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Sentinel Alfa

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Sentinel Alfa 02:32Cotton Mind (Paranoid Delirium)


The Track begins with a retro feel but great guitar work but feel the the bass and drums should be more included in the picture feels like a live recording rather than a studio effort. How ever that said this track to be should be heard live with big speakers that make you feel it as well as the audio aspect. the vocal effects are interesting and worth adding to a road trip play list. Keep up the good work and best wishes for the future.

United Kingdom, Gloucester

Cotton mind


Ooh ma brother I love your song, the instruments behind and your voice so perfect . This is the music I will keep to dance with. Thank you for making such great Music. I really admire your passion

South Africa, Cape Town

Paranoid Delirium


The song Cotton Mind from the band Sentinel Alfa contains a beginning like a wake up to follow a way shown by the artist. The singer describes a sound like being out with friends in a rock bar a long evening and coming home all to gether making musik for the rest of the night. I`ve heard about such bands and i think this is one. Stay on making good music for your fans and not for less for your hearts and souls. This song is a short message of staying alive what ever comes up - trust yourselfs and stay being unique humans. Many greets from bavaria here where the mountains are. the cows

Germany, munich



your music gives the sense of freedom, I felt the wind in my hair, a bike launched at high speed, better a harley, a long road to infinity and nothing more. I think it's the best, I think it's like touching the sky and to get all this, you do not have to spend money but just close your eyes, put the headphones and listen to your music. let go and be lulled by musical notes. I finished the compliments.

Italy, italy



Nice groove in two words I can say is nice song from the 90s I will put this music in my playlist and that if I come in Marseille I will like to see you in concert keep going doing good music I love Marseille I see you later Anton

France, Paris

Cotton Mind Review


A catchy song with interesting sections. For me, the lead vocal and guitar is too strong in the mix which makes it sound like they are playing over a backing track. This is much more pronounced when played loud. I think this song would have so much more energy, balance and sound fantastic if the other instruments were allowed to punch through. The lead guitar tone is superb, but (imho) would be much more effective by leaving gaps in the track - less is more! This review is meant to be constructive because I like the song and I think it could do really well for you guys.

United Kingdom, Conwy



On the beginning seems to be a chaos, but its a organized rhythm with nice bass and drums on background and guitar sounds pretty cool, singer is also OK, siting well in the stile, I have no any bed words for you guys

Netherlands, Amsterdam

Good Record


Though this is not my type of genre, I still recognize a great recording when I hear one and this is a great recorded song. spot on with the concepts you stayed true throughout the whole song. I would have personally like to hear the snare drum just a little tighter in the track, but other than that great job.

United States, Michigan, Detroit

It's unusual with lots of elements but it's rather fun and has a retro vibe

It's definitely got a 60's British vibe to it. The lead guitar sound like it fits, the beginning beat was very good, then it goes to cut time. I also hear you playing with sculpting the vocals through a megaphone style sound later in the song. If you want a few tips: I'd not solo over everything, pull fills in between verses. The vocals have potential, make sure you watch your intonation. The phrasing on the vocals is pretty decent. The backing track is there and the guitar parts decent. The mix for the backing is a bit weak and need individual part attention but it can be done for sure. Lastly, think about the song "structure". You started with that spacy drum part maybe return to it, how about the middle? Is the verse/chorus/bridge structure a useful idea? A very decent start and worth the extra time to take it to the next level. Good job.

United States, California, Santa Barbara

Great Track - Very Melodic


Hi there! This track is awesome! I just wondered who your musical influences were?I love the guitar sounds and the pacy rhythmns its brilliant. The song is actually well thought through, great lyrics. Considering you are from france it is very impressive to hear the singer sing in English. I love the energy, the vibrance and the different instruments going on in different harmonics. I would love to hear more of your music. I wonder if you have heard of a band in the late 1970's called 'Blue Oyster Cult', they done the track 'Grim The Reaper'. Your track Cotton mind reminds me of this track and that is a very good thing. I think your band is awesome! Keep up the good work and look forward to listening to your material. Love Dawn Asher xx

United Kingdom, London

Sentinel Alfa


Sentinel Alfa, Cotton Mind, I did'nt give it a 5 because i feel it is a good Radio Hit but the sales would not be the same, that is just my feeling, but i'm only 1 in a million, i can say that it is a very good record, good vocals, good track, good mix, groovin track, well recorded, i like how you got moving, i believe you should go after radio to get the most out of your promotions, but do some Press Releases first, if you don't have a big budget, start with PRLog you can do as much as you want, because they really are "FREE", GREAT Record. The Best of Success to You, One World 1 Love

United States, California, Los Angeles

Cotton Mind


This song is moving forward. It is clearly sattled in the Pop Rock area. I would say it is kind of energizing and just the right amount of angriness. I would recommend it for long car drives.

Germany, Berlin



I like it, It sounds very professional, it has a Good Sound, a Good style, it is a good song, you got talent for sure, I hope you get the best as you will, and keep Rocking and producing uplifting tunes! I gave you a 5 rating for your performance on that Guitar!

United States, Mississippi, Mclain

Sheer Straight Drive! :DDD


It begins with a thrilling 007-like pursuit feel, and glides through with a straight drive. This tune contains the feel of the 90's alternative rock, and reminds me of some bands from that time whom I call my favorites, like Pond, Pearl Jam, the Muffs, and Helmet (though the last is a New York City hard core). I like the fact the fact that it's a short song, which goes well together with the straight drive it gives, leaving the listner with a nice, empty feeling after the rush. I can well be a day-closing highway anthem. Well-done! :DDD

Japan, Tokyo


Very nice extremely well done love this artist They are not boring just good Rick and roll Love they they write the. Versus a chorus best of luck steve from voodoo dancer keep on rocking guys

United States, New York, Middle village

Bop review

Awesome half time high hat work, so let’s Juno right into it, I would consider this tune a cross from alternative to classic rock it also bits me a little lik llke the clash and depesche mode. I like the drive of this number great guitars vocals and a fetching hook. The singer has a little bono and the goo dolls.i really enjoyed the shredding guitar solos. This spot is right on. I really enjoyed listening to it,good luck

United States, Pennsylvania, Nazareth


This is a good idea for a song but as It is now is just working demo..You need to make a better arrangement ( specially in Drums Section and put a better Vocal ( some parts are Off The Tune ) In today Music Bizz Vocal MUST be in Tune..I hope that You will re record It.. there is a chance It will be a good Song when changes are make..and if You do that make It a little longer app 3 min..I as It is now.. I donot think Your Song will be pick Up for a Radio Play .and Music Publishers only take a Radio Ready Quality Recordings for Consideration..

United States, California, Los Angeles

timeless music

cool, sound 90s. timeless music, that's the best. you can listen to them again years later and still cool. the play with the guitar between the pieces of music is well done and pleasant to listen to.

Germany, Deutschland


I don't know where to begin, but I'll start by saying I like this sound and song. Has a very dark feel to it. With that said, it does not mean something bad. I like the guitar right from the beginning. Sounds like the band is really jamming and tight. This sound reminds me of some big band or something from the past. I can not put my finger on it, but it is good The singing is crazy good, like some kind of singing from a New Wave/Punk/Underground type band sound. Lots of potential in everything I'm hearing. Really think you guys are on to something BIG! Best Wishes Sincerely Edward Westbrook (Atomic Energy Society)

United States, North Carolina, Raleigh



Canada, Ontario, LONDON

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