an unexpected turn.

A play about an ailment so embarrassing, you wouldn’t tell your Mom about it. Say Aahhh.

Series G: CAPRICE By Paul Emilien Riviere. Directed by (expired link). Raychel
A capricious female arouses on-line male seekers. They meet and she subjects them to a hodge-podge of test matches.

Below are the links to view each Series A through Series G. Each series features 3 to 4 plays.

The Strawberry One-Act Festival – ON DEMAND

Series A: (expired link)

Series B: (expired link)

Series C: (expired link)

Series D: (expired link)

Series E: (expired link)

Series F: (expired link)

Series G: (expired link)

Thanks again for listening to our music. I hope you get to enjoy the plays in the Strawberry One-Act Festival. They did a great job. Please share our page with your friends on social media. I enjoy reading ALL of your comments. You've been very inspirational. Thanks for the LOVE and SUPPORT. Have a blessed day!


Van Dirk Fisher

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Things get heated in Chapter 4 of LOVING YOU, The Novel./See Strawberry One-Act Festival - ON DEMAND

Hi, I hope all is well with you. I'm very excited about the new things happening right now and I want to share a few things with with you. First of all I've added Chapter 4 for you to read along with the song TRIALS by SnuggS, which I've added to our playlist for your listening pleasure. And I'm happy to announce that you can now See The Strawberry One-Act Festival – ON DEMAND on (expired link)
What is the Strawberry One-Act Festival? Think American Idol for Playwrights!

The play festival is a competition where plays compete for the title of Best Play of the Season. The New York Daily News calls it the American Idol for Playwrights. The Strawberry One-Act Festival, where you the audience gets to see the plays and cast your VOTES to determine which plays advances to the next round. The Festival will be release ON DEMAND beginning February 12th. There are performances every day through February 22, 2015, when we’ll have the Awards Ceremony & Performance, in which the 4 Best Plays will perform and Awards will be given out for Best Play, Best Director, Best Actor & Actress in a play. But you can preorder the festival now at (expired link) and check out the trailer. Also like us on facebook at (expired link) #StrawberryOneActFestival

LOVING YOU, Chapter 4: TRIALS by Van Dirk Fisher

The clock struck 12 in Michael Cavaughan’s office at B-Boy Records and still there was no sign of Tyrell. This wasn’t a good sign, but Michael was doing his best not to let it show. Tyrell was the latest hip-hop artist added to the roster of impressive clients and Michael was very pleased with his performance. His debut CD Tyrell – Taking It To The Streets had sold over 600,000 units, and it was still climbing the charts. Bobby was supposed to pick Tyrell up and have him in front of Michael at 11:30 (expired link). Traffic can be a bitch in Manhattan, but this was ridiculous. If it wasn’t for the fact that Michael had been busy with another client until now, it wouldn’t have been so bad. But now he was free and Michael wanted to get Tyrell to renew his contract so he could move on and plan their next CD. He glanced at the two bottles of champagne that were sitting on ice, waiting to be opened. Michael was happy. He had done well. He had made a wise investment in Tyrell and it had paid off handsomely. It was now 12:15 (expired link). As soon as Michael pressed the intercom to speak to his secretary his door burst open and in walked Bobby sweating profusely.

“What is it Bobby? Where is Tyrell?” said Michael. “Don’t tell me he forgot about our meeting today?” Bobby wiped his forehead with his handkerchief and said, “I wish I could tell you that, but I don’t think he forgot.” “Then where is he? Look, I don’t have time to waste. I have another meeting at 2pm,” Michael said trying not to show his impatience. “Well I went to his place like you told me to. I spoke to the doorman and he said Tyrell was on his way down and he would be right out. I said, “Cool.” And then I waited in my car. When Tyrell came out of the building, I thought he was coming over to my car, but he didn’t. Instead, he got into this black SUV,” said Bobby. “And? And? Where the fuck did he go?” Michael said perplexed as his pressure was starting to rise. “Spit it out Bobby! WHERE IS HE?!” “I followed the car and it pulled up in front of Killer Inc. Records. I was going to follow him upstairs, but I thought it would be better if I came back here and told you first to see how you wanted to handle this,” Bobby said quickly, looking to see if Michael was going to explode, but there was nothing but silence. Bobby figured Michael was in shock so he helped himself to a glass of ice water. “Oh, shit,” Michael tried to pull off a nonchalant laugh, but he couldn’t even fool himself. “That punk ass nigga. So he thinks he can step out on me like this? That nigga better think again. I MADE him and I OWN HIM!” Michael said as he poured himself a glass of Courvoisier. “So what do you want me to do man?” Bobby said anxiously. “Get Bonz, get the car and meet me out front,” Michael said firmly and with that command Bobby finished his water and quickly left. Shit was on, Michael thought to himself. Why did people always want to fuck with him? Why? It seemed the more successful he became the more people wanted to challenge his authority. They wanted to see how much they could get away with and if he would really put up a fight. But some people just didn’t understand. They couldn’t see past the fine suits and ties that Michael sported. They forgot that he knew the hood. He may have the look of a prince, but he had the heart of a thug.

