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About Staren Black

San Antonio based hard-rock powerhouse Staren Black plays charged music overflowing with driving rhythms, intricate guitar melodies and vivid vocals. Consisting of Dorian Storm (vocals), Frank Black (guitar), Tony Cena (drums), AJ Schad (bass), the band’s sophisticated original songs present songwriter/lyricist/arranger Black’s clever observations about the world and tell tales of rebellion, passion and the on-going human struggle. The four-piece’s sizzling chemistry and commitment to delivering electrifying, fun-filled live shows and polished recordings lush with inventive guitar solos and heart-stopping grooves allow members to forge intense connections with their audiences and exhibits their influence by hypnotic entertainers such as Megadeth, Judas Priest, Frank Zappa, Genesis, Daft Punk and AC/DC.

Bandleader Black envisioned Staren Black after he wrote a collection of four songs and enlisted the help of skilled local studio musicians to record an EP as a way to attract other artists who wanted to be full-time collaborators on the project. The Cause of the Effect was released in 2010 and attracted the attention of three other talented players that now round out the band. Staren Black’s penetrating, complex sound is the blend of Black’s natural gift for instrumental arrangement and harmonies, lead singer Storm’s command at raw vocal storytelling, Schad's fierce, expressive bass playing and Cena’s skill at building a solid rhythmic backbone.

Staren Black's debut album, City of the Dead features 10 emotionally-honest tracks about the human fascination with conforming to society and looks into the secret lives of those living outside the mainstream. The LP was produced by Ralph Patlan (Megadeth, Brian “Head” Welch, Michael Schenker).

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