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My Artist Development

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Hello my name is Paul Nattress and I am a song writer. I was made redundant in July which was funding my artist development, for the next 8 months if I am to continue I need to raise £10880. Please listen to my songs on sound cloud.
if I make it. My dream is to be like George Michael and help people out. Many thanks for reading. link

I have recently been writing to brief for K-pop bands my producer says I have had alot of interest.

Alix Robson
Tue, 10 Dec, 12:08 (2 days ago)
to me

Hey Paul,

Hope you're well.

First of all, I'm so buzzing about the amazing songs we are creating together. So far all the feedback has been great and I think sooner or later something will come of something we've done for sure!!!

I'm also so excited that you're wanting to work on yourself as an artist too!!!

I've had a thought after our chat and put a plan together based on what we were talking about and what I have done with my other artists/writers in the same position. Please have a look below at my proposal and see what you think...

Songwriting and Artist development program
2 x 8 hour sessions a month
1 x day full focus on artist development
1 x day full focus on songwriting

What i think would be best to focus on with artist development.

- Vocal warmups and training
- Cover recording to help put the training into use.
- Performance practice
- Acoustic rehearsal with Cameron to help develop your own unique styles
- Songwriting based around you not other artists with recording and mixing
- Videos and photography to build an online presence for people to be involved in your development and gain supporters.
- image and branding to help build an online portfolio for gigs a presentation.
- Social media set up and support

THE AIM: I'd like to use your sessions to fully hyper-focus on your vocals and improving your current technique. Tuning for you is not an issue as I can hear from your video, but technique, delivery, and breath are something that will massively improve your vocals and help with confidence too.

Vocal warm-ups, and recording - we will use these to train your delivery will benefit your vocal so much as it will help to create good and natural habits at the same time as building up content material for release.

Performance practice - this will help with expression and dynamics through different genres of song and also prepare you for live performances

Acoustic rehearsal and arrangement - This will help your vocal creativity and also focus on working around your unique style rather than working your voice to someone else's song.

Songwriting for you - Start writing songs based around your range, your style, your likes, and your feeling/experiences. This will again help with delivery and expression and you will start to learn more about how your voice works and how to maintain something that you can be proud of. Songwriting can help you learn how to be creative and also find little hidden beauties within your voice.

Videos and photography / Image and branding - this is the part of the program that we do when we're ready to start showing the world what you're creating and what you're capable of. It also trains you in camera performance and helps to create the online visual image you want people to see as your artist. we will use photography and filming for online content material and build your social media support system, along with creating promo material, banners, and branding for gigs.

Social media as an artist - Social media as an artist is important but also personal. We will motivate you and help you know what's right and wrong to put out and how to keep releasing exciting stuff to keep your social media exciting and vibrant? It can be difficult to upkeep but we will help motivate you to make sure you have lots of content material form your sessions.


Let's keep doing what we're doing!! Were doing good!

What I think would be good is looking at doing the first day fully focused on songwriting and a second day on artist development with the aim that eventually in our writing sessions you may be able to reference that tracks your self when needed :)

My other artists do 2 day stints but we can do alternate weeks if that helps.

You also have the option of paying for the whole thing upfront or on a monthly basis.

COST based on 8 hours a month
The monthly price for this would be £680.

The upfront cost for this for 8 months would be £5440 with 1 month free as a gift for the upfront payment and self-motivation to stick to it ( saves you £680 )


£10,880 with 2 months free ( saves you £1360 )

Let me know your thoughts and let's get the ball rolling! xx

COST based on 6 hours a month

The monthly price for this would be £540

8 Months - £4320 ( extra 1 month free - saves you £540 )


16 months - £8640 ( extra 2 months free - saves you £1080 )

This decision is completely up to you but whatever you decide I am so excited you would like to work on your voice!!

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regard's

Alix Robson

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Thank you for your patience

Hello all, thank you very much for your patience. I am ready to show you my latest music. Thank you for your lovely messages, they cheer me up. And put a big smile on my face. I hope it was worth the wait. Please let me know what you think.

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I Have uploaded a tune I composed in 2001 called Latin soul

Dear All,
Thank you for subscribing,
I Have uploaded a tune I composed in 2001 called Latin soul
I am sorry if I have Deleted one of your favourite tracks,
I had to delete 2 songs to upload one.
I hope you enjoy Latin Soul as much as I do.
Many thanks,
Paul Nattress

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My first news letter

Thank you all,very much for subscribing, I am sorry I have not updated you, I am working on some new material, yet I don't have as much time as I use to, to work on and develop it, I will update you when it is in a sharable state, this could be a while yet. Thank for subscribing, Regards Paul Nattress

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My First post

ok. this is my first post, I am working on some new material but it might take a while to get to shareable state as I don't have as much time to do my music as I used to.

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