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Summer 2022

Greetings Fellow Music Lovers,

Forgive my delay in messaging. Tedious promo research has taken far too much of my time as of late. No excuse. Most of my song projects are currently awaiting the right vocal talents. I would love to have at least one great release this year.
So stay posted.

In the mean time, please enjoy this short inspirational video. See link below.
Also, feel free, actually encouraged, to share w/all you know and love.
I wonder if we can keep the flames alive clear around the world.

I believe everyone could use some hope this day.

Peace and Love,
Gina C. Simon

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2022-Rough Start

The start of 2022 brought with it unusual challenges, I must admit, I did not expect. Between covid infections hitting home, (and hitting hard) losing family members, and now war in Ukraine, it seems a bit much to digest.

Still, with winter's closing and the smell of spring in the air, I am holding tightly to hope for better times.

I am not sure when new material will be available to share with you all. I will grab every free second available to create something worthy.
Creativity is my main source of sanity. Thank you all for being available, and listening in.

Share the hope and encourage peace and harmony in your own little corner. Perhaps it can spread.

Peace and Blessings,
Gina C. Simon

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New Music

Promised something new before end of year. Please check out Bullet's Name. Honest, constructive feedback welcome. Tragically, song is based on a true story. Details will never be elaborated on. Also, not meant to glorify the event. I hope it can, rather serve as a red flag.

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Holiday Blessings

Merry Christmas to all of my fellow music lovers! May the joy, peace and love of the holiday season carry you into the new year with a new sense of hope.
Regardless of personal faith and/or traditions, we all thrive on love, hope and encouragement. Let us share these generously in 2022, and feel the warmth of the smiles that follow.

New single due out next week. (demo version)
So check back soonest.
Gina C. Simon

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Veterans Day

Rather than a standard upcoming soon...
I hope you can allow me to share a gesture as opposed to a song. Might I have a related military or service song project in progress? Sure. But to rush through one for an instant release,would be disrespectful.

Tomorrow, November 11, 2021 the United States of America will celebrate Veteran's Day.
Wreath's will be laid. Flags will be flown. Veterans will be honored.

I would like to take this time recognize a group of service men and women that have not traditionally been acknowledged during this time. A group that have taken up a secondary deployment they may not have ever imagined as they entered their plans of service, yet still serve to this day.

Many military service men and women set off on missions unaware of the challenges, struggles
and obstacles they would confront. Numerous of these brave encounter unimaginable injuries, whether
physical, mental or spiritual.

When these soldiers return home, their entire world is upturned. How will civilian life accept them?
How will they conform? They are not the same people that left loving homes and families. How could they be, after all they witnessed and endured?

Many will not rest until they can discover a way to heal others sharing their same struggles.
For the called, that is exactly where their own healing can begin. It has recently come to my attention
just how many have taken up that second calling to serve. These devoted individuals offer a selfless sacrifice to ensure that another may have a better chance at post-mission peace.

Amputees, post-traumatic stress victims and surviving family members have developed new spirits serving in new areas of life they may have never imagined for themselves, including ministry, physical therapy and psychiatry, most often as volunteers.

On that account, I extend this to all whom were called upon, nationwide, worldwide, whether in uniform, or civvies-attire.
Some answered with a roar. Some with a whisper. Thank you for answering the call.

With Blessings and Peace to all,
Gina C. Simon

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