The Prodigal Son
Robert A Green Jr

The Prodigal Son

Robert A Green Jr

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I actually was expecting this song to be something else but as soon as I heard your vocals flow with the beat it began to touch my soul, such loving lyrics alongside beautiful rhythmic music, Reminiscent of Boys To Men but Gospel with a strong sense of your spirituality which makes it vibrantly unique and Blessed. You are very gifted and talented. I look forward to hearing more of your work. Thank You so Much for the Moving song that made my evening.

United States, Massachusetts, Springfield MA

Una gran historia


Hola Robert, una gran historia que nos toca a todos, tanto a nuevos creyente como viejos, todos necesitamos volvernos a Dios, aunque pensemos que estamos bien,aun en la casa estamos perdidos sin creer en las promesas del Señor. pero que bueno saber que el Padre siempre esta con sus brazos abiertos a recibirnos como a darnos su amor cualquiera se nuestra actitud, en el no hay despropósito, y nos hace volver. super bendiciones.

Colombia, Cali

Nice Real Nice

Robert Green I liked the creative way you made the song. The lyrics were good and the music was just as good. I really appreciate the storyline and how God allows us choices. Continue creating songs and sharing them. Be Blessed while being a Blessing.

United States, Pennsylvania, PHILADELPHIA

This song it's definitely one of my favorites

Mr. Robert Greene I listen to this song Twice before writing this review have to say I love the storytelling part of your writing as well as the music conversation that went along with it well done keep on writing keep on inspiring I will keep listening God bless

United States, Pennsylvania, PHILADELPHIA

The Prodigal Son

Hi again Rob. Interesting, but great, intro for the song. Great track and song true to the story. ;) There is enough variation in the arrangement to keep me wondering what's next. lol Keep up the great work bro. Blessings, Trev. :)

Canada, Alberta, Edmonton

Very good music

Good music. You have graciously expressed the biblical text. R & B is my favorite rhythm. Please post more inspirational and biblical songs like this. May God continue to use you as an instrument of blessing to all. God bless you, brother!

Brazil, Araruama

The Son

Nice piano at the beginning. Great story to write a song from. Great vocal and the melody is sweet and flowing. You always write some awesome songs to minister to the people. Good stuff as always. Keep up the great work, bro. God bless you richly. DE

United States, Nevada, Carson City

Beautiful song

Blessings brother, this is a beautiful song, it definitely makes me tune in with the spirit, my advise would be to clear up the words and put more volume on the vocals. The music is awesome, try to put like parts the the drums are silent to make it sound like a pause and then bring them in again, it will give it a little more flavor to it, apart from that it sounds awesome!!

United States, Florida, Tampa

Love the tempo

Love the tempo. A true story of many households. We are always ready to help our loved ones when they are really ready for help. I enjoyed the changes of vocal tone when the pitch went higher. Good luck with this one. Have a great day!

United States, California, Vacaville

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