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Rather than a standard upcoming soon...
I hope you can allow me to share a gesture as opposed to a song. Might I have a related military or service song project in progress? Sure. But to rush through one for an instant release,would be disrespectful.

Tomorrow, November 11, 2021 the United States of America will celebrate Veteran's Day.
Wreath's will be laid. Flags will be flown. Veterans will be honored.

I would like to take this time recognize a group of service men and women that have not traditionally been acknowledged during this time. A group that have taken up a secondary deployment they may not have ever imagined as they entered their plans of service, yet still serve to this day.

Many military service men and women set off on missions unaware of the challenges, struggles
and obstacles they would confront. Numerous of these brave encounter unimaginable injuries, whether
physical, mental or spiritual.

When these soldiers return home, their entire world is upturned. How will civilian life accept them?
How will they conform? They are not the same people that left loving homes and families. How could they be, after all they witnessed and endured?

Many will not rest until they can discover a way to heal others sharing their same struggles.
For the called, that is exactly where their own healing can begin. It has recently come to my attention
just how many have taken up that second calling to serve. These devoted individuals offer a selfless sacrifice to ensure that another may have a better chance at post-mission peace.

Amputees, post-traumatic stress victims and surviving family members have developed new spirits serving in new areas of life they may have never imagined for themselves, including ministry, physical therapy and psychiatry, most often as volunteers.

On that account, I extend this to all whom were called upon, nationwide, worldwide, whether in uniform, or civvies-attire.
Some answered with a roar. Some with a whisper. Thank you for answering the call.

With Blessings and Peace to all,
Gina C. Simon

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Greetings to all, and welcome all new subscribers.
You have arrived just in time for good news.
"First Name Jane" was chosen to be featured on The DJ X Rebel Radio Show, tomorrow, September 28, 2021 between 1 and 3pm Central Time. Thanks to radio host, Roy Bender for recognizing the song's ability to raise awareness for missing persons, the groups that help bring them home, and the families searching for hope.
Tune in if your can, and show your support for the indies.


Peace and Blessings to all.
Enjoy the glorious fall weather while you can.
I know I shall.

Gina C. Simon

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When the Gates of Heaven Open

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Greetings my fellow music enthusiast. Many have been asking when new songs will arrive. The good news is I have been working with a couple of talented co-writers in the past
few months and hope to have something available soon.
Even though there are numerous very skilled singers out there, some can be skeptical
about working with new writers.
As soon as I narrow down the RIGHT vocalist, I will deliver new pieces hopefully worthy of the wait.

As I search diligently, I invite you to enjoy the musical talents of my newest co-writing
partners. I think you will appreciate.

Alternative rock's freshest!

Here you can hear the newest Gospel sounds from Lexington, Kentucky's blues legend
DJ Rice.

'Til next time,
Peace to all!
Gina C. Simon

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Greetings Music Lovers Everywhere

Can you feel spring in the air? I can even smell it!
But, realize winter is not yet over. Soon. I look forward to connecting with many new enthusiastic music lovers this year.
Attended my first virtual conference recently. It was an unusual experience for me. Believe I would try it again.
Only this time, I will invite you along.

New material in the works. Details, details...
Cannot wait to share.
'Til then, continuously seek the light.
Occassionally, it is hidden in our own mirrors.

Oh, and btw, Dr. Seuse will always ROCK, at least in my heart. Imagination is a beautiful thing!

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