Black Cloud

Songs from the Trailer Park

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Black Cloud is anything but... Black or a Cloud!


First after listening to all Jim's songs I chose Black Cloud for no reason but the name and to critique the song. I enjoyed the depth and epic sort of feel Black Cloud has, I love epic anyway so it works for me. Skilled musicianship here as well Jim seems very versatile between instruments . However he shines on the Keys (always wished i would have picked it up). But any rate this is a nice feeling, up beat, happy song, certainly no Black Cloud! I am recommending this song as well as this web link. Here is a sincere effort to create something 'wonderful.' original music the treasure trove of song writers, well done Jim! Take care my friend Good Job!

United States, California, Los Angeles

Every cloud has a silver lining...


Songs from the Trailer Park brings us Black Cloud. A powerful and compelling instrumental piece of classical design. From a listener's standpoint the energy and power of this song is hauntingly familiar. The imagery is textural treat to be sure. From a producer's perspective, the phrasing is very Beatlesque and they would be quite pleased with this song. Great performance as well as tracking mixing and mastering. Bravo!

United States, Texas, Houston



This piece of music is moving and triumphantly dark . I can see this played in and old black and white silent film with a tragic story evolved with a lot of people dying and the main character in pain and crying with tears of sorrow desiring vengeance!!!!

United States, Tennessee, Kingsport

Only clear sky's here


Wonderful piece featuring the horns with a slightly Spanish tone, reminds me of a Spanish torador. I might add a compressor to the horns not so much to balance the lows and highs but to slightly soften the hatshness of the pitch. Not much i would change unless you wanted to add lyrics, if so then there is a lit i would do. But as is its a fine piece that needs little if any work at all. The biggest problem is probably marketability. A movie would be the biggest opportunity in my opinion

United States, Illinois, Aurora

Nice Tracks

Nice Tracks, check out some of mine when you get a chance and let me know what you think, Thanks. Nice Tracks, check out some of mine when you get a chance and let me know what you think, Thanks. Nice Tracks, check out some of mine when you get a chance and let me know what you think, Thanks. Nice Tracks, check out some of mine when you get a chance and let me know what you think, Thanks.Nice Tracks, check out some of mine when you get a chance and let me know what you think, Thanks. Nice Tracks, check out some of mine when you get a chance and let me know what you think, Thanks.

United States, California, Whittier



Wow!! Your music really got my attention from the beginning. Epic and full sound.I'm really love and it. Very Inspiring!!!Keep doing what you're doing. Very Professional indeed!!Thumbs all thee way up!!

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

Black Cloud Review


This sounds a whole lot like a grandiose soundtrack of some sort dipping into the composer's vast knowledge of classical conventions to produce a work most pleasing to the ear, although it would appear it is hard to determine what classical genre this work would fall into, at times sounds reminscent of western soundtracks all the while breaking new ground and going into uncharted territory. very nice

United States, North Carolina, Morganton

Great Start!


Hi! Just my opinion here! Beautiful piano playing..I would sugest that you fill in the middle..the high sounds of trumpet are very beautiful but perhaps less is more with emphasis on peak moments in the production. Otherwise! Great and I wish you all the very best!

Canada, British Columbia, Williams Lake

Black Cloud


Another great and remarkable work from "Songs of The Trailer Park", full of strong character, energy, great structured work. But I perceived that it's based on such an interesting classical style, clearly beautiful. I think it's very encouraging music with the stenght that becames from such extrovert message. Completely enjoyable for me, vey rich and with a determination that don't leaves a second for a doubt. A great rounded work and beatiful at least for me. I wish all could enjoy as me this work, and thank you for sharing it.

Argentina, Buenos Aires

Mantovani's review


Very nice work of horns, kinda jazzy feeling. I think this song would sound even better with a hip hop singer on top of this track... Thats what came in my mind when I first started listening to It.

Brazil, SBO and Caraguatatuba, SP

Big Piano Sound


What captured my attention the most of this entire song as soon as I heard it was the big piano sound. It sounds right and big. The introduction of this piece also felt right to me. Overall the combination of the trumpet and piano together always is a good look.

United States, New York, Queens

Christo's Review


Wow, such a great composition with epic sound and atmosphere! The deep bass octaves in the piano and the high trumpet give a lot of exepression in the instrumentation. The structure is easy and clear; the cords are also very powerful, Great work!

Austria, Vienna



It is a strong song. The high notes are played with something like an army cornet and the low notes are very well harmonized with piano notes.It seems like an army song, as if war is about to start. if that cloud is full of water no doubt it is going to fall a big flood. The song is full of energy during the whole song.Very very strong song

bless nice song i am amazed to hear your song niec and goog my friend


iam listening to your beautiful song now and i was searching for your album i want to hear more of your song amazeding my friend all day long i am listening ho so wonderful good to go ilo v it party harn

Jamaica, Clarendon

A soundtrack ...


In dramatic and triumphant sounds I would say ... with very interesting music and beautiful gradual development .... but it needs a good orchestration with two or three more musical instruments in order to make it more pleasant and comfortable to hear .. So it eliminates the roughness and exaggeration it has in listening, thus improving its production a little bit .... it has a Spanish ... amoral I would say musical character and a Requiem atmospheric background that fixes you with the loud and repetitive Melodic of the crest ... A soundtrack that I like because it is dramatically imposing and sharp .. like a big black mantle !!!

Power and Pathos


Some excellent piano work on this composition. I am assuming (and I hate to assume anything) that the trumpets were also from a key board too. If you played a "real" trumpet - I will give you 5 stars - but I suspect it was of a keyboard origin. It is a very dramatic piece, full of power and pathos. I cannot conjure up, nor visualise "black clouds! The music is far too dramatic and energetic. I can see a tempest, or a storm - or even an epic struggle or life-and-death battle of monumental proportions. It would make a good backdrop to a movie. In fact, it reminded me or Douglas Fairbanks Jnr and Errol Flynn - it took me back to their movies (although they did not have keyboards as we know them today). A fascinating piece of music.

United Kingdom, Singer Songwriter - Birmingham

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