Cant Wait
Robert A Green Jr

Song Reviews

Nice Vibes

Love the beat, great vocals but I think it needed a little bit more energy but overall this is a good track. Keep up the enthusiastic and keep making good music and worshiping singing gospel.

United States, New Jersey, New Milford

Hey Great Song

I really like it i hope this bring's you along way in life don't let anybody get in front of you don't let anybody block your way keep following your dream's your goal's don't let negativity get to you. God want's you to succeed i hope you make it into the music industry i hope you are choosing the right path to put your music out. Motivate kids motivate teen's that need help. People that need help too.

United States, Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Great song

I love the vibe of the song, love the arrangement, the song made me feel good inside from the time that it started. I like the concept it gives me a contemporary feel. Would love to hear more from you.

United States, Wisconsin, Baraboo

Cant wait

Hi Robert. Hope you are well. i like the arrangements and the way how you have allowed that Rnb sound to be so prevalent and bouncy. I do think that you need to give it a heavier bass line and to tone the voices some more. Bit apart from that very good, What program do you use to compile your music and do you arrange the music yourself, David McLean

United Kingdom, Luton

Nice Beat

A very interesting beginning to a song. It made me want to listen to more of it to hear the interesting sounds that evolved from your track. I loved the beat and I felt that you were holding back a little bit but it does have a very good melody and I think it will do well, i love the chorus and the box beat as it gives the song a great twist. Well done with the middle 8, nice groove and once again thank you for asking me to review your song

United Kingdom, Nottingham

New to this

Good music keep pushing .. I'm new to this trying to figure out how to do this .. but I for show like your music ????????????????????????.. keep up the good work .. most definitely never stop doing anything you love doing frfr

United States, Texas, Dallas


I can barely hear your words over the music in some parts of the song,like in the beginning verse. You have a great voice but it is being hidden behind the beat. I can't hear what you are saying in parts of the chorus as well. I like the early 90s vibe you have going on though. I love mystic from that time period because it was usually raw with emotion. You have a lot of emotion in the song and I appreciate that. Would work on your diction so that the story or feeling toy want to convey to your audience is heard and FELT. Otherwise,great job and keep on going! XO Yah'Ci

United States, Colorado, Denver

Can't wait tracks

After reviewing your tracks, I was impressed with your vocal abilities and the tracks sound good as well, the background vocals tracks sound good and the Harmony clean I really like it!

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas

Can't Wait

Another great song, Robert and group. You guys are endless with your great songs and melodies. I truly appreciate the words and the tunes are enticing and just good. Thank you for sharing such good stuff on this site. You outduel much of the music on our site here. Keep singing the songs of praise to our savior who is above all. I'm with you...I can't wait until he comes and it won't belong. I'll see my mom and dad and two brothers who are in heaven waiting for us. DE

United States, Nevada, Carson City


The intro to this song (the instrumental) is perfect. You have to stop singing like your forcing it and just sing. Your voice is amazing and doesn’t have to be forced. All you have to do is believe in what your doing relax and open up knowing your song is going to be heard by thousands of people. This song is a good song don’t get us wrong. We have listened to several songs to know how you sound come on Robert let’s get this music jumping the right way

United States, Texas, Dallas

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