When Michael and his boys walked into Killer Inc. Records security waved them through and they quickly entered the elevator and took it to the penthouse. Bobby and Bonz didn’t know what was about to go down, but they were prepared for anything. The fact that Michael had asked Bonz to come along could only mean one thing and that is -- some shit was about to go down. The elevator door opened and Michael got off first. Stogie was CEO of Killer Inc. Records. Many people in the industry thought that B-Boy Records and Killer Inc. Records were staunch enemies, but that wasn’t true. As far as Michael was concerned Stogie was small stuff and no competition. Stogie was a glasses wearing scavenger who quickly signed any artist who lost a record deal with a major label. That’s how he got his talent. He didn’t cultivate them the way Michael did. “There must be some mistake.” That’s what Michael kept telling himself. But he was about to find out.
Veronica, Stogie’s secretary looked surprised to see Michael and his boys exit the elevator and spoke up at once, “Excuse me, can I help you? Is Mr. Stogie expecting you?” Michael didn’t pay her any mind and said, “Don’t bother to announce us. I want to surprise him.” And with that Michael and his boys burst into Stogie’s office. Stogie was on the phone looking out of the window and laughing up a storm. He was a stout Black man about 5’10 in height and immaculately dressed in a blue gray suit. His suit jacket was on a coat rack in the corner of the room. When he turned around and laid eyes on Michael and his boys his laughter died and the smile quickly left his face as if he had been caught with his pants down and his dick in his hand. “I’ll have to call you back. I have a meeting I have to tend too,” Stogie said as calmly as he could to whomever he was talking to on the phone.

“Oh, please, don’t let me interrupt you. I can wait,” said Michael patronizingly. “No, I can talk now. Have a seat,” Stogie said as he put his phone down and cleaned his glasses and then put them back on. Michael stood there and didn’t move an inch. Bobby moved to the left of Michael, but stayed slightly behind him. Meanwhile, Bonz carefully closed the door and locked it and then moved to Michael’s right side, but within arm’s distance. “Never let them see you sweat,” is what Stogie was thinking, but that was hard to do. Shit like this always made him sweat. Some guys just didn’t know how to let go and Michael was that kind of guy, Stogie thought to himself. Just then his intercom rang and it was his secretary Veronica calling. Stogie pressed the button so he could hear her, “Is everything alright Mr. Stogie? Michael Cavaughan didn’t give me a chance to announce him. Will you be needing anything?” “No Veronica, everything is fine. Thank you,” Stogie said as he tried to sound like it was business as usual, but he knew better. Suddenly it was hotter than a witches brew and somehow Stogie managed to loosen his tie. “Well, Michael I figured we would talk, but I just didn’t expect for us to have this conversation so soon. Would anyone like a drink?” Stogie said as he got up to make himself a screwdriver. Michael noticed the drink and thought Stogie was trying to fuck with him, because he felt that it was him that Stogie was trying to screw. Stogie stirred his drink and took a sip and then let out a satisfying sigh and smiled as he sat down, hoping that the drink would settle his stomach. “Well gentlemen, what can I do for you?” he finally said.

