As The Deer


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The girl with the velvet voice that sings words that feeds and frees the soul.

A great inspirational/worship song that not only feeds the soul but gives it the key to freedom. On its own the message in this song is profound and ageless, but when this jazzy, popish fusion of music is added it really makes the delivery of this scared beard sweet. The guitarist, the drummer, the bassist, the trumpet and the deep warm velvet tones of the alto vocalist melt and blend to serve as a single dynamic messenger of God. Great song. Great poetry. Great performance. Keep it up.

Trinidad and Tobago, Diego Martin

Clever New Take on Old Truth

This song has a nice groove. The guitar set a nice tone with the intro melody and the drums were solid. I've listened to you guys before and it always feels like I'm stepping back in time when I do. My main constructive criticism is i the instrumental was choppy. Too much playing on top of each other. Overall great sound

United States, Tennessee, Maryville

Powerful Message

The message of this song comes straight from the Bible which is much appreciated when most songs tend to stray away from it. The delivery was so heartfelt. Continue to lift GOD and bless his holy name.

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

Nice song.

Love the use of scripture in song.......singing psalms. Great guitar work in this song and I really like the arrangement. All the best with your music. I hope that your music not only glorifies God but will bring people into His presence.

Australia, Brisbane

I Like This Song

This song a has a lovely groove sound to it, I also like the words, It's a christian song that touch my soul. I love, love songs and this song gives the the feeling of love to God, it's a pretty song beautiful song, I can listen to it over and over very relaxing song. I love the singer voice too.

United States, Indiana, Indianapolis


Hi. I Nicole. I like your music. Words are great very comforting. Keep practicing bit more voice training and you sound great. Well done. You go far

United Kingdom, London

Review on 'As the Deer'

A nice arrangement and twist on that scripture and others. I like the rhythm and arrangement, however, I would recommend a better recording equipment on your voice to make it a more softer quality. I know as independent artists we don't always have the best equipment, but it would help tremendously to bring a richer sound. I like your idea and the music in between lyrics. Great job!

United States, Indiana, Indianapolis

As The Deer

Hi Psalmriter Smooth music, I like it. Like all of it, think this is great in every part. There's nothing to do better. Wow. I hope you go forward with this. Newestage

Switzerland, Aarau

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