God Bless America sung by Stevie Williams


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Warm Heartfelt Performance

Singer Stephanie Stevie Williams gives her gifted vocal performance here in a patriotic recording. She has a delightful confidence that allows her to combine Gospel and traditional pop styles in this moving rendition. This is a nice arrangement that moves enough that Stephanie has the room to display her considerable range and dynamics. From her first rich tones to the waves of answering phrases, she glides effortlessly over the highs and lows of the moving song. I enjoyed the dynamic changes around every corner. I look forward to hearing more from this talented artist.

United States, California, Studio City


Nicely done of this patriotic song. Real good arrangements. The quality of Stephanie voice is very good. Please give this song your undivided attention. God wants to bless America. One of the best arrangements I've heard. Good job!

United States, Illinois, OSWEGO


I felt the music was a little weak and the vocals came in a little too strong....about mid way through, it sounded like it went off key in a couple of places.I enjoyed the youth choir doing rhe back up.

United States, Kentucky, Danville


Greetings good music and lyrics is a blessing to make music with meaning and purpose I encourage you to continue working for God knowing that work for him is not in vain and we will have our reward hug greetings from Venezuela

Venezuela, Barinas

Beautiful song!

I really enjoyed listening to your song, which was sung with much passion and inspiration. The background vocals and instruments really added to this song. You most definitely have your own unique style and I can tell that you are very passionate about your singing! This song was beautiful and I encourage you to keep on singing for the Lord. To God be all of the Glory, Honor, and Praise!!! Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord in actively using your gifts for the Lord. Keep making sweet music for out Lord! He will surely bless you! I pray that He enlarges your borders and gives you eve more opportunities in which to sing for Him and to serve Him with your gifts.

United States, Louisiana, Morgan City

Love Patriotic Tunes

The quality of the recording makes it a little difficult to hear the music, but hands down one of my favorite songs. There also seems to be a lot of reverb on the microphone, but with the singer's soothing vocal tones it actually works very well. If the recording could be a better quality I think this would be a great demo to submit during patriotic events!!

United States, North Carolina, Wilmington


i thought your song was real good. music and backing was good. love the traditional instruments. music was bone chilling. love the chose of instruments. voice sounded like it was dragging a bit in the recording though.

United Kingdom, stoke on trent


The song arrangement was really good and the music fix the song as well. I could hear the feeling in her voice as she sang the song. I really enjoyed that. I could feel the honor and hard work and efforts that came about in this song through her voice. I am looking forward to hearing more from this artist. Great job.

United States, California, Sylmar


I throughly enjoyed your beautiful rendition of God Bless America! I love your deep tones and passion for the song! I can truly feel your love for singing. Awesome job! I would love to know the sound track you used singing this also. Once again, you were amazing and I look forward to hearing more beautiful songs from you. Be blessed, Capri

United States, Tennessee, Cordova

God Bless America


This is a nice arrangement of the staple song. However, I believe there is to much reverb on the overall production of the track, especially on your vocals. If the track had less reverb in it, i think the song would be even better! Sometimes too much reverb will camouflage and take the essence and the potency away from the performance. GOOD JOB!

United States, Illinois, Mt. Vernon

Need to bring out vocal in this poor recording. Arrangement seems good.


Am I hearing a scratch track with a nice arrangement and different vocalists or is it live? Stephanie it is really hard to hear your vocal. I would recommend completely doing the recording of the song over but keep the same arrangement. You need to have your vocal in forefront. You can then develop from there. Keep at it! Blessings

Canada, British Columbia, Victoria

You made a non American feel patriotic


I've always loved this song.....What a beautiful arrangement and so beautifully sung. Absolutely loved it. Keep up the wonderful work with the gift you have.

Australia, Brisbane

God Bless America by Stevie Williams


NICE! I have never heard"God Bless America" sung in this manner. I like it. Definately sung with personal conviction, & to me this is vital in singing any song.

United States, Georgia, BLAIRSVILLE



Love the arrangements give it a unique touch and the feeling of more to come. It does not matter who sings this song or what arrangements are used it should remind us all the great country we are blessed to live in. Keep singing as it is our history of where we all come from and how a loving God, has smiled down on this nation.

United States, Washington, Seattle



very classy approach… Nicely trained voice Love the arrangement & backing vocals My only suggestion would be to have the song mixed correctly as it sounds bottled up and your song would come across so much better if the song breathed correctly Da Liberal Soul

United States, Texas, Dallas



LADY S S W This is very beautiful yes GOD bless America but so as GOD bless all the world cosmos also for world peace so on ye i like to come to visit America one day perhaps get citizenship to live there there are a lot more opportunities there much much more then here in AUSTRALIA where i live yet i can not come yet i was invited to attend Hollywood 3 times or so at another i was invited to the voice and got talent show in England sad as it was i had to turn these offers down due to my mum needs me to look out for her she depends on me only and my sister soon we be moving to my sisters then she can look out for her for a while until i get back i may come to the states soon? but not sure yet as for your song it is number 1 ye good excellent work keep it up and the work in the lord keep in touch this is why i gave it top rating due to where credit belongs

Australia, Warragul 3820

God Bless America


Hello, I enjoyed the instrumenalt of your piece. I wondered if this was a recording by an orchestra to which you added your vocals to or if it was a live orchestra backing you on the track. I also liked the phrasing of the lyrics which were sung with great feeling. I did hear at times that your voice sounded quite forced but not strained. The artists who have been asked to sing this at large coliseums do tend to force their vocals to fit the normal tone of delivery for large crowds. I would like to hear this song sung again with less force. I believe every heart has a melodious voice and every voice is unique. I would like to hear you record this again softly with your voice talent as you would sound in a small room singing for friends. Then I think we would hear the unique timbre of your vocal talent and it would make your recording much more powerful and stirring. I am an American also, and I always find this song very stirring. I hope you will consider singing it in public and again with a softer backing instrumental and vocal delivery. Yours in Faith, Mary

United Kingdom

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