“Look nigga, don’t play dumb with me! You know why I’m here. You’ve got something that belongs to me,” Michael said as he leaned on Stogie’s desk practically breathing in his face. Bonz thought that they were awfully close. Too close. So close that you would have thought Michael was going to kiss him, if you didn’t know any better. Stogie could feel the hairs in his nose part as the sweet smell of Michael’s cologne invaded his nostrils. “Come on Michael, you know me better than that man. Why would I try to fuck with you man? This is nothing personal. This is bizzness.” The funk coming out of Stogie’s mouth was more offensive than the words he spoke and Michael stood up to catch his breath and to clear his head, but Stogie kept talking and every word he spoke continued to cloud Michael’s mind. “Tyrell came to me. He said, he was looking to move in a different direction and I asked him if he was sure and he said, “Yes.” I didn’t force him to jump ship. You did! He said, he wanted more personal freedom to express himself and that’s what I gave him,” Stogie said defiantly. Slowly Michael leaned into Stogie to make his point -- again. “I don’t give a FUCK what he told you and what you offered him. He’s mine! Do you hear me? HE’S MINE!!!” Michael said as he stood up trying to compose himself. “Look Michael I didn’t want you to find out like this. I wanted to call you, but Tyrell said he would handle it and I trusted he would, but it’s too late man. It’s a done deal. In fact he’s going to be on Wendy Williams’ show in about a few minutes -- making the announcement,” Stogie said as he turned the radio on.

Michael couldn’t believe his ears, but the sound of Wendy Williams voice was undeniably coarse with glee as she prattled on. She was the kind of woman whom you didn’t want to get on her bad side, cause she could stir up some shit, and even if it wasn’t true most people believed everything she said as if she had an inside track to the gospel truth. “Well ladies and gentlemen, as I promised you, I have an artist here with me today who’s going to make a major announcement, and if I do say so myself he’s cuter in person. I could eat him up right now if I wasn’t already married. Say hello Tyrell,” Wendy said with a honey tongue so thick that even bees wouldn’t trust it. “How y’all doing? Thanks for having me Wendy,” said Tyrell like the chicken to the fox. “Anytime baby, anytime. You know you are welcome to come by here and chat with me anytime you want. Now what is this big announcement you wanted to make?” said Wendy as if she didn’t already know. You could tell she was just busting at the seams to tell it herself. “Well I just wanted to thank all my fans for buying my first CD and I wanted to let them know that I’ve got a new CD that’s a little more personal that I hope they’ll love just as much.” “Well, I’m sure they will Tyrell. I’ve already heard it and it’s earthy and deeper than anything else I’ve heard you do,” said Wendy coaxing him and trying to get him to spill the big news. “Thank you. I’m glad you’ve noticed. I was able to record a CD like this because I’m under new management now. I’m with Killer Inc. Records,” Tyrell said almost confidently as Wendy hit the applause button, but Michael couldn’t believe his ears. “I’m releasing a single from my new CD and I would like you to play it first, right here for your listeners,” said Tyrell finally loosening up with a smooth and silky voice that could make any girl wanna be a do right woman by him. “Well let’s not keep them waiting any longer. What’s the name of this single?” Wendy said. “It’s called TRIALS,” said Tyrell.

As the song blared out of the speakers in Stogie’s office, Stogie had a look of contentment on his face. As he smiled he forgot that Michael was standing in his office listening to the interview. That’s why he didn’t see what was coming. WHACK! Oh shit, Stogie thought to himself, as he winced in pain, as his face whipped around with such force that his glasses flew across the room and landed appropriately on his bookcase as if they had never read a book before. A tear cowardly and uncontrollably fell from Stogie’s eye as Michael raised his hand back and said, “You got some big balls nigga. From the look on your face I know you ain’t seen one of these before, so say ‘Hello’ to my Magnum.” Stogie opened his mouth in surprise, but Michael pistol-whipped him before he could say a word. This time some blood trickled down Stogie’s nose. “Oh, shit. You better not get any blood on me. You hear me?! Shit!” “Michael man, Tyrell said he didn’t want to renew his contract with you. That’s the only reason I agreed to sign him. It’s all legal man. It’s all legal!” Stogie raised his voice, trying not to sound like a whimp. “Legal? Legal?! Did you even bother to read the contract he signed with me?” Michael said as Stogie just looked dumbfounded. “I didn’t think so. I had a first option to renew. I didn’t break his contract. He owes me 3 albums. Now, I could sue your ass for doing what you did, but since I like you, I’m going to let you release your album, but every cent of the proceeds is mine. Mine!!!!! Do you hear me?” “Yeah,” Stogie said with a whimper. “DO YOU HEAR ME?” Michael said as Stogie finally found the strength to pick his ass up off the floor. “YES, I HEAR YOU!” Stogie said loud and clear. “That’s better. If you had any sense and if you were a REAL man you would have contacted me when Tyrell came to you and I would have told you what the situation was and we wouldn’t be in this shit we’re in right now,” said Michael as he gave Stogie a tissue to wipe the blood from his nose. “We CEOs have got to stick together, you know what I mean? Otherwise people will start talking. And I know you ain’t gonna tell anyone about our little meeting, cause how would that sound? ‘CEO of Killer Inc. Records gets beat down by his competition. News at eleven!’ Michael said with a smirk on his face, while Bonz and Bobby could hardly contain themselves and bust out laughing. “That shit ain’t right boss! That shit ain’t right. It’s the truth though, word,” said Bonz. “Sure nuff. Funny as hell though,” said Bobby. Then all four of them looked at each other and then Bonz said, “So what you want us to do with him now?” “Teach this mother fucker a lesson so this shit don’t happen again. But don’t leave any marks,” said Michael and with that Bobby and Bonz held Stogie up by his arms and proceeded to pummel him in the stomach. “Enough! Let’s go,” said Michael as he unlocked the door. As the song TRIALS ended on the radio Wendy Williams hit the applause button again and said, “Well Tyrell, I think you’ve got a hit on your hands mister. I love it!” “Thank you Wendy and there’s a lot more where that came from so look for my CD Tyrell – A Hard Knocks Life. It drops next Tuesday,” said Tyrell. “Thank you Tyrell, I’m sure they’ll wanna buy it. Thank you for spending some time with us and I hope you come back again, cause I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from you come the Grammy nominations.” More applause. “I hope so,” Tyrell said with a modest laugh. “You’ve got it. That’s wassup.”

