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Talking Heads Eat Your Heart Out


Love your music, I put it on and dance while working on different projects. Catchy, upbeat, fun, lively, captures my feet and makes me do the happy dance! I really like the solid beat and alternative drum/bass combination. The keys are in perfect balance and keep the driveshaft going in our musical engine. Keep putting out this music, I have you as one of my favorites!

United States, North Carolina, Waynesville

A Minimal and Engaging Nod to Early Electronic Music


It is hard for me to hear this and not think immediately of Kraftwerk. I think that using other musicians to talk about what another musician is doing is usually a disservice, but the verses of this song are so uncanny that they are obviously an homage. It has nice sounding synthesizer tones and a well written melody. There are no vocals to swoop in and ruin things (or enhance them), so that is nothing to worry about. It is minimal and engaging, repetitive without being annoying. It is a decent instrumental nod to early electronic music.

United States, Oklahoma, Hughes County

Good Dance Vibe!


I'm sorry I am getting to your review so late; I just got back to being active, but I thought I would still review your song. Your song has a really good beat, and I could see it being played by a DJ in a dance club, and put into an actual song with the right structure and arrangement. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating music, though. Your instruments need to be in sync with each other, as well as, in a harmonic balance. When a listener listens to a song they should hear the instruments as if one was listening to a symphony; they have so many instruments yet they blend together well, in a smooth and melodic way. Instrumentals and vocal music should sound the same way. They all need to blend well together and not have one overpower the other. That being said, my ears found your keyboard instrument a little louder than the beat part of your song. So maybe just lower the volume on the keyboard a bit to balance out with the beat part. Also, think about fading out at the end of the song rather than abruptly cutting the song off. Had your song been in complete harmonic balance I would have rated your song a 5.0. Overall, you did a great job, and I wouldn't mind collaborating with you if you do collaborations. I make my own music at times, but I am always looking for good instrumentals for my lyrics, and I enjoy collaborating. But nice job Peter!

United States, Louisiana, Alexandria

Peter Piper


I like the way you put this together. Very nice & relaxing. I like the change up with the drum beat. If you wouldn't mind please write a review for me. I have a few songs to choose from. Hope you enjoy them, as I enjoy yours. All My Best.. Amber Seay

United States, Texas, 78597

Electro Retro Disco.

"Lucky" _ Part One is fun. This instrumental tune has a Retro Disco dance feel with plenty electronic sounds. It bares a strong reference to 70's,80's,and 90's dance hall/club music,though with what seems to be,an experimental twist on rhythm,in parts. Nice to escape and get free with,dance-wise. Interestingly,fun...

United States, California, Los Angeles

Simple, repetitive, use for maybe background

This is repetitive, tinny. And not enough variance or dynamic. Takes a long time to even put anything a tiny bit more interesting into it. Too basic & plinky. I am sorry I cannot recommend it as anything presently. Not sure where you are going with it. To me lacks purpose & emotional connection. I believe you need to have a feeling you are going for. Something in your mind you are translating through music. This is far to robotic and cold, if you can figure out where you are going with it and why, you can create something that brings you somewhere. Keep trying:)

United States, New York, Pittsford

peter piper - lucky part one rev


hi peter- kind of got some early kraftwerk vibes going on here and a tiny bit of yellow magic orchestra meets joy division but here endeth the comparison... probably needed a tad more variety in the department of melody and riff where repetition led to anonymity in the way the track moved forward - easy peasy using two chords but much harder making melody interesting... so maybe good to add more changes to bring more variety -mind you not sure review means crit on here -sorry if this sounds nit picky!

United Kingdom

let the keys flow

Let you keys flow with the tune you have good potential keep it up and master music music music is how we express our feelings at times the the rhythm flow with your minds and study daily for success

United States, Georgia, Atlanta



Aye beat is dope asf and great mixing done on track , so shout out to whoever your engineer was and keep doing your thang keep grinding keep putting in that hard work and stay consistent Keep doing your thang keep grinding non stop you definitely have potential and the talent is there continue to make that real music you doing and you gone make it fam that’s my opinion keep workin Follow my Instagram and twitter @king_james_on1

United States, Texas, Houston



I enjoyed your music. I love how your not afraid to play around with different sounds. Continue to be you and let your music speak for itself. Keep doing your thing. You got the talent to go far, don't ever quit!

United States, Florida, Fort Lauderdale

Listener is Lucky!

Digging the electronic beat and cascading synth melody. Feels happy and upbeat. Great way to start the day by listening to this positive piece of instrumental music. Feels like I'm on an adventure with the cascading effects and digital beat. Almost like a musical safari - I feel as if I'm riding in a off road vehicle on the African Savannah - just making my way down the road. Very trancendental! Keep up the positive vibes!

United States, Kentucky, Lexington



The Peter Piper song "Lucky" is an upbeat techno sounding melody that keeps the listener's attention. It reminds me a bit of disco from the 1980s that people danced to between cocktails. Lucky is a moving melody without breaks. Nice work Peter Piper. John

United States, Illinois, Elgin

Driving, groovy


This track is driving, groovy, easy to bop your head and groove to. I think if it was maybe just a few bpm faster it would be a great dance tune, perfect for clubs and other dance venues. Either way though, this is a fun one!

United States, New York, Brooklyn

Obsessive tune


When you hear that song for the first time, you quickly realize that the melody line 's gonna stick inside your head for a long while. Plus the rhythm is insistent, even obsessive. Very simple but so effective.

Belgium, Brussels

Review of Lucky_Part One


Very nice, modern electronic sounds with a great light and happy beat. Easy to listen and easy to work to. My sons really liked this too. They're from the new electronic music age and thought it was just a great groove.

United States, Georgia, Stone Mountain

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