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To purchase my music direct, send email request to: tasteotexasmusic@ link. Send your name, email address and mailing address and whether you wish to pay via credit card or Paypal .(If your payment email is different from the one you are sending the message from, please advise which email address you'd like me to use). I will send you an invoice to pay for an 'Autographed' Copy of my "Movin' On" CD with Free Shipping ! US Orders: $12.00 / International Orders: $16.00

I Really do appreciate your support !

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Hope to see you soon ! link.

Singer/Songwriter/Musician -

"Album of the Year" - 1994 (EuropeanCMA)
"Best Female Indie" - 1994 (European CMA)
"Star of Tomorrow" - 1995 Airplay International releases her first album to the European market.. It gets MAJOR airplay which leads to "Album of the Year" & "Best Female Indie of the Year " in 1994 as reported by the European CMA. She also racks up "Star of Tomorrow 1994" as voted on by Airplay Internationals' extensive list of radio DJ's in the "Indie" market & "International Star of 1995". This leads to a successful European tour with Paul Mateki from Dallas.

At one point, link. had 4 (four) of her singles from her 1st debut album that hit the Top '20' at the same time per the European - American - Asian Entertainment Network charts. That had never been done before, according to the Bobby Farrell, CEO. As if that isn't enough... she put this Album on her own 'Indie' label (Priceless Records) which goes on to release 'compilation CD's' featuring other talent and introducing them into the European market. This too is a major success and gets 'rave' reviews from European DJ's. This then led to her doing her own "Indie" Country music publication and opening her own music publishing company (Taste 'O Texas Music)/BMI which provided original recording material to many of those artists.

Her new album "Movin' On" was recorded in 2009, mainly as a means to getting some of her original works on CD. However, she was encouraged to release a couple of tunes (which she did) and "Game of Life" charted and actually beat out the group "Little Texas" at that time. To this day, people still tell link. that they are listening to her 'debut' CD from the mid 90's ! We consider that quite a compliment. Message her here if you would like a copy !

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