Stogie heard the door to his office close as his anger grew. He was nobody’s punk. And Michael Cavaughan was going to have to pay for what he had done to him and Stogie was going to see to it that he did. If payback was a bitch, then Stogie was going to be worse than a bitch’s bitch!

To hear TRIALS sung by SnuggS check out the latest song added to our playlist.

Thanks for taking the time to listen to our music and read the chapters from LOVING YOU.
Have a blessed week.

Take Care,


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Happy New Year! Here's Chapter 3 to LOVING YOU, A Novel by Van Dirk Fisher

HAPPY NEW YEAR Toe Jam Beats Fans! Here's Chapter 3 to LOVING YOU, A Novel by Van Dirk Fisher.

I'm wishing you happiness and continued blessings in the New Year!


LOVING YOU, a novel by Van Dirk Fisher Chapter 3

Chapter Three: Knock, Knock

As Justin laid in his bed his shit was like BRICK. He always woke up with a boner and this morning wasn’t any different. But Justin didn’t want to get up yet, no not yet. Laying there nude, the sheets felt good against his skin rising and falling with every breath he took. Suddenly he felt a warm wet tongue licking at his balls, ever so gently, lovingly, and attentively, “Ah, dats wassup.” He moved his legs apart to give better access. Dayum, if he was gonna get done he wanted to make sure every inch was licked. “Oh, yeah,” he said as he stretched his arms out to grab the bedposts as if he was strapped to it. Mmmmmmmmm the velvet tongue was skillful that paid close attention to his balls making them swell with milk so sweet you could taste it. “Ahhh,” as he moaned with pleasure his lips parted and a sigh of ecstasy escaped letting his dawgs below know that he was pleased. He was dripping pre cum and a trail began to race down the side of his shaft. But none was wasted as the tongue swiftly lapped it up with a quicker pace to insure that none was missed. Justin thought he was dreaming as he quickly remembered seeing Mariah last night at the club. But wait a second, how could she? He wanted her so badly. Did he chase her down last night and persuade her to come home with him? He didn’t remember doing such a thing. Besides, she left with Michael and by the time he got outside the club she was long gone. “Oh, shit,” his toes began to curl as the licking became fierce as it swept the head of his dick and teased it ever so gently. “Oh FUCK, I’m gonna nutt!” Justin couldn’t hold back any longer so he grabbed his shit and finished it off. As his hand replaced the tongue, a nail scratched him and he winced in pain, but it didn’t matter cause that shit felt good. So good that he let out a sound loud enough to wake up his neighbors as his body shivered uncontrollably with glee. It sounded kinda stupid, but he didn’t care. He tried to brush the hand away with his other hand and when he did he heard an all too familiar sound from Tina, his cat. He bolted up in bed and sure enough it was her. He should have known it was his cat Tina. She was naughty, but nice as she sat on the side of the bed licking her paw with content. He laughed to himself. “Thanks baby girl. I got the hint. Daddy didn’t feed you, huh?”

