The Wild Bunnies / The virgin tapes / Time On The Hill

Awesome ????

hey thank you so much for allowing me to reputed song thank you for sending it to me thank you for sharing it with me I really like the music very creative well put together. Keep on sharing your gifts with the world keep on being a blessing to other people like you are to me keep on staying outside of the box that stay in creative. Hope you had a wonderful week does far hope you have a blessed weekend continue to make grey music continue to stay uplifted and never be afraid to go to the next level. Once again thank you for sharing your music with me I really appreciate it. Mean wonderful day may God truly bless you and all that you go to gym create. .

Nice Vibe!

It had a nice melody and i was expecting vocals to come in but without them it sounded pretty good. maybe u could add another melody to the end to give it a nice switch of style. I like it tho.


SI ACCORDANO CHITARRE cosi' per divertirsi e intanto il tempo passa meno male che la canzone e' finita velocemente ma le chirtarre sono rimaste scordate potenza della musica tutti possono suonare

Mystifying Song

Very cool song! I love it actually. I love how sparse it is. My thought, as a singer songwriter is that I would like to take that ball and run with it. I could write lyrics about being alone, lonely, staggering sadness, terrible rage. This song could go any direction. If you make the song longer, about 3.20 or 3.30, with a clearly differentiated verse, chorus and bridge, I will do just that~

Awesomeness revealed!

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Bunnies With wild Improvisation

The song, specially the beginning of the recording, reminds me on Albatros by Fleetwood Mac. Obviously an improvisation, without concept, simply started to play and record. And now? A sudden unexpected end and that was it. Is this art? No, every schoolband can do such recording. Is it interesting? No, it is more noise that music. Will I click again? No, I feel no need. Is it satire? Yes, possibly. Possibly the purpose of this recording is to make a laugh out of critics and the Wild Bunnies are laughing out loud when reading comments. Brits call that piss take.


Well, the title threw me off. Time in a mental hospital considered being on a hill through music. The music is not bad, but definitely not good for the concept. Maybe a punchline lyric. Not to take the seriousness away from your song, but if you had get placement somewhere, I don't think the majors will bite. This may be more of a movie scene type piece. Good luck with compositions. Put a little more thought into it and add more of what you're trying to get your audience to feel.

Time on the hill

This the second time that I have reviewed the Wild Bunnies. This one is more in the indie folk style rather than blues. I really like the simple instrumentation. I wish that the song would have been longer & had lyrics. That would have been killer. None the less, I look forward to hearing more from the Bunnies!


It sound like a novice pianist in search of a tune but not having much success. Who knows what another hour or two might bring if persistent and wholly optimistic? Apart from that, I wish them well. This is probably not a pebble on the highway to success and riches but maybe next time. I think Litttle Rosalina on Youtube might influence creativity towards tunefulness but who knows? All the best.

The Wild Bunnies Time On The Hill

The Wild Bunnies tune, Time On The Hill, is an multi guitar instrumental without any percussion instruments. I think get the message that the Wild Bunnies were trying to convey. It was difficult to follow and the guitars were not synced together. Recording with competently synchronized instruments would be beneficial for anyone; From the artist to the engineer, the producer and director, and, most importantly, the listeners. A lot of audio tweaking would be a plus. The track sounds like a beginner guitar student attempting to employ picking techniques that are completely out of reach. Maybe a lot of guitar lessons would would improve playability. There was no structure whatsoever that I could find, and I would not recommend this wild guitar track to anybody. Sorry, Wild Bunnies, but this tune did not make me want to get up and hop. It's back to the bunny hole for some serious improvement, so hop to it!

This needs a better effort

It's a start in the creative direction. Here are some tips given with respect. 1) get a time keeping system. a metronome , or a drum machine with a basic patten to follow. this will make your song move in a forward direction 2) tune each instrument with a tuning device. one of the guitars is not in tune and that takes away from any artistic statement you are trying to make. if the listener can not follow the timing of the song and there is no rhythm pattern the instrumentation is introduced at random and hard to process. Designate which instrument is the background and which is the melody and set the levels appropriately. Good luck on your future projects

Spend more time on the hill

At first listen I could find no relation between this recording and the blues which I generally consider to have form and structure even in the most primitive forms. On second listen I noticed the very soft distorted notes that may have some blues leanings but sound like they are way over on the other hill in terms of balance with the acoustic strumming which is much more prominent but less interesting. Could be used as some meditative sort of music with the lack of time feel but was over suddenly before much development occurred Keep on experimenting with sound time and balance and possibly find a different genre

half way to paradise

stripped down and ill prepared for the world of techno pop i really was gunning for a strong vocal but instead felt a tad let down as the strumming continued and the solos reached their zenith-what can i say but keep on making music until you feel you have reached your artistic zenith-lets face it its like painting or building a table and one day it all turns to dust so enjoy every second of music making cos we are in this together!

Not bad

Take the time to check me out brother we can always help one another out with this music joint if you can let me know if you are interested in making something happen captain much love brotha CHOP-
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    So our friend Kozmik Ken started his own festival 10 years ago this year and we're going and Gong are headlining who we saw in Aylesbury in December, grab a ticket if there are any left and we'll see ... more
    So our friend Kozmik Ken started his own festival 10 years ago this year and we're going and Gong are headlining who we saw in Aylesbury in December, grab a ticket if there are any left and we'll see you there! less
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