The Wailing Ghosts Of Titan

Circumstance and Misunderstandings

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Christo's Review

Very nice instrumental song! The main beat is cool, the synth-string melody is beautiful...The effects make the atmosphere magical! The brass section has a little bit 80s sound, but why not?! Cool composition, and great arrangement!

Austria, Vienna

The Wailing Ghosts Of Titan

Pretty cool instrumental really enjoyed the intro and the melody. When the drums drop also gave it an extra umph or should I say bang. Heard it several times before writing this review and yes I must say I enjoyed listening to your song.

United States, New York, Queens

Interesting, wasn't expecting that!

I saw the title and began to wonder how a wailing ghost of Titan would sound, and this was completely different but as I continued to listen, I heard something Unique about it, The in depth cinematic nature to it drew me in, the pads drift you deep out into the stars. The intensity is there, creative in how you captured the energy. Feels like some Ambient Pulse-Wave Cinematic type of music. The drums are cool, got that movie quality to it, the levels seems well from my headphones and speakers. Dig the clarity in your tones and the chillness for me. Keep doing what you do! Thank you, Peace.

United States, California, Riverside


I like it because it is a very soft and catchy sound. The whole melody fits perfectly. It has a taste of pop from the 80's, with those brass sounds, which give it a unique and very nice touch . The song is really nice.

Spain, Sta Cruz de Tenerife

Titan Rises

sounds of Wailing Ghosts of Titan is very moving and inspirational. a very good sound it is quite an endearing sound which transports one to another sphere of music. Take it from me it is catchy and well worth a listen

United Kingdom, London

mellow gliding tunes, sounds alright, could fit into a chillout station.

sounds relatively good :) would need some more compression but the style of the track is within the expected sound limits :) I dont like gliding tunes so its not really for my liking, however it is put together nicely. Not an electronic piece but would totally fit to a chill-out music station. Oh dont force these glides... sorry just writing my review in live mode... The theme changes are not necessarily the best, I would keep it monotone and ambient to the atmosphere it belongs. and looped forever.

United Kingdom

Sound quality is excellent

Hi HipCat, The sound quality is excellent, I see a very good mastering, there is really a lot of consistency between all the instruments. The mix is ​​also outstanding and I perceive that there are enough tracks in this music. There is something I notice with the subwoofer sounds, and it is the feeling that they stand out a little, although it is surely a subjective impression to have my ears accustomed to the subwoofer sounds of House music. I really do not miss anything, since for your musical style, the subwoofer equalization is perfect, and as I see it is also appropriate for TV and Cinema, because definitely the subwofer are okay well, since with more frequencies subgrabs could saturate on some home computers. As for the quality and musical creativity, I see that your music is professionally very developed and with a very interesting harmony, kind of Adventure Cinema. It would be perfect. The variations you make make it unexpectedly attractive. Congratulations! Excellent work! Best regards from Spain!

Spain, Castellón De La Plana

Very relaxing and refreshing sound

Very relaxing and refreshing sound. Most enjoyable to listen to :o) I will enjoy playing bass along to this :o) with good strings and build ups . definitely one to play bass guitar to. :o) regards


Good music in the old way.

Why good music the old fashioned way? Because it transmits images, sensations. Because you hear rhythm, melody and harmony, that unite to take you on a journey through imaginary worlds. Thanks HipCat for your great song.

Argentina, Buenos Aires

The Wailing Ghosts of Titan

This work from Hipcat "The Wailing Ghosts of Titan" really are the ones who gets me more closer to ambient music. Attracts me a lot and it's truly ejoyable. A work perfectly balanced, with remarkable mix of sounds and very well structured. Ivited me to live from the bery beginning an amazingly trip that leaved me a taste of travelling on a kind of epic story. Well developed invites to leave yourselve getting into it and have that great ambience. Just a ronded song.

Argentina, Buenos Aires

Great work

I love the arrangement, this piece has potential. I could easily see this in a motion film or a track in Dancing with the Stars. There is character in this work and it shouldn't be very hard to get placement for this soundtrack. I would love to hear more from you.

United States, Florida, Miami


Hi, HipCat, the title and the melody of this piece let me think of film music. Is it so? But the rhythm is, of course, typically "ambient " . I don't know exactly what did you want to do. Anyway, some film could use very well your composition, I think.

Argentina, Buenos Aires

Another Great Track From HipCat***

This is another great track from HipCat that i wished i had played some guitar,it's a very pleasurable song with a good mood and feel,i prefer having live musicians on the set to give it more life but this is a good demo before getting the musicians together to cut the track,i like the song.

United States, Ohio, Dayton


I likke this song because i feel dreaming. If i were a game creator I woulkd include for my game of space . As bellydancer I like too, becuse it makes me dream as a fantasy dance, only that the beat does not fit for that, the song makes dream and relaxes at the same time, very good quality. i think it is a good work and i like

Excellent Sci-Fi Music

A well produced choreographed piece of music. However, the heavily synthesized sound took me back to 1970/1980s TV Sci-Fi music. This would be good as title music for a Sci-Fi film or TV Sci-Fi drama today if a retro feel was required. It has a great rhythm that has enough variation to maintain pathos and interest - it kept the energy and vitality going which was good. The second half of the song with the change of synths really took me back to "Blakes Seven" a 1970s Sci-Fi series here in the UK. Loved the rhythm throughout the whole song though.

United Kingdom, Singer Songwriter - Birmingham

Very good

Excellent orchestration and good mixing. Good music for movie.Clear sound, listening the music i can imagine the scene of movie. please let go on with this type of music, it's great music.

Italy, Brindisi

Good work

Sounds great , great soundtrack , I like the pads , the melody and the harmony , sound american . like the TV Movies . Good work . Maybe the strings melody B with the volum up , will sound better . Best regards mate !

Spain, Barcelona

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