Dayum, what time is it? Justin thought to himself as he glanced over his shoulder to see the clock. “Oh, no. I forgot to set my alarm.” He looked at Tina. She was one hell of a cat. Smarter than any dog he ever had and faithful. He picked her up and kissed her. “Thanks baby girl. You knew my ass was supposed to be up by now, right? Right? Well, thanks.” He gave her another kiss as he walked into his master bathroom to take a shower. Yeah, today is an important day alright. Justin had a callback for the cover of Men’s Health Magazine and he didn’t want to be late.

By the time Justin got out of the shower and dressed, his doorbell rang. It was Keith and Troy, two of his running buddies. They were models too with chiseled bodies that were toned and firm. They weren’t competitive like most brothers. They always had each other’s back and they kept each other in the loop to make sure they got in on all the go sees. Nine out ten times one of them would book a job. Sometimes they all booked the same job. When that happened it was sweet! Hell, as long as it was one of them, they were content. The intercom rang again and again. Finally Justin decided to answer it. “I’m coming yo, chill!”

“If you got some girl up in your spot tell her you’ll see her later. We got business to take care of partner,” Keith’s voice boomed through the intercom. “It ain’t like that man. I’m coming now,” Justin said. “That’s probably what’s taking you so long man. You can do that shit later. Let’s beat it man!” said Troy. “Oh, oh, you got jokes! I’ll see who’s laughing when I book this job,” Justin said.

When Justin stepped outside his brownstone he could see they were happy to see him. These were his boys. One playa to another, he knew he could tell them anything and they would tell him the truth. They were like that with each other. They were tight and they knew how to keep it real.

Harlem was changing. New town houses were going up everywhere. Money was moving into the neighborhood. Blacks with money were staying. Whites with money were moving in. Shoot after Clinton set up his office on 125th Street several businesses, retail stores and people finally discovered that Harlem was an attractive place to live. Shit, Justin knew that and so did a lot of other people. Finally, money was being spent to bring Harlem back to the glorious luster of its heyday. Some people thought things were moving a little too fast and now they were putting up street signs saying SoHa and NoHa, meaning South Harlem and North Harlem. Justin had to laugh to himself. But some people weren’t laughing, because now Columbia University wanted to change the complexion of Harlem a little bit more and decided it needed an additional 17 acres surrounding its college for expansion. And merchants and people who have lived here for decades were being displaced.

Anyway, Justin didn’t have time for all that. He had enough on my mind. Mariah. He couldn’t believe that he saw her after all these years. He told Keith and Troy about last night, running into her at the club and kissing her. “That shit was intense. It was as if we had never been apart. I felt her in my arms and they ached from holding her. But it was a good ache, you know, like after a good workout. Like when your body is sore, but you know its good for you, cause you needed to work those muscles again. Well, that’s how I felt when I saw Mariah. I felt alive again, man! I could breath again. I wanted her and I wasn’t going to give up on having her again.” Keith said he knew something was up with me. He said he could sense it. Every now and then he said he felt like I wasn’t there with them. Like I was some place else. Some place better. Troy was a little more crude. He just said, “You’re pussy whipped. That’s it man. Admit it. Mariah’s that girl you told me about who you fell for and then you let her get away by telling her you were some other girl’s baby’s daddy.”

“Oh, shit!” said Keith. “That’s who you ran into last night?! Is that who’s got you all twisted?” “Yeah, that’s the one,” I said. “That’s her.” “Mmm and she’s engaged to Michael Cavaughan? The Michael Cavaughan?!” Keith kept saying it like he couldn’t believe my dumb luck. “Yeah that’s her,” I said. “Well let’s go book this job, man. Cause you gonna need some dollars if you wanna compete with a man like that,” Keith broke it down to me like he was speaking the gospel truth. I didn’t want to admit it, but I knew he was right.

We took the subway down to Grand Central Station and walked over to Madison Avenue. Finally, we arrived at BBD&O, the advertising agency that was handling the Men’s Health Magazine account. When we stepped off the elevator the receptionist greeted us, “Sign in here, please. Then go through those doors to the left and then Stacy will give you your clothes.” As soon as we got through the doors Stacy grabbed us. She was a fairly attractive white girl, with black hair pulled back in a ponytail. “The clients are here and they aren’t too happy with the guys they’ve seen so far so I hope you guys can wow them!” “Don’t worry we will,” I said confident as usual for the three of us. “Don’t convince me. Convince them! Here are your clothes. You can get dressed in there. I’ll be back to get you in a few minutes,” Stacy said as she closed the door behind her.

