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It’s ok

I like the creativity I love music the raps was good I Feel the beat could of stood out a little more I like the Flows being different shows the Creativity that create even more creativity to me there’s no good or bad music it’s just how good u can get your point across bringing that Great Energy to the table that what it’s about being the best at what you do by giving the best of you

Hard beats

Beat starts off real crazy and underground vibe and the pattern in the flow is cool...The beat bangs and i like the drums. The female has a real smooth flow and cadence thats real sly in the mix btwn the male verses...i like that the track is actually long enough for eberybody to get down. This is coming definitively from tge street style and sound like its from the West Coast somewhere




Ayeeeeeeee yoooooooo that's what's up for real that song right there is something different fasho and I love it the flow is amazing because its so unique in its own way that's what's up good song



Keep it going

Yo My brother keep doing what you are doing and don't let no one say the music is not good because if you keep making good music ... you only gonna get better and then people will start noticing what you are doing even more. so keep doing what you are doing my G!!


Straight fire I like this it got kind of a real old school west coast vibe and it's different especially with that beat but keep striving with the music and if you ever down to collab fwm ????
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