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Tasha Turner is a young lady who has dedicated her time and her life to God to do a ministry in music. From the age of three years old she has been singing and using those God given vocals to spread the Gospel. Tasha has always had a love for music, and especially Bluegrass music. She was raised in church all her lifeand bluegrass music is a big enjoyment for her and her family. From the day she was born until now she has listened to bluegrass music. "With my family," Tasha said "the love of music was always a big thing." She can remember hearing stories about her late great-grandpa staying up all night playing music and singing. Her parents tell her that he would peck on an old pot with a stick and sing. Tasha said, her parents told her he would have enjoyed playing music with ya'll. In the year of 2001 Tasha, along with her sister Tiffany Turner and dad, Garry Turner did their first recording project. "It wasn’t the best recording you have ever heard, but a good one, considering it was the first," said Tasha. Since then they have tried to make a new album every year, and have been working harder and harder on their music. She said, she hopes to get to do one every single year. In 2004, Tasha started playing the fiddle. She said, "it wasn’t easy at first but the more I worked at it the more it became easy." Some may asked her why she chose to take up the fiddle and she replies "I didn’t choose it; it kind of chose me." She didn’t have the heart to play anything, she was content with just singing. But her family felt she had talent to play, and encouraged her to play an instrument. One night while laying in bed her father was thinking of what kind of instrument Tasha could play. Her father said, it was like God spoke to him, and said she can play the fiddle. A few days later he went out to a local music store and bought her a fiddle and checked on some music lessons. Since that day she has been playing and working hard to accomplish many new things. Tasha said, "It’s the best thing I could have ever picked up, because I’ve had so much fun playing it." In 2007, she wrote her very first song. "It all came so natural for me; I had always wanted to be able to write my own songs, and it was almost as if in time God just threw it right down into my hands," said Tasha. Tasha has now written over 5 volumes of songs, and prays each one of them can be a blessing to someone. Tasha enjoys going from place to place singing with her family in churches and at bluegrass festivals. When Tasha is home, she spends most of her time on the Stone County Courtyard playing music with her family throughout the summers. Tasha said, she "would rather be somewhere on stage sharing the gospel, or in a good ole fashion jam playing some fine music, than anything in the world!" Playing singing, writing, and traveling, is a dream this young lady has always had, and feels so blessed to be able to live it.

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