Cool, cool, I thought to myself. We all got dressed quickly. I of course remembered to bring some baby oil to rub down all over my body. I know they gonna make us strip down to our briefs and when we do I wanna make sure it’s hot! This is going to be a 6 page spread and they’re going to be booking 5 guys for this edition and one guy will get the cover. I don’t know about my boys, but I was determined to make sure the cover was gonna be me!

I had just zipped up my pants when Stacy came to get us. She handed each of us a pair of black shades to wear. “Here guys, put these on. They’re going for the Matrix look. Hence the shades, the long black coats, the pants and shirts. You get the picture. When we open the door for you to enter the studio you will hear the music playing. The clients are in there sitting behind the table. I want you to give them attitude, sex and just be fucking bad ass, but cute. You know, like you are ready to kick ass, but they’re going to love it cause you’re the one doing the ass kicking.” Troy chimed in, “I feel you on that. I can do that.” “Good,” Stacy said. “You can strut your stuff, move to the music any way you want. The photographer will be taking pictures. Don’t worry about him. Just do your thing. We are not going to have you slate your name at this time. The client wants it to be mysterious. But don’t worry we will get your name afterwards.” Here it comes, I know she’s going to say it, I thought to myself, but she didn’t. Instead she said, “I know it sounds a little kinky, but just humor them. Make them want you damnit and the job is yours. Comprende? Understand?” “Got it!” we said in unison.

Finally the moment came and the door opened. J-Smash’s hit song KNOCK, KNOCK was blasting out of the speakers and the three of us entered the studio. The lights were so bright you couldn’t see any of the clients who were sitting behind the table, but we didn’t need to. We were on and the music was hot and seductive. We each strutted our stuff and kept moving to the beat as we pulsated and began to disrobe. Troy almost made me laugh when he started making noises like a tiger. Keith tried to top him by making a sound that sounded like something right out of THE LION KING. I said to myself, “Oh hell no, you guys are not going to stand me up. Hell to the fucking NO! That’s when I decided to seductively peel out of my pants. I don’t know where it came from, but I heard myself starting to hiss like a snake. I almost didn’t think that was going to work, but then I knew they were enjoying it because I heard one of the female clients ask some body to get her some water, cause she was about to lose her breath. Then I heard a man say, “Girlfriend you’re going to have to get it yourself, cause my ass is glued to this seat and I’m not moving unless there’s a second coming, but I do believe I done died and went to heaven cause I think I found God. Somebody get me my glasses I’m seeing triples!” “Your eyes are fine Jeffrey. You’re wearing them darling! And I think we’ve found three men for our magazine, but only one of you can be on the cover.” Slowly she walked over toward us and as she got closer I could see her clearly. She almost took my breath away, but before I could say anything she singled me out. “I want you,” she said. I pointed to myself almost in disbelief with a sly smile. “Yes you,” she said as she turned back to the other clients. “Gentlemen, I’m sure you can agree with me, this is the model for our cover for the next edition of MEN’S HEALTH MAGAZINE!” Then she turned back around to me and said, “You’ll be perfect. With you on the cover the magazine will fly off the shelves. Take off your shades. Let me see our lucky stud.” Happy that all three of us would be working on this job, and that I would get the cover I obliged and took off my shades and said, “As you wish.” She couldn’t have been more surprised than me when she said, “Justin!” “I’m glad you like what you see Mariah,” I said devilishly as Troy and Keith’s eyes nearly bugged out as they did a double take. I saw them out of the corner of my eyes and I knew what they were thinking, “Dayam, she’s hot!” I knew it, she knew it and so did everyone else who laid eyes on her. “Should I put my clothes back on?” I said to her as I smiled that smile that usually makes the girls get weak in the knees. “Yes, of course, . . . please do! All of you. You may get dressed . . . now,” she was tongue tied for once and I was content, because now my search was through.”

You can order your signed copy of LOVING YOU at (expired link)

Or you can get the book at (expired link)

You can listen to the song KNOCK, KNOCK that is a song included in the Soundtrack for the movie. It's also uploaded on our site here.

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