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I like this song. Smooth. Biggups


Song was good. It was a different level of hearing music to me. Your flow was nice but honestly I felt like the singing/rap was the same as other singers/rappers atleast you stood on point. The instrumental was cool and interesting. It was a different style of rythym. I liked it. Would love to see what else you got. Music is in all of us. The style changing makes the difference. Music relaxes the mind, that's why I like listening all genres. Keep it up tho'. The talent will rise. Its within all of us. Noticed changes.... Making them slowly but surely. Hard times caught the influence within the passion. Lets all get together one day and make it a great day. Espescially for those in need. Without your help I never would've thought I have a chance. You guys just push me. But it takes me time because in my songs ( like it or not) doesnt come easy. I just found a way I can finally express myself. So dont get offended. Its my problems I need to take care of. I hope you can relate and enjoy. I do this for you.I dont make music everyday but I must hear it, "thats a must". I appreciate you all who listen, I really do. When my next song comes out I will definetly let you know. Thank you is not enuff so imma try and make one for all.If it wasnt for the people who let me know I had some talent.. Just hearing those words only feels good. I wanna feel great. So I got some new things coming soon. And when I mean people, I mean fans and those dedicated.

United States, Connecticut, Meriden

Great production


The Production was so different! It felt like the new 90's! The influences in the lyrics were brilliantly portrayed! It literally was like an update on the Greats like Q-Tip. I appreciated every second of the song! I hope to hear more from you! Keep up the hard work and bring your dreams to life. Don't stop because your flow is super unique. And the fact that your producing your own work is amazing!

United States, North Carolina, Goldsboro

Good job


Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work. But if you’re not frightened by these things, the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were keep grinding with your music because you have a hit record on your hands

United States, Tennessee, Memphis



I checked out a few tracks definitely mess with that west coast. Lyrics on point I'd like to see wat he can do on some of these trap beats I produce. If you haven't checked it out yet its worth listening too. Keep doing ya thang bro

United States, Ohio, Columbus

Laid Back

I like the laid back cali flow...the first rapper reminds me a little of Big Boi (Outkast)...the groove is cool. Their was a point or two where the song stood still (only heard music, no vocals) where you could've either deleted that part or said something there to not lose the listener and it would've actually shortened your song closer to the standard 3-3:30 song length that you want to use when marketing your song as a single. Suggestion - do a radio edit focusing on cleaning up or muting out the profanity and shortening some of the instrumental parts and you could probably get some online/college radio spins. Holla at me if you're interested in furthering you career. Other than that - keep grinding!

United States, Virginia, Virginia Beach



!!!I just got to say it think your joint is nice FAM Your instrumental to me back to the game real smooth and gangster like Your flow switching from high speed to that chill motion I like that I'm not so sure bout the sound quality only because I used my tablet to listen But I hope one day u sent me a beat I can kill with you that be nice Ayt I'm out gee

South Africa, Port sheptone



Le jeu de la basse est excellente et bien présente, assez linéaire mais çà tient la route, la petite mélodie est sympa et joyeuse, la guitare en fin de piste surprend et donne une touche supplémentaire pour à ton morceau, bon boulot!

France, Solliès-pont

Tight Sounds Great cant wait to meet yall at the Round Table Denver to California


Yep Yall is tight hope to get on a tour with yall Denver to California Yep facebook me Snub Noze check out my video on youtube. Ridin Around in Da city- Snub Noze check me out. Penitentiary Poetry album title

United States, Colorado, Denver



Keep doing your thing sounds good nice flow. Keep pushing for that dream and don't let anything get in your way. You can also check out my music on here my name is fate ranked #3 in Portland or

United States, Oregon, Portland



I can see you work in hard I dig the lyrical content the beat is dope to so u kinda coincide well I dig it I fukk with the trakk keep working somebody will hear u fasho Grind is all it takes fr

United States, Michigan, Detroit


I Am Lil DBo "Da Best Outcha" Go Check Out My Hot Single "Only My Friends Know(Remix)" over 3k plays help Me Out By Hittin The Like Button, Add To Your Music Collection And Share On Social Media

United States, South Carolina, Charleston

What's good


Mane from the beginning to the end this was a Cali track all day soon as the beat dropped it reeked of Cali green shit was tight lyrics was official and y'all rep y'all shit banging track keep up the good work

United States, Minnesota, Burnsville



What's up nephew I just listen to the track it's cool bra keep it up don't stop y'all got it stay in the studio in stay write in practice make perfect dog take the movement on the road in come back in got to do shows to let the people see y'all stay at it bra

United States, California, Oakland ca / Las Vegas Nv



So refreshing to hear something unique, you got the flow locked! Be so much better if the recording quality was better, but I've been there and still improving my set up now, so I know you'll get there. Keep grinding g

United Kingdom, Bristol

a great song

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United States, Wisconsin, Beloit



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United States, Illinois, Chicago

Keep Pushing


Never let anyone Say it can't be done,stay focus and keep ya head up kid. Starting out is always rough. Keep the ones that's down from the gate and change when you get to where your going on this path of Music -BMG

United States, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh

Good stuff bro


Everything was good bro. Song was good, lyrical content was good, music was on.. Reminded me of a 90s type song. I would just say ad long ad you max out your slngs potential, your good to go. Stay at it

United States, Arkansas, North Little Rock

Voice is Good

The vocals seem very low on this track.. The need to be turned up so that they speak over the beat... but this is Great riding music.. just needs a little work. Good lyrics. Takes a little too long for the hook to come in as well We will be following from here on out to see the New tracks ..Westside/ West coast feeling

United States, Texas, Dallas


Thats whats up bro. Cali style flow, good lyrics, nice beat, real message from the streets, thats what the music industry is in need of instead of a bunch of cats getting in the door rapping about things they don't do fa real. I support your music bro. Keep it coming.

United States, Missouri, Columbia

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