White Horses
Gifts And Testaments Of Robin Hood Road

White Horses

Gifts And Testaments Of Robin Hood Road

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Nice and good feeling while listening to this song. Very good voice and great arrangements. Please take the time to listen to well inspire piece of work. Guitar are just fine and well place.

Canada, Quebec, Montreal

Pink Floyd's Mistress

This kicked off with what I thought was going to be reminiscent of solo David Gilmour, like Deep Blue, very dreamy and pleasant. Then the vocal came in and it was such a pleasant sound to the ears. It's Pink Floyd with a woman's love. There is even a break with the children singing (Another Brick....). Some thought and arrangement went into this. I enjoyed it. My only concern here would be the length may deter some listeners with the general lack of attention in the younger generations. But, overall, it was a very pleasant relaxed listen. Beautiful! Well done!

United States, Virginia, Roanoke

A new treasure of the antique harmoniums

Without surprise, this new one is simply fantastic. I find sometimes a certain atmosphere of old Mike Oldfields tracks (lyrics in Taurus II), or anyway the spirit of a certain music of the 70's, in the main voice tunes. Melodies are really great and perfectly come one after the others, naturally, voices and choirs, guitars solos, etc. It is soft and powerfull at the same time, the sweetness of the voices, the force of the drums and guitars. Again, only close your eyes, and you're transported far away in a peaceful lifetime!

France, Toulouse


O Boy.. FINALLY I'm Hearing a Great Music.. I Enjoy Listen Your Song...I Love Your Voice ( just wish You will sing My Song "Jerzy's Ave Maria"... I do not not found anything wrong in it...I think it will have a many Plays on AM / FM Radio and You know Pitch it to someone Famous.. great arrangement is perfect for song like that...if You just "push" vocal a little I will gave You 4.9..To tell You truth..I listen it 3 times... Good Job... I wish You Luck...

United States, California, Los Angeles

The Antique Harmoniums My Review!

My review another song that's really good the music was really nice and I also enjoyed the lyrics as it is also radio friendly I really paid some good attention to your background great job again I look forward to hearing other songs from you and your band good luck from J.Milligan New Experience Records/Rick Ross Music Group/UMG.

United States, Mississippi, Marks

Plenty of space in the Antique Harmoniums attic...

Lush, watery sounds, great atmosphere, good vocal performance. Fine arrangement an solid musicianship. They know what they are aiming for and achieve it with ease. This track is very listenable; think I'll give it another spin!

United Kingdom, London

an extremely beautiful song ....

with a magnificent voice ... a Super music ... and wonderful lyrics ... an orchestration and a musical production that I really can not imagine better for this wonderful song ... a very well worked piece ... with the guitars in amazing melodic harmonies, totally coincidental ... drums and bass at great rhythm and punctuation ... fairytale atmosphere from the musical keys ... very beautiful composition in music, with transformations and excellent musical and melodic wealth. Chorus at the point of the piece that gives it a distinct a breath that pleasantly surprises you ... a song of hymn ... an oscar song !!!!


This is really really smooth. Something that makes ME wanna just relax. Light a candle and get into some soul searching. Really travel the depths of myself. My limits via astral projection or even just deep thinking. I can appreciate how it sounds like you put your all into this song. Keep the deep sounds coming. Definitely could here this on ending credits of a movie that test positive and negative judgment. Keep up the good work.

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

Very nice songs

Once again this sweet voice surprises me.. the quality of your songs is very good. I'm listening but at the same time I can imagine myself transported next to the band and see me watching you... and that's what listening to your song makes.. thank you.

Brazil, São Paulo

Beautiful composition, opening on images **♫**

A very pretty voice, she sings without shouting, very nuances, a real singer, a musical atmosphere tinged with classical rock among others, music that establishes a musical bridge between these styles , The acoustic and electric guitars are attractive, beautiful work * An artistic approach which addresses a wide public *

France, Lorient

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