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the sound track of my life Soda Pop Da Mind Rippa is a lyricist, singer, poet, and Father. Born in Victorville California, October 23, 1974. He was raised by both parents and maternal grandparents. Former student of Belmont High School in Los Angeles, Ca. Soda Pop Da Mind Rippa is a traveling musician accompanied by some of the music industry's finest and most talented performers. His entertainment company includes Rappers, (expired link), 2 live bands, Comedians, and Singers from R&B to Latin Jazz. When he takes to the stage no matter the time it could be 10minutes or 2 hours he will have the audience captivated by a unique showcase. He is an artist, musician, and song writer. He has developed his talent and skills by rigorous practice and rehearsals over the years. He has performed hip hop and freestyle spoken word since 1996. He has worked with some of the greatest producers and sound engineers some legend and others that preferred to stay exclusive. In the midst of the darkest venues to the more glamorous night clubs of Los Angeles and Hollywood Soda Pop Da Mind Rippa has proven to be a worthy component, and if an adversary happens to question his art he is force to be reckoned with recognition.  
He has work 20 years in the war room getting ready for this moment to enjoy. This is a cooperative effort of 4
independent music organizations, two indie labels and twelve musicians collaborating on an endeavor to restore the
genre of hip hop music. He is the core of an underground universe of impossible and unique music artist that have
studied the art of hip hop for the last two decades analyzing and perfecting the gift and talents he has acquired and
has been blessed with. Through rigorous hours of polishing and perfecting the war room tactics he and collaborators
have launched two warning shots. The nature of the first two albums are basic and moderate that will recon the
sound that will be followed by the nuclear onslaught of the obliterating tactics and rhythm mathematics of the most
professional lyricist of modern times. The study of basic curriculum and poetical politics infused with twenty years of
life events from adolescence to adulthood, from childhood to fatherhood will infuse the music industry with the vital and most critical component it has been lacking and desperately starving for...the thirst for the new biggest and better thing. Read no further, listen to quench your audio thirst... "drink up, listen up, and prepare your ear buds for what will follow"…

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Oct 23

9:00 PM

universal bar and grill

United States, California, North Hollywood, 4093 lankershim, 91602

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